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  1. Those advantage skins are almost as bad as other cheats...
  2. The lower the vehicle limit the better for nod. 8 arts plus 8 techs versus 8 meds and 8 hotties guess who wins? Versus 8 arts and 8 techs versus 16 meds
  3. How do shells help with masses? The vehicle limit of 30 did just fine.
  4. What I noticed was that there was so much less drama and hate. No insults, no-one accusing others of cheating.
  5. I liked it though I didn't have that much time to play. Orca and apa seemed a bit op.
  6. You guys are a nice pair.
  7. Strage, yesterday redpeony was killing like no tomorrow on Glacier flying.
  8. Orca has always been better than apache so that might just balance the sbh out.
  9. They said u can walk from back ref to the other ref through the wall.
  10. I just played backstab and it has potential! There seem to be some bugs with walls but I definitely liked the concept.
  11. Wasn't gobi infantry only? Siege used to work correctly on our server. Maybe the newer scripts versions made it bugged?
  12. There are quite a lot of fan maps on this server, especially if you also count rxd.
  13. Sooner or later they all come back :-). Welcome back see you in game!
  14. Those are remarkable skills!
  15. So noone can repair his tank anymore? ;)