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  1. TimWerf

    Need help or info

    Maybe try this? https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6239-DZCB-8600#xboxapp I disabled this a while ago to reduce lag in games, but I've never experienced that issue before.
  2. TimWerf

    1.9.2 update

    This update doesn't seem too important. Are you planning on updating the server to this, or is it already compatible?
  3. TimWerf

    Survival Spawn, the Poll

    Members don't have permission for /plot visit https://gyazo.com/ed80d54567611901eb6396ea53ad3e19
  4. TimWerf

    MInecraft 1.9 Status

    Looks amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work on this!
  5. TimWerf

    New donation from woolwind

    Thanks wool!!!
  6. TimWerf

    Microsoft takes over MC....

    No. First of all, Notch stopped working on minecraft when Jeb took over as lead, (I think around the adventure update, not sure.) Second, they are not uneducated, video games are bound to have bugs and glitches, no video game is perfect. Third, basically the same people that were working on mc before the deal are still working on it.
  7. TimWerf

    Microsoft takes over MC....

    Microsoft isn't making the new updates/snapshots. It's Dinnerbone and people from mojang. You can check his Twitter or even Mojang.com. They are still working on new additions and 1.9. I'm sure these security updates are necessary for the future. To me, Minecraft has been doing well as far as servers and communities after the whole EULA and Microsoft deal.
  8. TimWerf

    Accused of stealing

    Is there any actual proof that he stole anything? All I'm seeing is that fury "removed" bonfire from his PS, it could have been an accident. Joe, when he said he replaced the stone, I think he meant he replaced a lower level PS with a higher one (diamond ore). Also, I noticed that in the picture, his mini-map tracks mobs. As far as I know that is illegal. It clearly states here: http://rencorner.com/index.php/topic/4795-mc-server-rules/ that you may use a mini-map, as long as it doesn't track entities (players, mobs).
  9. TimWerf

    Creative Server Suggestions

    Yeah, there is that. I'm asking for perms for Trusted and Member though
  10. TimWerf

    Creative Server Suggestions

    I have a couple of suggestions that I believe will make the server better and more enjoyable. - Trusted rank gets 2 plots instead of 1 - Add '/spawn' if possible. At the moment, the only way to get to spawn is to do '/server hub' then '/server creative', or just fly there, which is a pain - Add perms for '/plotme home <player>' (TPs you to the specified player's plot), and/or '/plotme tp #;#' (TPs you to the plot number specified). Overall, I think this would make the server much easier to travel around, and more fun. -Tim
  11. TimWerf

    Towny Guide

    Whenever I try any of the Towny commands it says "You don't have enough permissions for that command."
  12. TimWerf

    Minecraft Server Suggestion

    I've noticed a bit of an annoyance in the Factions server. The only way to get to spawn if you're far out in the world is to do '/server hub' then '/server factions'! So I suggest that a '/spawn' is added into all of the servers if it is possible. If this is not possible or there is an easier way to get to spawn please tell me. Thank you. P.S. I know this isn't a top priority as there are many other server issues, so take your time. -TimWerf
  13. I am here to introduce myself and apply for "Trusted" status on the Minecraft server. Many of you may previously know me as "xtvwerf" on the forums, or "zacd67" in game. I have decided to start fresh for reasons which I would not like to discuss. My name is now TimWerf on here and in game (Minecraft). My name is Tim, I am 16 years old. I've played Minecraft since January 2012 and still love it. I am currently in highschool, and am planning on becoming some sort of a designer. Whether it be for video games, accessories, graphic design, pretty much anything. I love to create things and Minecraft makes that much more fun and pretty easy. I am very excited to play on the new Rencorner Hub server as I know many of you have put so much time and effort into it which I am very thankful for. I hope this server gets really big and hopefully I get to know a lot more of you. Thank you for reading and see you in-game. ~TimWerf