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  1. Woj fucking r4p3t me on walls fewmonths ago if I would head shot him coming out of my ref. I would have been back in it
  2. What's up Noob smashers.has the server Been laggy a lil? Or A lot? dunks55j is telling me it's bad or it might be my internet. Don't wanna buy a new router if I don't have to.
  3. Ren is installed now just installing bf3 and 4
  4. See the stank?
  5. Has win 7 so 10000000 updates when I get play in the morning. Dunks will probably play when he gets home tonight.
  6. Evga 850
  7. Thanks Rooney
  8. Got dunks rig done picking it up after work so tonight we test it out.i have the sold out discs for Ren. Ok so help me out I install Renegade then??? Scrips and TT then Renlist. can I get some links and a little help. Like what I put in the path on realist.
  9. Yep ya caught me
  10. My last rig I had 2 760ti in SLI if I was a pic in game I could see a stank a mile away.
  11. It's been 3 years since I got rid of my rig.its time once again to build.this will dim the lights in the house when I hit power. Not really but.this will be dunks rig I'm building for him should be done in a week. I7 with a asus board water cooler. 32 gigs of ramjet
  12. Not sure I know what map you guys are talking about? I just hope Rencorner doesn't start adding a bunch of shitty maps and all the stupid ass vehicles.please?
  13. I was kinda wondering that myself. Like if you change or add a clan tag
  14. Happy Birthday 


  15. It's skyryder or how ever he words it.