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  1. Adding a new rule for now: No more of the jumping out of your vehicle and firing trick, it is way too op. Moderators: !freeze is your friend, and may stop some of the complaints we may get.
  2. Don't bring that shit up anymore, OSTK clan fell apart over all of that.
  3. !psound <SoundFile|SoundFile to Search> has been updated with every server sound added to rencorner and can be updated with !psound fix to find exact matches if we have many matches. !psound can now be used ingame and IRC Example !psound jks There are 2 sounds with "jks" in the name, listing them now! "jks_giggle.mp3" : time: 1 "jks_laughs.mp3" : time: 1 !psound_jks_gig Global Sound --> (BigWrench@IRC): "jks_giggle.mp3" Command !togglesounds !togglesounds <chatsounds> Wil trigger !disablesounds ingame chat command and hide the input. !togglesounds <sounds> Wil trigger Console command disablesounds2 to stop SNDA sounds and will disable player join and leave sounds. !togglesounds <killsounds> Will disable killing spree sounds, headshot, pistol kill sounds, added building kill sounds !togglesounds <music> - allows music to auto turn when a player joins the server Will trigger the jukebox commands !music on and !music off !togglesounds sounds <- the one u want
  4. Since you were a mod with us in Atomix, then you know he was doing his job, Tomo. This is the original topic if you want to look at it: E+Tank fire It isn't that popular of a rule, I know that, but some of you just abused the crap out of it. [09-17][04:38:40] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: tomo [09-17][04:38:43] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: read [09-17][04:38:44] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: the [09-17][04:38:45] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: rules [09-17][04:38:50] <&RCAOW> [HIDECOMMAND] [Dragon]apple5168: !rules [09-17][04:38:50] <&RCAOW> Host: Rules: No cheating, glitching, B2B, 1 man wall hops, tunnel or ledge beacons, flaming vechs, team hampering. Fake beacons are allowed, just not excessively. No more of the jumping out of your vehicle and firing trick. [09-17][04:38:51] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: i don't give a fuck [09-17][04:38:52] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: ban me [09-17][04:38:55] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: lol [09-17][04:39:08] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: you are sayin that i'm not allowed to use pic+ [09-17][04:39:11] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: pic+veh [09-17][04:39:12] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: fuck me [09-17][04:39:15] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: let ren die then [09-17][04:39:57] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: +this is not a trick lol [09-17][04:40:31] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: its funny how they hide all rules in forums [09-17][04:40:37] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: its not hard to add em to !rules [09-17][04:40:40] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: fkin renegods wanna be [09-17][04:40:41] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: just like 5 min job [09-17][04:40:47] <&RCAOW> [HIDECOMMAND] [Dragon]apple5168: !rules [09-17][04:40:47] <&RCAOW> Host: Rules: No cheating, glitching, B2B, 1 man wall hops, tunnel or ledge beacons, flaming vechs, team hampering. Fake beacons are allowed, just not excessively. No more of the jumping out of your vehicle and firing trick. [09-17][04:40:55] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: see the last thing [09-17][04:40:56] <&RCAOW> OSTKGeeti: whats he doing [09-17][04:41:07] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: i'm just usin pic+veh lol [09-17][04:41:08] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: wtf [09-17][04:42:45] <%[Dragon]apple5168> !kick tomo pic+veh and ignore the warnings [09-17][04:42:46] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] {Os}Tomo has been kicked and given a 24hr ban from the server by [Dragon]apple5168@IRC for pic+veh and ignore the warnings Don't jump the gun Apple(it was only a couple of minutes that went by), remember you have other tools. He can argue until he turns blue(which he might very well turn blue like a smurf), as long as he stops doing it. Idk if he did or didn't based off of the logs.
  5. If you can't get it by the time I get off of work later, I'll upload my folder so you can download that. Mind you that will be like 2gb or so. Else you can ask one of these guys who might be here during the day. *edit* here is a copy of mine: ttfs
  6. Sean you cheap ass brit. What intertubes are you using, morse code? I wouldn't suggest that rackz, they'd delete mpf files too. Or...Is that a good thing? :o They'd pretty much want to delete the folder first an re-dl.
  7. @Szymek7777 I told ya to message @BigWrench about it. 24 hours isn't that long of a time when people have lives.
  8. Enjoy those 1,412 sound files bitches! @BigWrench will have to answer it, but it looks like he took the sounds from the .mix's & sounds.dat and threw them in the ttfs. As you know he's been revamping things lately, just bear with it. If worse comes to worse, I guess it can be set to download on a few maps only(but I'm not sure if it will cause mismatching that way).
  9. I can't shoutbox on my tablet or cell, so here's your answer rackz: Scroll down, they keep archives.
  10. I was just watching the news, freshly awake, with no coffee. "Bunch of fucking retards" Regarding the reporters out in that shit for ratings(just showing ghost towns walking down streets pointing out the bent signs).
  11. Who needs arrows when you have gold / big beacons hax.
  12. The crow never dies you silly mortal.
  13. Did anyone look into this? I assume it's Terraria.
  14. If people can't do a tank battle versus another tank without resorting to that, then they suck anyway and need "skills". It's easy to spot dubstar...even if it wasn't the bot picks up the last shot. It'll show the pic/rail killing the vehicle as the tank fires first, then they fire.
  15. I hope he does get them working. He's been around lately redoing brenbot stuff.
  16. What would you guys think of a screw-around-day? @BigWrench was showing me something lastnight and I think it'd be kind of fun to do on certain maps. 1. Helies on non-fly maps. 2. No rules day(except actual cheating) 3. Clowns&Pimps Ideas needed. o.O
  17. I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not rackz. Blacky's said a few months ago that he was remaking a couple of maps into rxd maps.
  18. This was fun for a few hours, no real rules, the orcas on non-flying maps, all the nutso commands you guys had. ;p
  19. This day, Sunday, is no-rule day(except no cheating, no racism). You guys picked some fruity ass shit, I wasn't about to ask Dragon or Blacky to code all that. Will be another fruity day coming up.
  20. I'll see if turning it off/reloading server disables it. You guys are moderating it now manually.
  21. How well does that work out? *looks at Vanilla Days* Only reason vanilla works: is because we tout it and chat with people so they don't rage about weapons and shit.
  22. Might be doable(that reload is pretty slow in a medium), but it's still like they're godmode + Pimp repair.
  23. @Whitedragon I was just testing this out after a video war0n sent: your vehicle takes longer to reload when doing this, but the character can still jump out/jump in/reload while in the tank.
  24. Server rules No cheating or hacking of any kind, if caught abusing a cheat you will be banned. No glitching of any kind: such as obelisk walking, timed c4 puking, and firing through the Weapons Factory bay window. No Base to Base attacks, shooting enemy base from your base. (B2B) You must be across the second river outside of your base on Islands. B2B on Complex is allowed. One man wall hops are not permitted, you cannot hop a wall by yourself. Wall hopping with vehicles is not allowed. No Flaming Vehicles or Flaming Characters. Remoting your vehicle so an sbh does not steal it is acceptable. No team hampering. This includes, but is not limited to: team vehicle stealing, blocking team vehicles, blocking team repairers and overmining. Please do not constantly whine or moan about things. Everyone gets annoyed with it over time. Please keep trolling to a minimum. Racism is not permitted. This includes slurs against a race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, group, or individual. It also includes slang used in today's vernacular. No advertising of other servers, it's considered rude at best. Do not stack teams by abusing the !tc command, or otherwise. This includes leaving the game to unbalance teams, allowing another player to join or swap teams. We allow fake beacons, but not constant spamming(4-5 really fast is considered spam). We allow tunnel nukes, as long as they do not hit a building. We do not allow Ledge beacons nor beacons on top of buildings on non-flying maps, except Canyon's barracks and WF(where you can jump onto back of wf) Do not abuse the poll/rec/noob/vote system. This includes starting polls to kick players, repeating polls that do not pass(or halted by a moderator), joining and leaving under different nickames to add another vote, or using the rec/noob system to verbally abuse players. Blocking the harvester is allowed, as long as you can get your team's consensus to block it. Attacking buildings from the hill on Hourglass IS allowed. Glitching the Obi where it constantly fires at you, is not allowed. Hourglass is now NO HILLCAMPING! Shooting the enemy base is NOT allowed, you may only shoot tanks up there! Follow any direction given to you by an identified moderator. InvisiHugging glitch is no longer allowed here. This means you have to come out of the corner clearly when you shoot. No vehicles inside buildings. Do not Death evade. Credit farming is not allowed. This means shooting yourself with a rocket or a tiberium auto rife that will cause you to lose health so your teammate can repair you to receive credits. This also includes remoting your teammate's tank and constantly repairing it. No more of the jumping out of your vehicle and firing trick, it is way too op. * Rules can and/or will be amended at anytime if a particular incident calls for it.
  25. I knew how to do it ages ago, yet do you ever see me use it? You can say it's all me whining, all you want destroyer. I go in and watch games when I play, and this is a reoccurring theme with some of you. On a side note: this should also rectify the pimp repair trick we couldn't stop.