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  1. Happy 80-th Bday! :P
  2. Happy belated B-day, Gio! (You're still a 'PrettyPrincess', though :P )
  3. That's harsh, Joe... :P
  4. Ermmmm..... What? LOL
  5. School and Life comes first... Good Luck!
  6. WOW! I'm not going to get all mushy, but I wish you the best in your struggle, and keep going for your dreams and aspirations all the way until you do die... I wish you Luck, and I wish you Happiness!
  7. Thank you, all, for the B-day wishes! I really appreciate it
  8. Happy B-day, Evo! :D

  9. No MCMMO? Bummer...
  10. I would actually like to see MCMMO integrated into SB... I played on a SB Server during 1.5.2 and they had MCMMO integrated into SB, I loved it!
  11. So? What did you think? Be brutal if you have to
  12. So does that mean you finally watched the video?
  13. Not sure if this is the right area to post, but no matter what I do, i.e. switch browsers, flush cookies, etc., I always get 'Your session expired, please try again.' I use Firefox, but tried to use Internet Explorer (ick), and I still get the same message. Any help on this matter would be appreciated, thank you.
  14. You can ban me, kick me, mute me, block me, or ignore me but you can never change my opinion.

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    2. Occassius


      Lol, nothing in general, just a statement... I haven't got into trouble again, YET... :P


    3. Strike


      I like the Yet part :Angry1:

    4. AnThRaX


      We don't moderate to change opinions. We moderate because some opinions should be left to ones self.