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  1. War0n

    Application(Solarsailts, thread split)

  2. I agree on that! I really love those intensive fights where you have 2 people equally. Those oftenly get screwd by backup from others or a random tank shooting in your fight lol
  3. War0n

    How do I remove audio from an mp4?

    Trials wont work for that. Always have caps x.x If you want, upload it to google drive or so and i'll get rid of it for you.
  4. War0n

    Backed by Popular Demand

    Dafuq did i just read. This isnt going nowhere, at all. Either of you shouldve stopped this by just ignoring the other party.
  5. War0n

    Bills due soon

    I can't donate because of my financial situation. It's peoples own choice to donate. Other than that: We should check where donates come from (what games) and see from there. What specs does the server have right now? Irc is hard to host, alllot of providers dont allow it. IRC is widely used in ddossing and makes the network it runs on vulnerable.
  6. War0n

    PUBG Stuff

    awesome! ship me some :D!
  7. War0n

    Bills due soon

    ^That. Do we use Linux anywhere? Could lower our costs allot! Linux without any GUI needs less resources, thus a less powerfull server. My personal expierence (running both linux and windows servers) is that linux uses 60% of the resources compared to windows. Here's a quick sumup: - Ark, TF2 and Minecraft can run on a linux VPS , costing 60$ a month tops. - Renegade needs windows, maybe 100$ a month, adding IRC there aswell. - WEbhosting Prolly 50$ a year. By going to linux, we could lower costs by 50% i think. Im happy to provide my VPS to host any of the above.
  8. War0n

    Don't burn the house down

    Try using only 1 mem bar. Also: all psu connectors attached?
  9. War0n


    You sure about dis? Because I'm Dutch and i'm not really rolling with these people.
  10. War0n

    remove PIMP MINES

    @Vultima @ehh This topic is about PIMP. Not about that rav bs. Pimp weapons are okay, but i think they are outbalanced a bit. The only usefull one is the REP (It reps allot in 1 hit, but it charges up). The Rocket is OP and mines are balanced too. Yes, you can have 50 mines upfront, but you cant mine any other places then. So its a choice... The other weapons arent usefull to much. damage rate isnt to great.
  11. I actually liked the way you edited the vid by doing fast forward;D
  12. War0n

    RenCorner Discord

    I has joined. Dafuq are all these people?
  13. SAP

    Happy birthday dudeeeee




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      Happy birthday man!

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      Happy Birthday!


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      I was pretty inactive last days.... You had birthday? how could i miss that? am i working that much huh?

      happy late beerday :o

  14. War0n

    C&C Iron City

    @trunkskgbI think your map is a fast map, kinda like Volcano, Complex or Canyon. They either last 15 mins or 50 mins (when people screw things up, no ref, only hon and Wf for example). But that doesnt make your map bad. I cant judge now, as i havent played it yet. But i think that its fine :) The reason Under and Field last long, is that you actually need Stratergy. If you lose Field in either field or under, you are screwd. Taking that back requires teamwork and a bit of luck. To keep it , you need teamwork aswell. Second on that, theres a role for everyone. Gozy likes to be in a tank, while Nickk rather spends his time sniping. Field and Under offer that possibility without pissing off teammates for not doing anything: You need them simply both. I think thats what @WNxH3adSh00t and @rackz are after. I believe that we need more of those maps, to make people work together again. ITs hard, i know. Thanks for the effort mate! Maybe we can work together to design something? I have some ideas, but not the skill to create it.
  15. War0n

    Frozen has past away

    Rest in peace.