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  1. Super censored ren
  2. lmao rekt
  3. Go away we don't like your kind of carbs
  4. Almost as sad as you replying after one year.. fucking shitty bread
  5. n00bstories isn't gonna come back it's way dead now, was never that good anyways
  6. Hurts my head trying to remember, this makes me feel old af lol. I vaguely remember being a part of something during demo days with a group of people, whether it was a community couldn't really say it was all that. @Manuel857 I will always remember our Duke-Gaming days though, they were the best times I ever had in Renegade, back when the game was thriving :P
  7. You're lucky they haven't banned you already, sort your attitude out and have some respect. If this is the same Iran from Jelly, then this behaviour really doesn't surprise me in the slightest.
  8. I understand the appeal to some players but please, don't end up like Kamuix, soon everyone will be buying obelisks.
  9. It's like a default place British families go on holiday lol. I think went like 4-5 times as a kid, it's pretty cheap too (well, was). It's ale really popular for stag and hen-do's... you know those middle aged women who carry around inflatable penises? yeah they're from UK D:
  10. I think theres more British people than Spanish there :>
  11. Funny you posted this, I came across a stank and 5 nod/gdi soldier figurines in a pack a few days ago, crazy to think how much people will pay for them.
  12. Show and tell thread everybody post your work pics!
  13. Cant say this thread is surprising tbh
  14. Here's to my fellow demo players.. we're all old o.0