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  2. It'll save me from having to buy a new pc if it happens again though lol. Thanks everyone
  3. Thanks so much tiny!
  4. Happy Birthday Shai!!!!!!!! (:
  5. Thanks Liz (:
  6. Direct links would be much appreciated
  7. I just got a new pc, I have no idea what the problem was.
  8. Don't need my isp turning my internet off for pirating. Thanks though.
  9. And Mods you can go ahead and close this problems solved. All I need now is a renegade download..
  10. I don't have my discs anymore so if someone could help me out with a download i'd appreciate it a lot! Thanks in advance guys
  11. Hop off my cock I don't even know who you are lol but you clearly know me.. I don't see why you take jabs at me every chance you happen to see me in a game or posting on the site. Do you have a problem?
  12. It came out of nowhere! I didn't install anything or any changes. I've tried all these solutions. Now I use my solution ~ Sledgehammer to CPU over and over again. Cya on Christmas
  13. I've literally never had this happen! Anyone know what's going on??? It will work at the server list, but as soon as i'm in a game keyboard won't work, mouse won't work....
  14. I use wireless usb stick and my pings usually good, but I ALWAYS get random warps.. I don't know the solution so i've just gotten used to it lol
  15. Good luck on reviving the league, you might need to learn how to let go and move on though.