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  1. WNxM45T3R

    Renegade Summer Fun War June 2018.

    Depends on GMT TIME
  2. WNxM45T3R

    I'm back!

    Hammer time!
  3. WNxM45T3R

    Rust is Back

    oxidation at its finest!
  4. WNxM45T3R

    Summer '17 Funwar + GIVEAWAYS!!!

    UMM what game is this?
  5. WNxM45T3R

    RC Staff vs Public Players Event!

    Any screenshots etc? EDIT: just saw video and lol
  6. WNxM45T3R

    Happy Birthday Renegade!

    I used to use my cell/mobile phone as a modem to play :/ Dont think we ever sniped 1v1?
  7. WNxM45T3R

    Happy Birthday Renegade!

    God I lost some sleep and jobs due to this game but it was all worth it. I wouldnt be able to hit a mammy with a ramjet I havent played for so long. Happy Birthday
  8. I always wondered why a frizbee gets bigger the closer it gets..... then it hit me!

  9. WNxM45T3R

    Computer problem

    it maybe my fault sorry... I may be the bearer of bad news, it was my suggestion that if u hold a radiator to ground yourself, that ur penis will withstand 240V .... I WAS WRONG... R.I.P DRONEZ4
  10. WNxM45T3R

    Computer problem

  11. WNxM45T3R


    Happy Birthday dude, hope u have a good one!!
  12. WNxM45T3R

    Any electritians here ?

    If you lick it and describe in detail the taste (metallic, earthy etc) i may be able to help?
  13. WNxM45T3R

    Is this the interweb?

    Hai im Jordan aka WNxM45T3R, I (used) to play renegade, im 31 years of age and love long walks on the beach, im looking to meet....Ooops wrong website! Anyways hai peeps, im looking to be around more in the very near future, im a newbie and as soon as i work out how this 'Renegade' thingy works i will come play with you ;-) Ps. I have a shed load of old SS ima upload soon
  14. Dont think im good for competitive