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  1. I'm good at the last part ;)
  2. @BeerBaron broken hardware is not the fault of the company where we rent the server. They will replace the hardware for free, but downtime is not covered in the agreed SLA contract.
  3. There is an auto backup tool installed that remotly stores the files. Not sure if its used. :(
  4. Thank you :D
  5. So thats a 42/45 this means it will be removed?
  6. thank you <3
  7. first of all what is pixelmon? secondly is it illegal software?
  8. You get any errors ? (Pic's or it didn't happen :D)
  9. Hé goodjob :D
  10. Good your doing well gumby :) Hope you'r able to game soon
  11. Thank you :D
  12. thank you Icey :D
  13. Make a topic with all the do and don't. We love people from google finding us :D You never know, perhaps they start playing any of our games :P
  14. Not available yet in The Netherlands :)
  15. thank you WW :D