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  1. shaitan

    Position requested

    Since I asked you, and you said yes, I'm adding you now. Welcome to the mod team! Temp mod generally lasts a week or two if nothing goes bananas. Sending you a message with our mod rules, download the IRC client and join us at irc.rencorner.com. Check your messenger here.
  2. shaitan

    Paypal info

    it got sorted, and Limestone let us slide til the 5th then.
  3. shaitan

    Paypal info

    Changing the paypal email to shaitan1977@hotmail.com, so you'll notice it's changed on the forum. Send to that if you paypal differently than from the forum here, not the other one for the time being(will update if things change). Also, we may get shut off this month, I asked for extensions, but I think Limestone said last month the furthest date they could give us was the 31st.
  4. shaitan

    Website Revamp - Post any issues here

    Did you set the search function to 900?
  5. shaitan

    New donation from shaitan

    Had to do another $25, our forum license was due in 4 days. So, there's that. Also, that Limestone issue is beyond fucked, it refunded the paypal money, and idk what the hell is going on the the two invoices.
  6. shaitan

    Rencorner Trolling

    Ladies and gentlemen, please keep the trolling to a minimum on the forum/shoutbox from now on. You've made it so others do not want to post anymore. I'm not going to make a bunch of rule re-writes as I planned after the zunnie tributes(may in the future). Keep it civil, do not keep attacking each other, or trying to start crap with others. Keep the politics in the 14+ forum section(if you need access post here). P.S. As of now I'm giving the Mods/Admins the greenlight to do whatever they need to do to keep it semi-clean here.
  7. shaitan

    New donation from shaitan

    We're good for this month ladies and gentlemen, thank you for keeping the lights on as usual! We have $5.68 in the paypal, and Limestone has a credit of 30.66+14.60(when they sort it out).Idk about that credit though, it already fucked things up so I didn't trust to use any of it towards the bills.
  8. shaitan

    Renegade - This app can't run on your pc

    I cannot remember which one of those two are the install disk. I would try [2] if that first did not work. There are two more in there to try, the one you probably did was rENeGAdE_iNSTaLLdISC_eNglisH_bACKUP.ISO The other one is: CnC_Renegade_GameDisc.iso As for the question of copy/pasting: some people can. I used to be able to get by with it, but the last one I did I had to install(and I'd even copied my registry over, sometimes it would work).
  9. shaitan

    Played here after 12 years...

    I don't remember what nick he went by back then, he was using @Animoski for this version. Started back up around July 2012, we ran into some issues and I'll leave it at that.
  10. shaitan

    Rencorner Trolling

    I've not seen anything like that in a long time, Idk what you're worried about. This is forum stuff, plain and simple.
  11. shaitan

    Rencorner Trolling

    You seem to be mistaking the games for the forums. If cj said he'd cut the crap here after it not being worth it in the end, I think you can too. You guys are the reason for this, you turned our crappily run forum(older was better) into Renegadeforums.com. "Friends of the mods like woj" Please explain that one.
  12. shaitan

    Rencorner Trolling

    Mussolini? You're not good at it headshoot, the point of trolling is to get a rise out of that person. If I were you, I'd just stop the balogney. "Greenlight" is the only talk I've had with anyone about this. Whatever happens, happens bro. I'm not going to stop anyone who moderates you guys anymore. You don't get my anger or 'rules', you just get my apathy by walking away.
  13. I liked your #16 the most Eric. That was honestly refreshing, morals/rules are fine...until they start costing lives and pain. At that point it's best to do case-by-case or fix the system.
  14. shaitan

    OmegaAOW Renegade Event

    I'll be around tomorrow night after 5pm Eastern if any of you need help with your Renegade/IRC. All of the other servers we run will be shut down as well Friday night before I go to bed. Show some support for zunnie; who literally made some of those TT scripts(and taught some of the other guys who made their TT scripts) that your Renegade game runs. If you ever downloaded a Ren ISO from somewhere: who do you think did that years ago? Hop to it you guys
  15. shaitan

    Server Rules

    Server rules No cheating or hacking of any kind, if caught abusing a cheat you will be banned. No glitching of any kind: such as obelisk walking, timed c4 puking, firing through the Weapons Factory bay window, and using !stuck/!unstuck command to go off map. No Base to Base attacks, shooting enemy base from your base. (B2B) You must be across the second river outside of your base on Islands. B2B on Complex is allowed. One man wall hops are not permitted, you cannot hop a wall by yourself. Wall hopping with vehicles is not allowed. No Flaming Vehicles or Flaming Characters. Remoting your vehicle so an sbh does not steal it is acceptable. No team hampering. This includes, but is not limited to: team vehicle stealing, blocking team vehicles, blocking team repairers and overmining. Please do not constantly whine or moan about things. Everyone gets annoyed with it over time. Please keep trolling to a minimum. Racism is not permitted. This includes slurs against a race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, group, or individual. It also includes slang used in today's vernacular. No advertising of other servers, it's considered rude at best. Do not stack teams by abusing the !tc command, or otherwise. This includes leaving the game to unbalance teams, allowing another player to join or swap teams. We allow fake beacons, but not constant spamming(4-5 really fast is considered spam). We allow tunnel nukes, as long as they do not hit a building. We do not allow Ledge beacons nor beacons on top of buildings on non-flying maps, except Canyon's barracks and WF(where you can jump onto back of wf) Do not abuse the poll/rec/noob/vote system. This includes starting polls to kick players, repeating polls that do not pass(or halted by a moderator), joining and leaving under different nickames to add another vote, or using the rec/noob system to verbally abuse players. Blocking the harvester is allowed, as long as you can get your team's consensus to block it. Attacking buildings from the hill on Hourglass IS allowed. Glitching the Obi where it constantly fires at you, is not allowed. Hourglass is now NO HILLCAMPING! Shooting the enemy base is NOT allowed, you may only shoot tanks up there! Follow any direction given to you by an identified moderator. InvisiHugging glitch is no longer allowed here. This means you have to come out of the corner clearly when you shoot. No vehicles inside buildings. Do not Death evade. Credit farming is not allowed(exception is Human Silo + your Ref being dead:!postmsg 31). This means shooting yourself with a rocket or a tiberium auto rifle that will cause you to lose health so your teammate can repair you. If you get the Human Silo crate -AND- your Refinery is dead: you CAN have a teammate repair you in the tiberium field(Ref has to be dead)! No more of the jumping out of your vehicle and firing trick. This means pressing E at the same time as firing for a double shot(tank + character weapon). * Rules can and/or will be amended at anytime if a particular incident calls for it.
  16. As you may have seen with @WNxH3adSh00t's shoutbox post and link, an old C&C: Renegade player, friend, developer, and maker of crazy shit has passed away. Even if you do not know of him and you play Renegade: you've played using his work. There will be something going on, maybe a server tribute. Idk what or when, but I'll be damned if our old friend z goes quietly into that night. Over at MPF there's a topic about it, they set it up so guests can post if you want: https://multiplayerforums.com/topic/7663-rip-zunnie On the Renegade Forums @Spencer/reborn made a topic: http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&th=41205&start=0& The facebook group that old FMSharon posted: https://www.facebook.com/groups/375819782434877/?multi_permalinks=2164219046928266&notif_id=1531469069218316&notif_t=group_activity
  17. You should be able to get in with the 8095v atm, but you are going to have to get it updated soon(next Saturday we shall call it), as that will go back to the latest. Try what was said up there, if even the worse comes to worse and more worse, I'll send you a copy of my folder(minus the 8gb of maps) to paste in.
  18. Nickname, do you have a UAC Launcher.exe inside your renegade folder? If you do, run that. If worse comes to worse, here's a copy of my .dll's(all but the two maps go inside \renegade\) and the two maps(for Data) that were modified on that same date:
  19. You may have to try it again, your version is 8095, you need version 8098 to get in. http://www.tiberiantechnologies.org/files/scripts-4.6.exe
  20. shaitan

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    I'm going to pretend your third question doesn't exist, I am also going to pretend to not be raising one eyebrow over it.
  21. shaitan

    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    It'll be awkward if you get banned for cheating. P.S. I want those hidden cmds.
  22. I would like to point something out in regards to this line, cj; That is not true. If you take your tank slightly to the left of the middle rock, you can fire on the obelisk without triggering it's defense. I would own that hill with just 1-2 techs in a mammy, it always would force nod to side-rush(or flamers over the hill, stanks/arts can't when everything is working right). When we did allow it, I showed people how it was done...but not many would use it and GDI would lose(which was why I always picked GDI if I could).
  23. shaitan

    Web IRC Plugin

    Not an issue with security, an issue where there was not an updated one with this forum version, like Downloads(speaking of that one, I seen they got one now).
  24. shaitan


    I think you nailed it on the head, at why I turned it off.
  25. shaitan

    Wait, how do you connect to servers?

    https://imgur.com/a/l8sYHm9 Top left of each pic is the number(album starts at the bottom goes up).