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  1. Hello sorry for not seeing this till now I miss you all and thanks.
  2. well I love it when I have a fucked up back and being stoned on fucking pain killers because doctors cant do their fucking job here and find out whats wrong with me..... well time to go to work -_-

    1. Softkitywarmkity


      I dont think anyone knows whats wrong with you patty lol

  3. I love being overwhelmed with stress

  4. So as it stands right now factions 1.9 update is not working for people. So I would like to see what you all want. For 1.9 we are resetting the map, mainly because a fresh start is good for all the servers, and plugin issues could be bad. This means there will be a new spawn, new shop with all mostly all the items in the shop, spawner shop, rules are going to stay the same as it is now on the factions update. Now for the help I need from you guys. I have a question on which do you think we should reset and update as soon as the plugin for factions is stable and the plugins that we need for it(could be a couple of weeks at the latest), or should we wait till later on in the updates and leave it as it is. So there is a poll please leave your feedback and vote on what to do. This will be up for 3-4 days so please participate if you play or want to play factions.
  5. i have looked into the aac plugin more, and there is still issues but for now we have the factions anticheat still works. I will be converting to aac when its stable. It says in the description the only custom enchants plugin it will work with is the one we have in factions that's a win for us so far . All of the enchants that are in enchantsplus(the one we have) will not spam the client or console with the server thinking the player is hacking(once it is stable that is)
  6. I named it that but I do get what you are saying I'm gonna rename it to bow spam because the chance of it shooting multiple arrows are completely random and wont show up on the logs saying the player is hacking. I will also be testing out aac when its a not as buggy there is a lot of issues with aac but maybe it will be better than its 1.8 days
  7. as of right now custom enchants are in the server. for using books or combining armor in the anvil you have to put both armor sets in or book sets and then take the middle one out and put it back in to shuffle through the combinations you would like . here is a list of the enchants that are in the server, if you would like to name some enchantments here post them and I'll think of putting them in:
  8. moved to minecraft
  9. moved to minecraft forums
  10. its the rare breed the pink pooch you are lucky to have one
  11. thanks wool
  12. for the crash and not being able to log in for hours that's server wise we are trying to stay on top of it but only limited to people that watch it. for the server down for 3 days I don't know what happened there, but please hang with us while we try to figure out and stay on top of this for all the players . ill just say this if its frustrating for you, just imagine how it is for us trying to fix it/find why it has crashed.
  13. thanks root
  14. how about you tell us why you are muted to begin with I'm sure the mods had a good reason to why they muted you. so before they tell us, how about we sit in a circle and you tell us the story
  15. ya all this ddos is, is a big troll kinda getting tired of it though
  16. nice idea I like the easter spirit
  17. A new plugin is installed it is the xp bottles plugin you can withdraw your xp by: - typing /xp this will tell you how much xp you have. - typing /xpbottle <xp amount> -then It puts your xp in a bottle so you can save it and go mining or looking for bases and you wont have to worry about your levels going if you die. also I have enabled the /fix hand command. it wll cost $2,500 per use. have fun with these new updates
  18. wouldn't you think the pop would get flat after that LOL
  19. not only that but when new players come in and see we are constently being shut down and have to restart servers to put them back to irc or to fix issues they don't come back I have noticed quite a few new players come on stay for a day see we are having issues and I haven't seen them back its going to affect our numbers drastically I for one would like to find out who this guy is and teach him a lesson too I know its hard to have a meeting with people working but maybe we should find a time when majority has time and record it for people to listen to what we are doing and then they can post their input
  20. it doesn't matter what day it just depends on what is going on in the day
  21. as of right now every Friday Saturday and sunday have 2x xp get those xp levels up
  22. go here read the post copy and paste the application then hit reply and please no more multi posts don't spam the button
  23. crates are kinda like a jackpot there is a chance to win nice or not so nice prizes I can make it give what ever I want it to give through the magic of the config file