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  1. Just something I was looking at doing... The bot is hard coded not to take any orders from DarkZ or Feda though, until they lose some weight and stop being fat.
  2. It's a nasty little program that I defanged and placed the equivalent of those little candy sugar teeth for children in its place. :-P
  3. So, this is totally 100% my own work. :-P Basically, this hack will only work with TT 4.1RC3. It will automatically take a screenshot for you whenever you have your enemy in your sights. It will place the screenshot into C:Temp. It's pretty much only a joke replease tbh, I don't have much of a clue about C#, and it shows in this program (only works in Window mode because I am too lazy/stupid to work out how to get the active window handle in C#, so I just take the desktop image). It makes for a cool highlight reel of a map, where you are owning your enemy. Could be useful for a youtube video or something. It's also handy to show people when they say they was behind a wall or call you out on lag shots. You can show them exactly how the shot was taken from your perspective without having to run some laggy video program the entire game. It's just a joke tbh, but some people might laugh at the irony or something shitty being turned into something that might have a small positive instead even shittier, lol. Renegade Auto ScreenShot Taker.zip
  4. Someone told me it was like C++, but other than it being OOP the was wrong. It's like VB meets C# meets Objective-C with overtones of C++. I'm not sure I like it at all to be honest from a mutator point of view. However, I'm sure that soon the logging will be hitting beta, and maybe some input commands, too. :-)
  5. Honestly, UDK is unfamiliar to me. However, I have a POC that allows you to send and receive data (str data) over TCP. So you could technically have he mutator perform actions when it receives data...
  6. Thank you for the link, that might be useful.
  7. RnD

    Where is he? What happened to him? I miss that Seth Rogan sounding dude! :-(
  8. So, I was asked today whether I wouldn't mind pausing development on my own game so that I could look into adding functionality to RenegadeX, which would enable a bot to be created (a bot which would be developed by Strike, and enabled by this increased functionalty). Essentially, in-game data is required to be made available for the bot to record. The map, players, kills, deaths and increase functionality from there as it develops. I've never really touched UDK, and it is a bespoke programming language. Hopefully I should have a proof of concept up and running soon enough...
  9. Lost 12 lbs so far! :-D Anyone broke their resolution, yet?
  10. I would like to use this thread as inspiration for unique or great ideas to implement into my own game. I am quite keen to keep the game genre FPS, but that doesn't mean we can't think outside the box. I'll start... Map/Level/World is inside a confined space. A cube or oblong. The Cube then rotates, possibly at different speeds and different angles, or maybe a static angle and constant speed. The impact of this means that characters and objects react to the physical change to the enviroment... The maps would have to be extremely well thought out to be enjoyable, but it would certainly add some depth tot he gameplay.
  11. Absolutely terrible. Worst job ever. They look like plastic, don't have enough bloom and you suck.
  12. Bitches be lovin' the accordion bro, it's the ultimate de-virginiser.
  13. Mine is to lose weight for my holiday. I'm such a fat fucker these days.
  14. I asked Strike to pop by. DroneZ was after the old MissionDM files, he'll need FTP to upload them. As it happens, Strike has continued developing after MP-Gaming (the real one), and has been doing some other interesting things, too. He might just find RenCorner quite a nice a place to hang-around.