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  1. He's well kept for a 'hippie' Joe. Also, welcome to Australia, where it's bloody hot.
  2. [02:37:13] <&Feda> RenCorner is holding a Christmas event tomorrow, 27th of December. OSTK/RC mods vs public, 6 PM GMT. Please sign up on forums if you are interested! If you come up with a list of maps that you can all agree on, then fine by me. But I won't be around at that time to set it up etc as I already have prior commitments, perhaps shaitan or Volcom could assist?
  3. Connection #1 Connection #2
  4. Thanks WizzyDragon! For supporting Rencorner!
  5. Thanks so much for your donation PhoenixSouls! It really means a lot to Volcom and the community of RenCorner!
  6. You may enjoy this if you haven't already seen/heard of it.. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/ ~ent
  7. Congrats Guys
  8. Most higher-end machines (Servers, Workstations, Mac Pro) are spec'd with Xeons.. They are designed to handle more CPU calculations simultaneously (good for heavy CPU use i.e Video Transcoding, rendering etc), and to run 24/7. Probably a little OTT for a gaming comp, but very nice, none the less.
  9. Hey Everyone, Just a quick announcement to let everyone know of some changes to the Renegade Moderator Team. Promoted to Full Moderator: [CMPS.]Knight Promoted to Half Moderator: MadsMax26 Moved to Vet Moderator List: StJohnGumby Please join me in congratulating these guys, as they have done an exceptional job and this is well deserved. ~ent
  10. I concur, but sadly no.
  11. In the page footer, to the right of "Help" and to the left of "Community Forum Software by IP.Board" using themes RCViril, and MineCraft there is a button that takes you to the top.
  12. My 2 Cents... I've played Hourglass as GDI mostly since its been in the rotation and GDI wins more often than not... Also, Your arguement about fun being over because of hillcamping, is identical to NOD or GDI taking out Refinery on Field. Both teams can do it, both teams can stop it. All comes down to teamwork. Or, Harvy Walking. Again. Both teams can do it, both teams can stop it. Your point about hillcamping being unfair or bias to one team, is invalid.