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  1. It's that time of the month again girls and guys. Our webserver($14.60) is paid, paid for a one time setup fee towards MC IPs so we can use the 100GB backup it's got($13.56). We need $82.71 by the 28th(after fees) and we're set for the Backups/Ark/TF2/terraria pc. We need $66.67 by the 30th and we're set for the Minecraft PC(which hosts Jelly IRC now too). Total after fees needed is $149.38. If we can't make it, I'll cover $75, but, I am trying to save that $75 to go for an IRC plugin for Terraria(been waiting over a year for an irc plugin from Tshock guys so I'm trying to bribe one). Someone's going to talk about too much stuff we have. I know I've said it, but I'll say it again: true we do. True also we don't have enough money ahead each month to shop around and test new hosts. True also we keep backups of backups on other PCs in case shit happens. Hard drives fail, and we've had bad luck with that over the years. At some point we are going to have to suck it up and start preparing for alot of game/backups/etc moving to another(temporary) storage, because quite a few of our hard drives are at that ripe old age and are going to start failing on us. Had that chat with Limestone last month. Not looking forward to that tbh. It'd be easier if we were close to Limestone and were able to walk in there and backup things ourselves with easy ass cloning programs, yet, I highly doubt they'd let us for starters. Now that I've thoroughly depressed the fuck out of you and rained on your Sunday parade: Happy 5 years(and almost 3 months) anniversary, Rencornians! 5.3 years that I haven't broken you. xD
  2. Welcome back Ice, now get your bum ingame sometime and empty that Kibble Machine of any metal so I can remove that mod. :v
  3. You'd have to ask raven about jelly ts, I can't remember if we talked about that. Since he stopped the irc I'd think he stopped the ts too.
  4. Our harddrives came back on. <3 Update didn't work with the terraria stuff...but at least the server pc started fine.
  5. Tomorrow, 21 hours from now at 6pm EST, the pc will being getting some updates and most likely a restart. If we're lucky the hard drives wont fail like the lasttime. Which is why we don't shut them off often anymore: Windows2008R2 Uptime: 22wks 5days 23mins 31secs This effects Ark, terraria, partial IRC, KF2.
  6. Go read the server rules topic, that's been there for awhile.
  7. Don't bring that shit up anymore, OSTK clan fell apart over all of that.
  8. !psound <SoundFile|SoundFile to Search> has been updated with every server sound added to rencorner and can be updated with !psound fix to find exact matches if we have many matches. !psound can now be used ingame and IRC Example !psound jks There are 2 sounds with "jks" in the name, listing them now! "jks_giggle.mp3" : time: 1 "jks_laughs.mp3" : time: 1 !psound_jks_gig Global Sound --> (BigWrench@IRC): "jks_giggle.mp3" Command !togglesounds !togglesounds <chatsounds> Wil trigger !disablesounds ingame chat command and hide the input. !togglesounds <sounds> Wil trigger Console command disablesounds2 to stop SNDA sounds and will disable player join and leave sounds. !togglesounds <killsounds> Will disable killing spree sounds, headshot, pistol kill sounds, added building kill sounds !togglesounds <music> - allows music to auto turn when a player joins the server Will trigger the jukebox commands !music on and !music off !togglesounds sounds <- the one u want
  9. Since you were a mod with us in Atomix, then you know he was doing his job, Tomo. This is the original topic if you want to look at it: E+Tank fire It isn't that popular of a rule, I know that, but some of you just abused the crap out of it. [09-17][04:38:40] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: tomo [09-17][04:38:43] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: read [09-17][04:38:44] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: the [09-17][04:38:45] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: rules [09-17][04:38:50] <&RCAOW> [HIDECOMMAND] [Dragon]apple5168: !rules [09-17][04:38:50] <&RCAOW> Host: Rules: No cheating, glitching, B2B, 1 man wall hops, tunnel or ledge beacons, flaming vechs, team hampering. Fake beacons are allowed, just not excessively. No more of the jumping out of your vehicle and firing trick. [09-17][04:38:51] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: i don't give a fuck [09-17][04:38:52] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: ban me [09-17][04:38:55] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: lol [09-17][04:39:08] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: you are sayin that i'm not allowed to use pic+ [09-17][04:39:11] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: pic+veh [09-17][04:39:12] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: fuck me [09-17][04:39:15] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: let ren die then [09-17][04:39:57] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: +this is not a trick lol [09-17][04:40:31] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: its funny how they hide all rules in forums [09-17][04:40:37] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: its not hard to add em to !rules [09-17][04:40:40] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: fkin renegods wanna be [09-17][04:40:41] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: just like 5 min job [09-17][04:40:47] <&RCAOW> [HIDECOMMAND] [Dragon]apple5168: !rules [09-17][04:40:47] <&RCAOW> Host: Rules: No cheating, glitching, B2B, 1 man wall hops, tunnel or ledge beacons, flaming vechs, team hampering. Fake beacons are allowed, just not excessively. No more of the jumping out of your vehicle and firing trick. [09-17][04:40:55] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: see the last thing [09-17][04:40:56] <&RCAOW> OSTKGeeti: whats he doing [09-17][04:41:07] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: i'm just usin pic+veh lol [09-17][04:41:08] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: wtf [09-17][04:42:45] <%[Dragon]apple5168> !kick tomo pic+veh and ignore the warnings [09-17][04:42:46] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] {Os}Tomo has been kicked and given a 24hr ban from the server by [Dragon]apple5168@IRC for pic+veh and ignore the warnings Don't jump the gun Apple(it was only a couple of minutes that went by), remember you have other tools. He can argue until he turns blue(which he might very well turn blue like a smurf), as long as he stops doing it. Idk if he did or didn't based off of the logs.
  10. If you can't get it by the time I get off of work later, I'll upload my folder so you can download that. Mind you that will be like 2gb or so. Else you can ask one of these guys who might be here during the day. *edit* here is a copy of mine: ttfs
  11. Sean you cheap ass brit. What intertubes are you using, morse code? I wouldn't suggest that rackz, they'd delete mpf files too. Or...Is that a good thing? :o They'd pretty much want to delete the folder first an re-dl.
  12. @Szymek7777 I told ya to message @BigWrench about it. 24 hours isn't that long of a time when people have lives.
  13. Enjoy those 1,412 sound files bitches! @BigWrench will have to answer it, but it looks like he took the sounds from the .mix's & sounds.dat and threw them in the ttfs. As you know he's been revamping things lately, just bear with it. If worse comes to worse, I guess it can be set to download on a few maps only(but I'm not sure if it will cause mismatching that way).
  14. I can't shoutbox on my tablet or cell, so here's your answer rackz: Scroll down, they keep archives.
  15. I was just watching the news, freshly awake, with no coffee. "Bunch of fucking retards" Regarding the reporters out in that shit for ratings(just showing ghost towns walking down streets pointing out the bent signs).