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  1. Happy Birthday dude.

  2. Matt

    My modship

    Awwwww, M0nster, I hate you too!
  3. Matt

    My modship

    Actually my brothers broke it.... No, something is screwy with the vid card and it's too old a comp to be worth fixing. Bye Display!
  4. Matt

    My modship

    If you want to do that than that is fine, I just don't know how long I'm gonna be gone for and don't want to be taking an active mod's place.
  5. Matt

    My modship

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say, as some of you may have noticed (probably not, but I have hope) that I haven't been on at all for a while. My computer on which renegade works has died, and since I can't get it on this computer, that means I probably won't be playing unless I fix the other comp. However, seeing as how I am leaving in a week and a half to spend the summer in Wi, I probably won't be on at all then, either. As I said when I applied, I couldn't promise to be very active, hence why I just asked for a temp modship. Though, you guys have seen fit to promote me to half mod, and I'm really truly touched, I mean right here *points at my heart* *single tear slowly goes down cheek* haha, just kidding, though seriously thanks for trusting me. I just wanted to help out with what I could for as long as I could. So, for now at least (I can never seem to stop playing ren completely, it's like a drug to which I always come back) Bye. Matt Oh screw that, cyall later, alright? I will probably pop on the forums now and then.
  6. Matt


    Nah, I really do find it Ironic. Girlfriends and gamers don't go well together . (helps that most gamers are butt ugly) And I figured enough people had given joking immature answers, and one serious reply should be said. But hey, I said one, didn't I?!
  7. Matt


    Am I the only one finding it ironic how a gamer is asking on a gaming website how to ask out a girl? And since you are saying for a girlfriend and not just for a one night stand or the like, don't use sexual pick up lines. For the most part the girls that would like those are only looking for one night.
  8. Matt

    How'd you find Rencorner?!

    I was with MPF on Ren for a while, modding and shit, when life got busy so I stopped playing for a while. Came back, Mpf had gotten super laggy with maps that I considered wierd and lame, didn't like Jelly so I started playing here, ended up liking it, someone suggested I become a mod so I did.
  9. Matt


    Hey everyone, I was recently made a temp-mod and it's been fine, auto authing me everytime I join. However, it stopped doing this. I was never given powers in IRC, so I can't auth myself, meaning that I can't play on my name. Don't know why it stopped auto authing me, but it's rather annoying. Thanks, Matt
  10. Matt


    Hey everyone thanks for the welcome. I made this post but completely forgot about it, so I haven't seen it in a while! And Joe! How's it going?
  11. Matt


    Some of you may know me from before, used to play quite a bit but stopped for a while back there. If you don't know, oh well, you can say Hi or not, doesn't really matter to me. Just saying Hi.