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  1. Awaiting the pics ;-)
  2. The problem seems to be that it reloads while you're in the tank. If it didn't reload then there would be no problem, iirc.
  3. Use the new !togglesounds command!
  4. This discussion can be held in the topic shai linked to.
  5. I'd like to hear the other side of the story, if Apple oculd reply here? 'Cause if indeed this is how it went, then it's ot the right way. But something tells me that Apple's story may be a bit different. We'll see.
  6. Togglesounds chatsounds
  7. I was wondering the same. Don't tell me it's due to extra sounds...
  8. NEEDS MOAR BLOOM!!! 1111 Next release:building bars and a huge arrow above the deployed beacons?
  10. It would be nice for one map but imo it would become dull quite fast.
  11. Oh so people still do 1v1. :-)nice u enjoyed it
  12. The problem is that it unbalances the game in favor of one "solution". In the end everyone will do the same combo because it's so overpowered.
  13. Only on rxd maps,so we said. Donno, somehow I think it'll make gdi stronger while balance isn't an issue for the moment.
  14. Mrls been nerfed to being useless now.
  15. That sounds like a plan.