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  1. Dragon-cike

    cant join in Rxd4.0 server

    hey,guys i find that i can't join in Rxd4.0 server in these days, it shows:failed to download required packages. the game will be left. please try to rejoin. My Renegade client's TT4.0 version is the lastest. so request help. thx
  2. Dragon-cike

    Confirm Funwar:Dragon vs RenCorner

    Hey ,Dear RenCorner We are Ready for the war in 4th Aug,and you guys Ready too? Time confirm again China (Beijing) Date : 04.08.2012 - Saturday Time : 8:00 PM GMT + 8 [Evening] USA (Washinton DC) Date : 04.08 .2012 - Saturday Time : 8:00 AM GMT - 5 [Morning] UK (London) Date : 04.08.2012 - Saturday Time : 1:00 PM GMT + 0 [Afternoon] Team Size:12 vs 12 Maps: Field (default), Canyon, Mesa < Rencorner chooses the left 2 maps> Map Time: 45 min Start Credit: 0 Rules : NOT ALLOWED: Backwalking the obelisk Base to Base (see below for Islands) Buddyhopping onto building roofs The vehicle damage-increase glitch Blocking your own harvester in any way Jamming your enemy's harvester in a structure door Teamshooting your assets (buildings or harvester) "Flaming" vehicles or infantry using timed c4 (although you can wire up your own harvester) Glitching C4s on an MCT Orca/Apache "jump-glitch" (i.e. getting into the ceiling of the Weapons Factory or the City Flying bridge etc) The no-fall-damage exploit The undisarmable nuke glitch for the Weapons Factory Vehicles inside buildings Vehicles on building roofs Field: Tunnel beacons to damage the Refinery Field: Lightpost walk Islands: MRLS/Infantry hitting the Nod base from inside the GDI base Islands: Infantry hitting the enemy base from the barricades or the holes in the rocks Mesa: Vehicles in the area between the two refineries Hourglass: Glitching the Obelisk (i.e. standing on the hill so that the obelisk shoots you but does not damage you) Hourglass: Hillcamping in any manner Walls/Flying: Non-flying vehicles on the mesa top or the base walls No wall jump ALLOWED: Suicide rushing the Obelisk (i.e. several players rushing the Nod base in the knowledge that some will die) Harv walking Blocking the enemy harvester by jamming a vehicle in the refinery bay Hindering the enemy harvester by impeding it with your vehicle Buddyhopping over walls (e.g. refhop on Field, or the base walls on Hourglass) Flaming vehicles/infantry using remote c4 or proximity c4 Islands: MRLS/infantry hitting the Hand from across the first patch of water outside the GDI base Canyon: Beacons underneath the Airstrip Canyon: Beacons on the Barracks roof Under: The "back door" into the Nod base, so long as you don't backwalk
  3. Dragon-cike

    funwar Rencorner vs Dragon ?

    hey guys wanner a funwar with [Dragon] clan? our site:www.renegade-x.net