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  1. shaitan

    Position requested

    Since I asked you, and you said yes, I'm adding you now. Welcome to the mod team! Temp mod generally lasts a week or two if nothing goes bananas. Sending you a message with our mod rules, download the IRC client and join us at irc.rencorner.com. Check your messenger here.
  2. shaitan

    Paypal info

    it got sorted, and Limestone let us slide til the 5th then.
  3. shaitan

    Website Revamp - Post any issues here

    Did you set the search function to 900?
  4. shaitan

    New donation from shaitan

    Had to do another $25, our forum license was due in 4 days. So, there's that. Also, that Limestone issue is beyond fucked, it refunded the paypal money, and idk what the hell is going on the the two invoices.
  5. shaitan

    New donation from shaitan

    We're good for this month ladies and gentlemen, thank you for keeping the lights on as usual! We have $5.68 in the paypal, and Limestone has a credit of 30.66+14.60(when they sort it out).Idk about that credit though, it already fucked things up so I didn't trust to use any of it towards the bills.
  6. shaitan

    Renegade - This app can't run on your pc

    I cannot remember which one of those two are the install disk. I would try [2] if that first did not work. There are two more in there to try, the one you probably did was rENeGAdE_iNSTaLLdISC_eNglisH_bACKUP.ISO The other one is: CnC_Renegade_GameDisc.iso As for the question of copy/pasting: some people can. I used to be able to get by with it, but the last one I did I had to install(and I'd even copied my registry over, sometimes it would work).
  7. shaitan

    Played here after 12 years...

    I don't remember what nick he went by back then, he was using @Animoski for this version. Started back up around July 2012, we ran into some issues and I'll leave it at that.
  8. shaitan

    Rencorner Trolling

    I've not seen anything like that in a long time, Idk what you're worried about. This is forum stuff, plain and simple.
  9. shaitan

    Rencorner Trolling

    You seem to be mistaking the games for the forums. If cj said he'd cut the crap here after it not being worth it in the end, I think you can too. You guys are the reason for this, you turned our crappily run forum(older was better) into Renegadeforums.com. "Friends of the mods like woj" Please explain that one.
  10. shaitan

    Rencorner Trolling

    Mussolini? You're not good at it headshoot, the point of trolling is to get a rise out of that person. If I were you, I'd just stop the balogney. "Greenlight" is the only talk I've had with anyone about this. Whatever happens, happens bro. I'm not going to stop anyone who moderates you guys anymore. You don't get my anger or 'rules', you just get my apathy by walking away.
  11. shaitan

    Rencorner Trolling

    Ladies and gentlemen, please keep the trolling to a minimum on the forum/shoutbox from now on. You've made it so others do not want to post anymore. I'm not going to make a bunch of rule re-writes as I planned after the zunnie tributes(may in the future). Keep it civil, do not keep attacking each other, or trying to start crap with others. Keep the politics in the 14+ forum section(if you need access post here). P.S. As of now I'm giving the Mods/Admins the greenlight to do whatever they need to do to keep it semi-clean here.
  12. I liked your #16 the most Eric. That was honestly refreshing, morals/rules are fine...until they start costing lives and pain. At that point it's best to do case-by-case or fix the system.
  13. shaitan

    OmegaAOW Renegade Event

    I'll be around tomorrow night after 5pm Eastern if any of you need help with your Renegade/IRC. All of the other servers we run will be shut down as well Friday night before I go to bed. Show some support for zunnie; who literally made some of those TT scripts(and taught some of the other guys who made their TT scripts) that your Renegade game runs. If you ever downloaded a Ren ISO from somewhere: who do you think did that years ago? Hop to it you guys
  14. You should be able to get in with the 8095v atm, but you are going to have to get it updated soon(next Saturday we shall call it), as that will go back to the latest. Try what was said up there, if even the worse comes to worse and more worse, I'll send you a copy of my folder(minus the 8gb of maps) to paste in.
  15. Nickname, do you have a UAC Launcher.exe inside your renegade folder? If you do, run that. If worse comes to worse, here's a copy of my .dll's(all but the two maps go inside \renegade\) and the two maps(for Data) that were modified on that same date: