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  1. The only valid answer here is: Make a video and post that. I have noticed that when i was speccing someone, he seemed to invis for me. Showing it to another mod, and he didnt see it at all. Lagg is the key there. Unless theres a video, its all just speculation.
  2. thats why i want it ;D
  3. high noon anyone? http://www.moddb.com/games/cc-renegade/addons/cc-high-noon-21
  4. 1. I reply to every single one. Im a mod to help people, idc about my own gametime. Ofc, it sucks to not play but im a mod and should deal with it. 2. You are totaly right, dont go personal here. If you dont like it here leave..
  5. Meanwhile in #rc-aow-admin [10-09][09:42:21] <@creed3020> I like to let them grill a little before I respond
  6. I agree on this! However, i dont agree on the part where weapons should cost LOWER then they are right now when NOTHING is destroyed. If i can buy a SREP for 350 when i got a havoc with it, im basicly a havoc-hotwire..
  7. Nice vid, but whats the point your trying to make? i like the vid, tho!:)
  8. Its not that easy. As a sound is played even !togglesoudns doesnt work.
  9. So blacky, i found a bug: Here is the way i started it.
  10. ^Just this.
  11. Point is, Nick did this too. And being banned 24h for it by @dronez4. Mods can read the report and results here: However, i have edited the topic title, to something more appropiate.
  12. People saying "he asked for the ban" needa think again. If i banned someone everytime thhey asked me to ban them, i wouldve been demoted. ontopic: I think apple overreacted here and needed to take some steps in between (!kill + PM > Qkick +pm > Kick) Tomo however, needa pay some respect. I believe his reaction justifies the !kick as i can understand how apple felt.
  13. what bug. FAlling trough wall? @BigWrench
  14. Nice!!! Love it! I was thinking of something else very similar! What if we put GDI with NOD VEHS and vice versa? Or , swap the chars?
  15. Point is: If i get out to repair, jump in while repairing it occurs to. Thats unfair :p