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  1. I played on some gamespy servers, but that has to be 5 years ago? The only server i was playing on regularly is renconer aow.
  2. #OSTK

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    2. WNxH3adSh00t
    3. OSTKRailiak


      Nah you were easy snacks for me in the old days. 

    4. Sarah


      We're back!!

  3. I hope you do. best game ever in my opinion.

  4. I think i am gonna try Renegade again :))))


    1. mdogg1108


      Welcome back =]

    2. StJohn Gumby

      StJohn Gumby

      I see you did.

      and welcome back. :tongue:


  5. Ohh Wonder Steam: Railiak IGN: #OSTK Railiak
  6. OMG I missed ít yesterday :/ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!
  7. LE now MGE ... i cant play other games anymore... i losse the aim and the feeling for the game lol btw. was mg1 last week becouse of some bullshit teams.
  8. Everytime good-one arrives with his Jessica Nigri gif.....
  9. You cant play with silvers. Your rank is too high. You cant even start the mm lobby. Had this with bibo :x
  10. Thank you for your donation
  11. Wow.. A big thank you !
  12. i can say.... in every skill groups you often get idiots.... even in dmg...
  13. I think it wouldnt help, if i play with you :-/
  14. 0.2 Mb/s i wont post here