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  1. Hey, Babe! I haven't been ignoring You, I have just been in a SHITTY Situation where I had NO Internet... BUT I'm BACK, and IF You come to the MC Server, You just might see Me on there :)

    1. ice187dna


      Yeah, no worries. Nice to see you back.

  2. Occassius


    Hey, Sweety! I miss You (At least Your Voice :) ) But You are AWESOME for EVERYTHING You have done for RC, and I HOPE You continue :)
  3. Occassius

    Shai's Birthday

    Happy 80-th Bday! :P
  4. Occassius

    2016-07-31 Birthdays

    Happy belated B-day, Gio! (You're still a 'PrettyPrincess', though :P )
  5. That's harsh, Joe... :P
  6. Occassius

    Bad 'dog'

    Ermmmm..... What? LOL
  7. Occassius

    R.I.P Sky

    School and Life comes first... Good Luck!
  8. Occassius

    My health

    WOW! I'm not going to get all mushy, but I wish you the best in your struggle, and keep going for your dreams and aspirations all the way until you do die... I wish you Luck, and I wish you Happiness!
  9. Occassius

    2016-04-27 Birthdays

    Thank you, all, for the B-day wishes! I really appreciate it
  10. Happy B-day, Evo! :D

  11. Occassius

    Skyblock 1.9 idea

    No MCMMO? Bummer...
  12. Occassius

    Skyblock 1.9 idea

    I would actually like to see MCMMO integrated into SB... I played on a SB Server during 1.5.2 and they had MCMMO integrated into SB, I loved it!
  13. Occassius

    WooHoo! PopularMMOs Played my Map!

    So? What did you think? Be brutal if you have to
  14. Occassius

    WooHoo! PopularMMOs Played my Map!

    So does that mean you finally watched the video?
  15. Occassius

    Funny Videos.