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  1. CrazyCharger


    They are plastic,but all the parts move since this post I've added one more flame tank. Got it for 40.00 plus some more figures. I have more in a box somewhere,
  2. CrazyCharger


    Ive had them for some time. I gave them to dunks55j. I dont play ren much anymore.
  3. CrazyCharger


    [NodElites] HS for life.
  4. CrazyCharger

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    He didnt miss shai. Look where the dot hit him square in the face. Its so obvious. But you guys can stick up for your buddy its fine.
  5. CrazyCharger

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    Dunks55j was playing Ren,and i happen to be watching him and seen this. And dont tell me its just a glitch. https://youtu.be/LWXeZyHY7mM Watch at 31 min. Dont really care what your excuses are for this dude. Clearly Some BS