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  1. Mikey

    Ingame polls

    Tbh there will always be people who don't vote at all no matter what, some players probably don't even pay attention to the ingame messages or some who probably don't even understand English (the likes of MOP030B even though he belongs to the abyss now), Yes these players are not hugely great in number but still contributes to the overall pollcount of an automatic No vote. Whilst I agree games *can* be ruined with the auto no vote, you have to remember not everyone is visiting the forums and viewing this topic or similar ones. I think the way Shai has it now, 1 Aow/5 Mara is suitable and seems to keep majority of people happy as the server is still filling up in the evenings and weekends. Personally I wouldn't be opposed to removing the auto no vote but let's not forgot the others.
  2. Mikey

    Gaming Christmas trees.

    The second one is an anti-cat christmas tree ;)