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  1. The account name is changed back to normal, the password is reset(he will have to redo the password himself with his email). Whoever you are, stop fucking around.
  2. I told you, he was using the WOL page to do that. He wasn't in the server, as he's forcett'd until he gets scripts. You can add him to your ignore list. If you're using Renlist, that one doesn't have the ignore function, but you can still do it the regular way^ You can also make a string value in regedit: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Westwood\Renegade\WOLSettings\Ignore List Ignore1 then his nick
  3. haha you Gamespy players had some weird ass names. Those of us who used WOL had to stick with normal'ish ones.
  4. The only times we do that are if you broke rules, or were inactive for a month or more. Even then, it's not that often we check for that part. If you don't have it when you come back, just make another post about it Lancer.
  5. Will keep them there now, uploaded the reticles. If anything has w3d's in it, don't bother trying, you wont get in the server.
  6. If I remember after work, all the ones on my hd I still have.
  7. Just apologize for real and be done with it, Beer. Eventually you'll be forgotten in ban-land otherwise. Good luck finding any people more stubborn, Granny didn't give me the nickname of StoneWall for nothing when I was little. :p
  8. They had some real security issues before. They also had it so anything you say/make/upload/transfer was owned by them. That part has changed somewhat, but you still can never tell them they cannot use your own stuff, you gave them license to use it. That shit makes me leery, at least with TS they have no rights to our stuff. The other thing that gets me...what happens when they run out of that starter money? Supposedly they were going to use pay-for-stickers to keep up servers and stuff. lmao stickers paying for that ungodly amount of server/bandwidth alone makes me laugh. *puts away my tinfoil cap for now*
  9. When I was ingame with them, she had no tag on her nickname. It's why I said add her to trusted, thinking she had nothing.
  10. Well she's been here since at least [04-15][16:55:32], checking bot logs. Well some more info: Speaking of, did you setup that particular website there?
  11. Go with Trusted then Joe. I think she only said that because ryan's tag showed it. You're sounding like a bureaucrat. lmao
  12. 23 hours left on it. Most of our servers in the kf section are still online using 0 cpu. Maybe you can get it active again.
  13. You guys do recall that section of the banned rules I made a long time ago, right? "Any person not directly involved in the situation should not post on the thread, and any posts considered irrelevant or nonconstructive will be removed." Manuel answered this well enough here, and I don't think you're ready: [06/21/17 - 15:54] HateSpeechSurvivor
  14. Did you know Discord is something you should be leery of? Leaves this, and this, here.