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  1. Damnit, I can't!
  2. Congrats!
  3. Ram doesn't give you more fps, but if you don't have enough it will lower it
  4. The methods I and some others suggested should work and your pc should be fine with these settings. I used to play ren just fine with these specs except I had more ram. My last thoughts are that you're using outdated or wrong drivers.
  5. Download gamebooster from Go to nvidia control panel and go to 3d settings and change to performance. This should increase performance alot! Though my advice would be to burn your pc and buy a new one tbh.
  6. I think everyone knows glitching isn't allowed. But nice vid
  7. Hello
  8. They sell spaghetti vegetables in Holland and it's normal to add those here I guess
  9. Nice, sunday again. So yes I will be there!
  10. I guess you don't like vegetables? I only see meat, sauce and spaghetti
  11. Hm, guess I'm not the only one Good luck man
  12. Nice bike, mine isnt that badass, not planning to ride offroad o.O
  13. Sunglasses for suns reflection on the crt monitor?
  14. Lmao, good guy Shai wasting his time for nubs !