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  1. Sooner or later they all come back :-). Welcome back see you in game!
  2. Those are remarkable skills!
  3. So noone can repair his tank anymore? ;)
  4. Sorry?
  5. The other day I did it with a ram jet versus an orca (2 shots) . I imagine that as it doesn't need an immediate reload it isn't a problem? But someone asked me not to do it (not a mod).
  6. I really look forward to improve the forums with my donation. Can you please change that message? It would be funny if the forums weren't so bad ;-)
  7. Thanks rackz! Is it just me or had the donation goal gone down?
  8. Fab does it often enough tbh. It would be easier if we had a lower mine limit and less snipe campers though.
  9. Modding is harder because 1. Proportionnally A lot more 12 year olds 2. Proportionnally a lot more adults acting like 12 year olds 3. As there are very few servers left, banning someone has more consequences now
  10. The !weapons cost 50 % extra, except for the srep. For example !rail costs 1500 in stead of 1000 for a raveshaw. Once you accept the !weapons command, this makes sens. However, when hon or barr goes down, this cost stays the same. This is not logical. !tank costs 3 times the prize of a normal med and restricts the offer of tanks to one. The !weapons command however isn't influenced at all by hon or barr dying. This is the prime reason why a barr or hon kill is useless. I'd even add that loosing your hon or barracks gives you a better chance of winning now because more people (who don't necessarely know about !weapons) will get tanks and weapons are barely more expensive if you really want to get them. Moreover on AOW, people who lost barr and use !weapons instead have a better chance of winning because a rave looses 100 points when killed where an engee with rail looses 1 or 2 points when killed. Lastly, I feel that loosing hon or barr is not punished equally. Nod looses sbh invisibility but GDI looses... well nothing really as long as they have some money... I feel that loosing hon or barracks should be punished by, e.g., doubling the cost of the !weapons commands. Another alternative would be to limit the offer of the weapons you can buy. E.g. no more 1000-weapons when hon or barr is destroyed. Yet another alternative would be to limit the number of different weapons you can carry, for example making it so srep can no longer be combined with other weapons, or so you can only carry one weapon at all. Maybe there are other alternatives? What are your opinions?
  11. A bit related. If the snipers would just play on their regular nick instead of changing nicks every 5 games they would not have thus problem. Yes I'm also looking at you, Chris and Nick :-P. Also funny how some people actually care about their k/d.
  12. Could this be the same problem display has? A port blocked?
  13. I agree. Although I like vanilla renegade, I think rc is also very playable and I think we'd loose players if we took the weapons command completely away. I'm glad to read blacky is having a go at coding this feature. Playing on prize is probably the best solution overall.
  14. I think we need one simple solution to this. Dubstar I cannot agree with making some of these upgrades cheaper, including the tank command. I think all who posted agree something should be done though so that's something.
  15. I agree with War0n.
  16. Mars has the goz stamp of approval
  17. I know how to buy tanks
  18. Awaiting the pics ;-)
  19. The problem seems to be that it reloads while you're in the tank. If it didn't reload then there would be no problem, iirc.
  20. Use the new !togglesounds command!
  21. This discussion can be held in the topic shai linked to.
  22. I'd like to hear the other side of the story, if Apple oculd reply here? 'Cause if indeed this is how it went, then it's ot the right way. But something tells me that Apple's story may be a bit different. We'll see.
  23. Togglesounds chatsounds
  24. I was wondering the same. Don't tell me it's due to extra sounds...
  25. NEEDS MOAR BLOOM!!! 1111 Next release:building bars and a huge arrow above the deployed beacons?