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  1. shaitan

    Website issue

    If things go down use the http://ostk-clan.org/forums/ site(discord/irc/ts/steam group too) to keep in touch. I was not given a timeframe, so atm we're on borrowed time. 2 months ago when we had issues with paypal then the limestone host's site was bugged; they dropped support of OnApp and never said what it was. Well, it turns out it's the whole server we use for this and other things like cpanel/whm/our .com's. I've been window shopping tonight and see OVH is offering a decent one(plus another site). If you guys know of any good deals or are good at this sort've thing: now is the time.
  2. shaitan

    Unban Request

    Beerbaron, nuff said.
  3. shaitan

    Unban Request

    Kind of doesn't matter, really. All up to Manny on this one. We allow some of the 'faggot' stuff, but that last one pretty much screwed you for awhile. Couple that with the buttload of team hampering you've been doing these last months, oiy.
  4. shaitan

    S.O.S we need admins...

    And we now have two brand spanking new administrators to fill that role. :D Masscarriers fits that role pretty damn good for Renegade. Him and Manuel can fight it out Mortal Kombat style as admins. xD We really don't have to change much, because he's been trusted for awhile now with access to things. P.S. Manny: help his ass out learning some things we do(I will too). The next admin I mentioned is someone you may have seen on here: Skilz. He'll be our Terraria admin. This guy has tried his best to pick up the slack. He's also a pain in my assssss....he thinks it's a "promotion", when it's really more bs lol. I'll get you guys sorted with access to things once I can. So, congrats guys, you're now apart of the elite-getting-crapped-on team. P.S. The w3d drama you've probably heard about regarding Renegade is sort of being worked out. If you want into the forum pm on here just let me know.
  5. shaitan

    File upload section for anticheat

    I generally keep the polls here: The Smoke.txt is the one for that poll. If you look in it, when I worded it badly and people were confused, I changed the thing to !yes/!no to make more sense. Still need to get some of those guys to re-answer. @Vancer2 If you put pics up of that stuff, and if it works without breaking other skins, I'll try it...and try some of the others in this topic. No guarantees on any of them even working.
  6. shaitan

    need help with script

    You mock, but I've tried to get people to stick with known nicks("stick with it or I'll make a script force you"). Otherwise you all scream to the heavens about new hackers. o.O If you're on when I get home tonight, page me Furi. Or, see if Manuel/Mass can send you a copy of RCBOT's IPban.mrc script.
  7. shaitan

    File upload section for anticheat

    Autoplays in the game, or ingame type !postmsg 33
  8. shaitan

    Field game yesterday

    Looks like a spambot took over your account. Also, can't watch the video, and don't feel like downloading 746.41mb.
  9. shaitan

    File upload section for anticheat

    Yes we do Vancer. I have 20 files here, and I want you to upload them to your computer without some form of proof of what they are/do. Do you get my point?
  10. shaitan

    File upload section for anticheat

    Re-worded the poll, so re-vote. !yes/!no on allowing that no-smoke skin. If people did not read the ending, then they were confused at the wording.
  11. shaitan

    game download

    The main problem is how Origin is, it would not run TT/Renegade1.037 update/mixcheck without throwing errors about 'pathways/installations'. His registry entries were different than normal, but they were there. Anyway, we got one of that ISOs to work and changed it to the default folders. He could get in game fine with direct connect at this point, but Renlist wouldn't work right. So, downloaded a new Renlist copy, added firewall entries(this was one of the reasons). Whenever Olaf approves his xwis email we go to the next steps...and I'll set him up a mIRC with direct connect scripts for another way in if he ever needs it(or maybe dronez4's script he made).
  12. shaitan

    game download

    His PC hates him, we got it half-assed working...for now. There's more to do, but he has to wait for Xwis guys to approve his email so I can finish with the serial aspect.
  13. shaitan

    game download

    Did you download the link I pasted? Actually, read the pm I am about to send on here.
  14. shaitan

    game download

    If he's using Origin and TT isn't installing properly, then that means he's not getting the Renegade 1.037 update that normally comes in TT. That sounds like what he's getting with the Renlist issue. Install this and see if you can get to the server lists(or regular lists) on Renlist after: http://box.rencorner.com/ren-game/ren-game2/Renegade_1037_English.exe I would go on irc or refresh the renlist periodically until a regular map comes on: Field/Under/Complex/Walls/Walls_Flying/City/City_Flying/Islands/Hourglass/Glacier_Flying/Mesa/etc. Or even ask a mod to setnextmap to it...that way you'll get in since you don't have TT sorted yet.
  15. shaitan

    game download

    Check the renegade folder, there should be a wwconfig.exe, run it and you can change resolutions.