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  1. Whitedragon

    E+Tank fire

    Think I got it turned on. See tt.ini in data folder.
  2. Whitedragon

    E+Tank fire

    There's a server.ini setting that was made to stop that. Makes it so a vehicle's weapon won't reload if it's empty.
  3. Whitedragon

    Timed maps

    Increase to 40mins. Polls to add time are dumb.
  4. Whitedragon

    Shorty|S2 reveal cheat

    This is fixed in the next version of TT.
  5. Whitedragon

    Suggestion !sellveh

    I'll do it sometime.
  6. Whitedragon

    renlist not loading

    CnCNet is temporarily back up while we get a new host sorted out.
  7. Whitedragon

    renlist not loading

    Looks like CnCNet suddenly dropped support for Renegade. I'm trying to get the server program from them so I can get a replacement up.
  8. Whitedragon

    Please abandon the Squad system

    Squad size is capped at 5 or a third of the current players, whichever is smaller. Squadmates are teamed together, multiple squads are put on opposite teams. Squads will be broken up to even the teams if necessary. It already works like this for players not in squads.
  9. Whitedragon

    Loading times

    It's 5 seconds. Look at the time stamps in IRC. [14:40:44] [@RCAOW] [Gameover] GDI has won the game by Building Destruction, lasted 00.45.43 [Map: C&C_BunkersTS.mix, GDI: 76892 Nod: 51217] [39/60] [14:40:49] [@RCAOW] Loading level C&C_Under.mix
  10. Whitedragon

    Loading times

    I changed it from 15 to 5 seconds.
  11. Whitedragon

    Marathon Server Changes

    For the double maps one could be set to always be AOW.
  12. Whitedragon

    Marathon Server Changes

    Here are the agreed upon changes from the meeting: Modify the rotation (have 2 rush maps per base defense map or so) Show temprank where rank is currently displayed under a player’s name Remove the “killed their own tank” message Add the butterfingers and thief crate Update TS so people automatically join the channel that corresponds to their ingame team Add BunkersTS and Walls to the rotation Reduce time looking at the scoreboard if possible Remove powerdown after one of the base defenses dies These have already been implemented: Turn pedestal beacon victories on 20% of games will now be 30 minute AOW Removed vehicle shells Increased the vehicle limit to 30 SBHs can't pick up pimp weapons Techs/Hotwires drop shotguns instead of remotes Engineers drop weak repair guns instead of shotguns Backpacks remain for 10 seconds (down from 20)Delay between uses of !tank increased to 1 minute (up from 20 seconds)
  13. Whitedragon

    Marathon Server Changes

    Shotgun Wars: all weapons (even vehicles') are replaced by shotguns.
  14. Whitedragon

    Marathon Server Changes

    My suggestion from a while back. Or just remove the weapon commands. Siege is bugged and unplayable at the moment.
  15. Whitedragon

    Massing tanks kill msg

    Originally I wanted that message to only display if an enemy had damaged the vehicle in the last 30 seconds or so. But I had to change it for some reason I no longer remember.