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  1. The kbps displayed in Ren can be very different depending on the overall activity but also where you are. Eg a 4 player game will be very different from a 30 player game. But also if you tend to stay on tunes you'll use way less data than when you're in the field. Kbps generally varies from 20 to 350 in the rencorner server. If we take a maximum of constant 300 kbps in a full server, we'll have an over estimated calculation. You need to do 300 kbps / 8 (convert to kB / s)*60 (1 minute) * 60 (1 hour) / 1024 (convert to MB per hour). That would be 131 MB per hour. But it's probably less. But could also be more. Cause you need to add the data the server downloads to your hard disk. Take for example when we add new sounds.
  2. Actually it may be more :p. It depends on a lot of factors.
  3. It's way, way less!
  4. Kindergarten.... Get off baguettes back will ya
  5. With that kind of donation, it should be very easy to let him choose which useless feature should be removed on ren :P.
  6. Congratulations
  7. It's good that you came to the forums. I respect you a lot for the coding aid you give to renegade. Considering the tone and content of your post, I'm not inclined to say you've not been muted long enough yet, though.
  8. I can't remember his name as it was like 13 years ago... This Dutch dude hosted a server on his home connection (non dedicated). It was quite popular because he kicked n00bs so the level of gameplay was always quite decent. I seem to recall it was a 14 players server that performed nicely. After that I played on our own Koss2 servers as well as on Black Intel. After that n00bstories for a while. Then I left for a year and only rencorner.com was remaining. Thanks to volcom for that!
  9. Hi

  10. Hello right back to you! Gg uk
  11. Yes, 30 / 35 seems just fine to me too.
  12. I have been playing since 2003 and most servers I played on had it at the standard 30 mines limit. This always seemed fine to me because it forces you to choose between buildings to defend and opens the game a bit. I've learned to get used to the 50 mines which make it easier to defend. I don't see why we would up this ever more. Eventually people will start using them to defend against stank rushes because they have so many to spare. This isn't what mines were made for I think.
  13. Thanks a lot oh wealthy one!
  14. I probably won't be able to make it :-(