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  1. Make it so
  2. Every modification I like on RenCorner except Shotguns on 0 cred engineers that can already do huge damage. Nobody wants vanilla, just fix the biggest flaw!
  3. Keep in mind that people voted for Carnage Club.... Maybe the vote shouldn't be the final decision, just take it into consideration? Random noobs don't know better compared to the vets and people who know Renegade. Nobody is asking for Vanilla, but the shotguns are a major change to the core of the game.
  4. I agree, remove the shotguns! An apc/engy rush is very OP, HSing every spawner in a building. Engy's already have Remote c4 for short range damage, giving them a shotgun gives them an unfair adv for a 0 credit troop. Let's not play Renegods and start changing the original characters & tanks please!! Westwood had it right, it's what we're all here to play! And especially now that Renegade is getting old, maybe we should pay a bit of homage to it and try to keep it as close to original as possible. Let the ultraAOW people mod the game into garbage. RenCorner should be the server for people who enjoy regular ren. Edit: 1 last thing, some use the argument that 'shotguns are funner', well pistol whipping and remote tossing is also pretty fun, and it's not fun getting buildings owned by apcs full of engys with shotguns. You could be a mobius in there and get owned.
  5. I love the timed AOW games. I'm not here to complain about that. I think there's a perfect balance between AOW & Marathon to keep everyone happy. Carnage Club on the other hand is killing the game. Who's in charge of the map rotation? I volunteer to help and give advice! Everyone knows I love Renegade, and when I see something out of whack, I have to speak up. For the love of Renegade, fix the rotation!!! :)
  6. I don't post often but I think something needs to be said about Carnage Club being in the rotation lol. Last few times I've joined the server empty, its on Carnage Club. Did it get added as a late April fools joke or something? As the last 'normal' Renegade server left, I think maybe we should remove the joke maps so we can slow Renegade's death a bit. Sand is bad enough, but Carnage Club, please no lol. On the bright side, thanks for having a server at all.
  7. I'll sit Sat but be back Sun son
  8. I'm in if the snowmobile trails aren't ready
  9. There's not enough time to read the scores, let alone jerk off to them.
  10. The endgame screen is 2 seconds right now, go test for yourself. 5 wouldn't be bad compared to that lol. Can we up it a tiny bit?
  11. At first I thought it was stupid because I like analyzing the scores, then I realized the point was to stop people from leaving the server during load times. In that regard, I think it's a great idea. I think going from 15 to 5 was pretty extreme for the first attempt though. 5 seconds isn't enough time to see how all of your buddies did. I would have tried 10 seconds first then lowered it from there.
  12. I may have had a few whiskeys and a reneboner when I made this thread, but I still want to do this tournament. If we manage it properly and the tournament is a success, we can do some follow up tournaments like rush maps or teams. I'll talk to Volcom this week to get some of the details worked out.
  13. Anyone interested in a 1v1 Field tournament hosted by RenCorner? You'd get to play each side once, highest score moves on. Prizes could potentially include a custom RenCorner forum title and a Dominos Pizza gift card. If you're interested in participating, please reply.
  14. 2 Unders in the rotation.... PLEASE GOD NO LOL Hourglass and Under once in the rotation is bad enough. There's something else some may not be considering that we ran into on Friday. Since Rencorner uses Ren-X style rules (booo) that allow for you to purchase vehicles even after a WF is dead... a game of Under could go on forever. We killed their WF, and 4 hours later they were still loaded with med tanks and everyone had 5000 credits to continue buying them forever. So killing the WF had 0 effect. Again, might as well have the Obelisk still shoot when the power is dead A possible solution we thought of (besides turning it off), is have vehicles purchasable for only a certain amount of time after the destruction of the wf/strip. Edit: Forgot to mention, AOW got turned on for a few maps, and it was f'n awesome
  15. noooooooOoOoOooOoooo lol