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  1. @n00b31 PM me a copy of those nuke/ion files would you? Or are they the ones racks linked?
  2. We'll see on headsh00t wont we? I'm curious really, yesterday the euro snipers got better and it was noticable. I wanna see what happens to him and his lag sniping ways. xD That statement is not true mdogg, anytime someone complains to me ingame, I PM sh00t to quit it.
  3. Split your post from the banned/cheaters forum to here, Iran. On this topic I've made a few changes to Mara based off what ExEric and I were checking in his server. SFPS is lowered to 60, net_update_rate is upped to 60. There were some changes done in scripts 4.5 and this seems to be a decent middle road between Euros and USA kbps & stutter-wise. The higher SFPS we had was making it worse. He jumped & lagged way less with that setting, it was changed yesterday in Mara.
  4. The shells thing is geared towards the Jelly people, Gozy. Some of them just like doing it from what I've seen. Up until they all started joining here there were never any masses. It was at least six months since the lasttime that was enabled(maybe longer).
  5. You and uoofztar weren't even there Wednesday, how can either of you objectively say if it was bad or good? Logic...ha there's not much logic if I'm throwing shit at the wall to see what sticks(logic comes after to see what may work). Did the same with Volcano_Flying if you recall, and people seemed to like it(out of the 12 other maps added that day(well they also like HerosCircuit/Skatepark sometimes but those aren't in rotation)). Do note that this is done on dead days rarely. I'm not going to sit back and watch as Renegade in Rencorner slowly dies without trying different things. We lost Wednesdays before, and a few months ago Sundays we started losing people. It wasn't any changes that did it either, modifications were the same here, and the players stayed the same. *edit* May have forgotten about Niagara deadeyes, will change that tonight.
  6. It was set that way for 11 hours and the lasttime was months ago. It isn't the end of the world you guys. You can handle it, just like you can handle this Sunday's "mostly vanilla" day. When was the lasttime for that, anyone remember? Who said anything about removing snipers totally? That isn't going to happen. Period. It gives you guys something to do, I'm not stupid. If you ever noticed I always do this on my days off so I can watch how things go and help the side I think will lose. Two maps that stood out where it was awesome to play were Glacier_Flying and Niagra. I'm keeping it that way on Niagra, it adds a whole other dynamic to the map. If I can get blacky or wd to change recon/TowHumvee prices, that'd be great. Or if someone could send me a leveledit that'll work on my win7(all the old ones/new 4.0-4.5 just crash on startup without an error dump), I could try an figure out objects editing for prices of them.
  7. The one Field I did with them was a very close match, they wrecked WF easy, but took them awhile to finish it.
  8. Go read the gamemode.txt link(forum search or the spoiler here) and see who won what maps. You're smoking crack if you think Nod won every map or that raves/pics didn't take out helies.
  9. Blame the team on that, gdi just gave up with repairing on the first arty wave. They only had to get through that and then it's an even game.
  10. about that no-sniper day Wednesday, wasn't that fun? Tank battles all day, it was glorious. :D Had some get mad at me over it, but the server had 0 people for quite awhile prior. As you noticed vehicle shells are on, limit is 15. Get out there and do some masses! I expect to see at least one orca/apache mass, Gozy. xD This Sunday, Nov 19th, I'll set it to the "mostly vanilla" settings we have used in the past(limited ammo too if possible). Would that be acceptable?
  11. Not really, was Joe and I getting it to work.
  12. I hate douchebag fuckers who force you to upgrade a superior product for some cool looking piece of shit that has less functionality. :/
  13. Today: 12:16:20 [WARNING] Exception encountered when loading plugin: RCSessionSkip java.lang.NullPointerException at com.rencorner.rcsessionskip.RCSessionSkip.onEnable( at net.md_5.bungee.api.plugin.PluginManager.enablePlugins( at net.md_5.bungee.BungeeCord.start( at net.md_5.bungee.BungeeCordLauncher.main( at net.md_5.bungee.Bootstrap.main(
  14. Joe, check the server logs of hub, pve, and/or bungee, see if the session skip plugin is loading correctly. Wnx pasted me the screenshots he did, and it should've worked...if the plugin isn't broken.
  15. Follow the tutorial I sent you yesterday(with pictures). Anyone can edit their own ip field(and I just did my own test nick).