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  1. Mikey

    Field game yesterday

    lift with me chris br0
  2. Mikey

    zunnie - The myth, the man, the legend.

    Never really spoke to Zunnie but knew him from the old days, may he rest in peace. Always sad to hear of a player passing.
  3. Mikey

    Web IRC Plugin

    There was once an IRC plugin here on the forums which was really useful. Will this be coming back any time soon or it's gone for good? I'm not sure why it disappeared I would assume an issue with security but if it's a possibility to bring it back that would be great, I don't play much anymore but it would be cool to speak to some guys in-game still, I know there are other sites to use but I liked the feature built in here.
  4. Mikey

    walk on the wall

    Tbh this spot is pretty useless. it does allow you to angle your perspective without being shot from the end of the tunnel but apart from that it doesn't really help much lol But as Manu said, people have been warned about it and I don't recall it ever being allowed.
  5. A friend sent this to me today, I don't have the time to play as of late but I thought i'd share it with you guys in case it was useful for you, who doesn't love free stuff right? There is an offer to get a free game every day in July until the 18th for Amazon Twitch prime Subscribers. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/pc-a-free-game-every-day-until-july-18th-for-amazon-twitch-prime-subscribers-twitch-2974369
  6. Mikey

    Gaming Addiction

    I saw on the news they were talking about a kid who was so addicted to his gaming he was not eating, became violent to his parents when they tried to get him away from his computer, and he would urinate in bottles in his room so he didn't have to leave his computer. I guess maybe that's where the line is drawn!
  7. Mikey

    Gaming Addiction

    So, the World Health Organisation will now recognise excessive gaming as a 'Gaming disorder' and will become a new classification of disease. Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/entertainment-arts-44518984/gaming-addiction-recognised-as-a-mental-health-disorder Thoughts?
  8. Mikey


    Cant you just ban the kids flaming in it? I need to know how d4rx is!!
  9. Mikey

    New Rotation

    Pretty much this. The player stats will speak for themselves anyway, it's impossible to keep everyone happy (especially here :D )
  10. Mikey

    The new year 2018

    LMAO I actually love this
  11. Mikey

    The new year 2018

    sheila you have way too much free time lmao HNY
  12. Mikey

    -BiO-Gridloc Apology

    /geist ohnoo
  13. Mikey

    Christmas Fun War. 16th Dec.

    Well hello there hot stuff. Is this date set in stone btw?
  14. Mikey

    I'm back bitches

    Welcome back boyo