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  1. thats what confused me the most, an Intel Xeon cpu? Like... 'da fuck? You could build yourself a better computer than that and also safe yourself atleast £200-300 or more
  2. I know, i've already read up about copyrighted music but this is just nothing serious just an idea
  3. Okay guys, i've recently decided to start a hobby up again and its video editing so to boost the community's reputation i thought hey why not make an intro for Rencorner wether it be for an intro on the website or an intro for people recording games First of all let me start by saying this is my first ever video i have made from scratch and with me posting it on here i'd like some ideas on how to improve it or what else you would like adding to it so we've all had a part on how to improve RenCorner Preferably watch in 1080p So what do you guys think?
  4. This intrigues me, i shall make a collab and it will be up soon
  5. And this is the first step to hacking...
  6. is it online?
  7. Steam: KanoBoii IGN: [RC]KanoBoii
  8. dronez4 brang me back to killing floor and the forum, i'll be back on after im done being so damn ill
  9. i have on the xbox, but not pc :'(
  10. Gameplay looks interesting, but i'm playing Tera Rising atmhttp://youtu.be/alzg8j866b8
  11. its obvious its a lie, he hasn't commented once since Joetorp brought the truth out
  12. well at the moment me and jks are trying to get the counter strike community to notice Rencorner, and twitch has something on it where the best ranked people on cs:go are at the top of the list, i could practice or whatever and try to become good at it again and i could advertise that way?
  13. Twitch would be cool, need someone who would be active on it though