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  1. Damn it, someone get hyped and play more Killing Floor 2 already!
  2. Hi guys, it's been a while since I've posted here. I've been playing Killing Floor 2 for a while now, over 200 hours, and I was curious to know where the community is. Everyone used to be Killing Floor 1 addicts on the Big Server playing for hours. Now, mostly everyone doesn't play either anymore. I just wanted to know about that. Also, requesting Killing Floor 2 vanilla servers pl0x. I wanted to play more on the available RenCorner servers but, custom maps =/= vanilla.
  3. Woo, signing up!
  4. Thank you Shai but I shall politely decline. I do not want any rewards. Please give it to the runner-up. If none of the winners want Payday 2, please give it to Wolf.
  5. Damn Wolf, out of all the game sessions we've done, you post the vid when I'm not in my prime and we lose the boss fight lol
  6. Begin with an easy and flexible perk like Firebug, but stay dedicated to the perk. Also, try to memorize and learn quickly which guns you're going to buy so in big maps, you buy your guns in 5 seconds and don't get left behind. There's not much to earning dosh besides selling spawn weapons or asking for dosh but people don't like beggers so much especially if they rage quit after dying once or twice.
  7. It's sorta a lose-lose situation for Shai here. I know people complain of the easy maps being picked over and over but if Shai has it on random or in another settings, people will complain to him even more. People will join less and there will be less traffic on the server.
  8. Not really because I'm still only one of the few who play Medic at a high level (without free levels) and knowing what to do. It doesn't change anything for the better. D:
  9. That's pretty insulting! huehue Medic Loadouts: Hmm, let's start with this one. I'm sorry but using the M4-203M Rifle and the Medic Grenade Launcher in the same loadout is a terrible idea. They both consist of having "medic grenades", so you don't have a medic gun that shoots darts for some quick response healing. I'll list some loadouts for anyone reading to see what you like. (All loadouts will assume the basic knife/9mm/syringe/advanced welder already included.) Loadout #1: The Full Medic Experience 1/15 Blocks (The amount you can carry) LK-05M (7/15 Blocks) Medic Grenade Launcher (10/15) Universal Grenade Pistol (GP for short) (13/15) Medic Sentry Bot (15/15) Reasons: The LK-05M is your primary weapon and one of the best all around weapons for Medic. It has one of the highest DPS for Medic (and it levels Commando when you kill ZEDS with it!) and it is below the MP5 Medic Gun in terms of syringe recharge rate. (MP5 Medic Gun has the highest syringe recharge rate out of all the current Medic weapons) The Medic Grenade Launcher pretty much does what it sounds like. It shoots medic grenades because ScrN Balance removes the Medic Grenades (from your default G button) and replaces them with regular grenades! (Do not blame Shai! :3) It is a great weapon for mass healing though especially in small and/or tight areas where everyone is bunching up to survive making it easy to get a lot of points. This weapon isn't good in large maps where people split or roam around. The Universal GP is usually a must because it has the ability to give up to 25% armor per shot if you get hit directly by it, it heals slighty between 10-30 HP and it damages ZEDs too up to 40 damage. One ammo box refills it completely too making it pointless to buy ammo for it. When aiming the gun though, be sure to aim at the person's feet as it does not hit the player directly. The Medic Sentry Bot is a must for leveling Medic and it is one of the lazy ways to heal! It is a little doggie that automatically heals you and your allies. Please note that the Medic Bot focuses on healing it's owner first and then your allies. It also only levels your Medic perk only if it's active. If you are using Sentry Tech or Support or whatever perk besides Medic, it will NOT level your Medic. Loadout #2: The Slightly Less Medic Experience 1/15 Blocks LK-05M (7/15) Universal GP (10/15) Medic Sentry Bot (12/15) USMC Turret (13/15) Five-Seven (15/15) Reasons: This Medic loadout is to replace the Medic Grenade Launcher if you're playing on a huge maps or with a small # of players who aren't getting hurt much. The USMC Turret is to give some support (no pun intended) on killing ZEDs while leveling your Support perk. The Five-Seven is a great pistol to have for when you run out of ammo on the LK-05M. It has great damage for a pistol, a lot of ammo and it can pierce through multiple enemies helping you survive incase the situation should happen. Loadout #3: The Tanking Medic 1/15 Blocks LK-05M (7/15) Universal GP (10/15) Medic Sentry Bot (12/15) Horzine Armor (15/15) Reasons: The Horzine Armor replaces the Medic Grenade Launcher to give more help on preventing allies from getting hurt. Please note that the Universal GP does not repair armor beyond 100% but some maps do contain armor to pick up and those can refill it back to 200%. Loadout #4: The Commando/Combat Medic 1/15 Blocks LK-05M (7/15) CZ-805M (13/15) Medic Sentry Bot (15/15) Reasons: This loadout is if you don't care much about healing but want to do some damage. The CZ-805M is another unique Medic gun. It's total recharge is up to 125 instead of 100 and it only uses 25 per dart. The downfall to it is that it has a lot less healing potent. Damage-wise, it is a bit weak but it levels Commando also, hence the loadout name. Medic Perk: Knowing Your Role Yeah, usually the Medic's job is to heal and keep people alive but playing the Rencorner Big Server, you are not responsible for anyone's death. Do not take any blame because someone didn't survive. It just means it's their fault, not yours. Play the perk for your own enjoyment, not to be a slave to others. No one plays other perks properly anyways. (Commandos shoot Scrakes and Fleshpounds, Demos shoot Scrakes, Firebugs burn Fleshpounds, People rage Scrakes and Jasons when a Berserker is in front of them) If you like healing and keeping people alive, always be sure to keep their HP at 100% no matter what. Also, since you have good armor you can tank ZEDs except Sirens. ZEDs: Which To Confort and Which To Avoid Brute: The Brute is a ZED that can push back players and can knock you off if you're at a 2nd floor of a building, causing death. You must crouch when they run to you to avoid being thrown in the air. Other than that, they don't do much damage. SicK: The SicK is just a faster version of the Bloat. There's not much to say about them since you get Bile resistance at a high level. You can survive their bile for quite a while. Scrake: The Scrake is one of the easiest ZEDs to tank. It has two attack animations, a swing and the still chainsaw to your gut. The swing does a lot more damage from it and if you keep running he will keep swinging. However if you got reliable allies and the Scrake goes for you. Feel free to STOP in place and he will not swing. The chainsaw in your gut DOES NOT do a lot of damage and you can survive it while you or your allies kill the Scrake. Don't be afraid of Scrakes. Jason: Sadly, the Jason is not the same. Regardless how he hits you, he does a lot of damage. You can still tank it but he will do a lot more damage over time compared to the Scrake. Female Fleshpound / Normal Fleshpound: These will be in the same, because the FFP is just a dumb weak version of the regular Fleshpound. The Fleshpound can do quite a bit of damage but with a Universal GP and ammo boxes nearby, you can tank it while armoring yourself. Siren: YOUR WORST ENEMY! Sirens suck because they ignore your armor, and a group of Sirens will kill you in seconds. Simply enough, just avoid and kill them at a distance. Overall on ZEDS, you can tank anything but Sirens. Tanking is one of the Medic's best skills but only use it for people worth saving for, your friends, high level veterans or if you just like being reckless. Allies: Who Do I Heal First? This one is up to you. There's not much of a right answer here. My healing order is High Level Friends > Friends > High Level Veterans > Low Level Players > Noobs/Trolls (lol who heals them!) You can simply focus on saving players with the most kills as a start but there is no perk that you shouldn't save. Gunslingers: Why Gunslingers Don't Like Medic Sometimes There is a problem with regarding the Gunslinger perk. It gets some bonuses from having 25 or less armor. Faster fire fate, movement speed and reload speed. The problem is when you're using a Universal GP to restore armor. It gets Gunslingers upset because they lose their bonus. Please aim carefully when using the GP, but in a high-stressed situation, DO NOT priortize Gunslingers over another ally with a high amount of kills. Save the allies keeping the team alive because if they die, the Gunslinger will die next then you will die and the whole team loses in the end. Use the Universal GP to keep the team alive instead of worrying of giving Gunslingers over 25 armor. Sorry Gunslingers but you are not more important than a veteran or a high DPS/DPM perk. Conclusion: Play the Medic perk to your enjoyment. Do not let people tell you how to play Medic, all of this is just advice to help you being the Medic you want to be. You are not a bad Medic because someone else says so. They probably don't even know how to play their own perks anyways. Enjoy the perk and achieve your goals of being a high level Medic!
  10. Since Shai is upset from my comment from the Steam group announcement from Rencorner: "The KF Big Server marathon sounds like fun, but boo, Payday is the only reward. It also sounds like KF2 is coming out in April too. Maybe you guys should plan a marathon there too?" I am going to add some rewards, on some spare keys that I have, to the most heals to encourage for people to play Medic MOAR for once. They will be: Garry's Mod Guacamelee! Gold Edition Ittle Dew Race The Sun I will be watching for people trying to get extra heals from hiding in a spot with one or two ZEDs hurting you! Once Shai approves and/or tells me the winner, I will give the extra rewards.
  11. What program are you using to list your CPU and GPU? Can it also list more than that?
  12. The new ScrN seems to crash me. When I click on ScrN Features. I crash instantly. I get scared to press that button.
  13. Free levels pls, and thanks for helping the forum, Bong's skin!
  14. In order to help Shai and his desperate attempt to make the forums more active, I have a suggestion. Since I noticed the Commando perk in the Warz0ne Server doesn't have all the cool custom guns as in the Big Server, how about increasing it's perk bonus of +25% clip or magazine capacity to 50% or even 100%? Maybe a slight upgrade in damage %, reload % and recoil % too. It's so you don't have to be reloading constantly since it's strongest guns are usually only 25 bullets per magazine, the SAW isn't available there and I'm pretty sure Commando is one of the least used perks there. I know you don't code Shai from all the times you mention it but I assume you are able to edit these stats because you were able to nerf Medic's body armor and remove fire resistance away from Berserker in the Big Server. Thank you for reading and/or responding to the topic, Shai.
  15. A bit late to the topic but sign me up! Are you just going stalk our points and manually add the 10x after the day is over? (Just making sure because that's what it sounds like) In-game Name: Leon-037 (Since no dashes are allowed on the forums here )