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  1. Dear Admins <%rossnisbe> <shaitan> yes speedrs banned <%rossnisbe> <shaitan> ur next thats what he said to me <%rossnisbe> <shaitan> he hates rc, u hate rc, banned i don't hate Rc You Admins Hate Black Eagle Because u Hate us look Shaitan Have a full Screen And then Ban me if u want i was moderator on this Server and i cann't hate this http://i84.servimg.com/u/f84/19/44/17/40/untitl10.png
  2. Hey Guys When i enter the server i lost communication with the server and My Ping in other server was 150 it's not from The internet but it's from Server Can the Admin delete one of the servers located in RenList
  3. Lol why ?
  4. hey Guys there are some problems with irc ? can you help me ..
  5. thank You i'm sorry about that :\ nice to meet you again [shaitan ; Feda ]
  6. Thanks for your replay i will not disapper again i will be active almost hours
  7. i can give you another one
  8. Dear Guys at finally i came back again i'm happy to see old friends i will be at server almost 2 hours per a day i wish i can be half mod again and join rencorner Team and if you think that i'm Not SpEeDr this image will brove my truth .
  9. Blody .. I was nervous ... can't do anythingthe egypt is fire and me go to paly and be happy
  10. Hi everybody :*Sorry for along time not join to the server , IRC . Because Of happening in egypt I think you heard about egypt ..- And the enternet was sucks can't able to join .. " somtimes " , i had some computer problems- I saw i must apologize for you guys:D
  11. ?!?!?! Shadow .... /???! ?!
  12. Ok Lundy you are joiking with me , ok i don't mind Some ppl think it is true Thanks for all replies Some replies dislike me
  13. Welcome back to rencorner have a nice time
  14. Please admins you must do anything with that guy " Lundy " i'm not do anything with him and he always say that to me ..... SpeeDer Uses Cheatres if you guys don't need me here just say to me to leave Lundy If i leave the server ..you will be the main reason to leave rencorner ..... i was thought about it many times but i disagree , if it happen in another server i will leave it immediately I love you Rencorner Member and the server Note : lundy can you tell me reason to say to me always Me cheater / Disservice to the reputation of our server Can anyone sea alwyas lundy Abusive to me No way to leave rencorner because of you lundy Sorry i'm won't Go down to your level " lundy " Thanks for reading
  15. Thanks for good reply WNX you let me happy