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  1. ^Just this.
  2. Point is, Nick did this too. And being banned 24h for it by @dronez4. Mods can read the report and results here: However, i have edited the topic title, to something more appropiate.
  3. People saying "he asked for the ban" needa think again. If i banned someone everytime thhey asked me to ban them, i wouldve been demoted. ontopic: I think apple overreacted here and needed to take some steps in between (!kill + PM > Qkick +pm > Kick) Tomo however, needa pay some respect. I believe his reaction justifies the !kick as i can understand how apple felt.
  4. what bug. FAlling trough wall? @BigWrench
  5. Nice!!! Love it! I was thinking of something else very similar! What if we put GDI with NOD VEHS and vice versa? Or , swap the chars?
  6. Point is: If i get out to repair, jump in while repairing it occurs to. Thats unfair :p
  7. I'd rather get rid of those people that are "to good to be true, but dont ban em cuz no proof. Lets make 5 people leave cuz of them yay!" , then enforcing this rule. Owell, rule noted.
  8. Just another day in the field (:
  9. Happy Bday! @dampertje
  10. Heya Guys, Next Monday, i'll be flying towards beautiful Florence! After i land there, i make my way up to castiglion fiorentino to spend 11 days by the pool! So, i wont be on. Might be on on IRC from time to time! Ciao
  11. theres some discussion going in the Mod forum about this! more news soon!
  12. @rackz can you reupload? I am willing to host it on my domain if you send me someway. Links are dead
  13. Probably your browser. It's just plain text steam. Try to reinstall steam or use the webpage to add the balance: https://store.steampowered.com
  14. Hey! Nice to have you! Im a full mod of C&C Renegade, so on behalf of our section i welcome you to play a round or more! Keep up the good job !! - Dennis
  15. You are putting oil to the fire here. Maybe you should start taking stuff seriously. Imo you shouldve stay muted. Not just for being disrespectfull, but also for tryin to avoid the mute by using irc.