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    I don't post very often but are you fucking kidding me? You blatantly and unapologetically abuse your mod powers and then post about it like it is not big deal. Again ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? You were a server moderator. Your represented Rencorner. I don't give a fuck how mdogg decided to play. It's a public server. You don't get to control how others play regardless of your history with them. There are many times I want to tell people how to play but I don't. BECAUSE ITS A PUBLIC SERVER. Furthermore, you are banned until you apologize to mdoog, Manuel, Shaitan, Me, and Rencorner for being a terrible representation of the community and for abusing your powers. If you can not do that you are no longer welcome in our community. Rob
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    Scripts 4.3 has been released! Read more at RenegadeForums.com: http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&goto=491809&#msg_491809
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    You can have your opinions. Our rules clearly state no Glitching. It is not allowed. If there is a case where you can prove someone is doing it warn them, then kick. then temp ban. We tried making exceptions in the past and it didn't work. We will not allow people to abuse glitches. I am pretty disappointed people are trying to justify it. It wasn't meant to be in Renegade so do NOT allow it.
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    Just another day in the field (:
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    Found this stuff in the closet lol
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    Video quality should improve by time due youtube video processing.
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    When you're working together with Evie, YKZ, Gozy, Strongice, Shadowfor, Rasoulov, Forithow, Gr8Bigguy, Saurontwo, m0a7n3r (bad spell), or Magikarp (sorry if I missed anyone :D) When Woj is muted. When you call for a rush in team chat and quickly 10 of your teammates are on board. When you actually successfully gunner rush something. When one of your old buddies you haven't seen in forever joins, and all of a sudden your lazy Sunday turns into a Renegade reunion. When you're on Shaitans team and he busts out the mammy, shits about to get real. When an elaborate plan involving like 5 steps goes off without any problems. When your team has lost like 4 buildings vs 0 buildings so you decide to randomly send off a nod soldier to nuke the pedestal, and it actually works. When your team is stank rushing, and for once nobody shoots. When your team is working together!
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    This is fixed in the next version of TT.
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    Have I told you lately how much I like most of you guys and gals? No? Well, I still haven't. Bazinga! P.S thank you all for keeping us afloat by playing our servers, moderating, donating, working on, and being annoying. ;p
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    Please join me to congratulate creed3020 and shadowfor on becoming our newest full moderators! Both of them have been doing an excellent job! The following moderators have been removed from staff due to inactivity: StJohnGumby OSTKFeda m0a0n7er Rencorner Administration
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    There was once a saying created by Soda 1) If a higher ranked staff member is there, let them handle the problem and if you see someone already handling a problem let them handle it, this applies to all terraria mods.
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    Hey guys. @ice187dna had a great idea of trying to film the funwars. I filmed all the games today and ended up with hours of footage. I decided to take a knock at editing it myself. Instead of going through every single game, I just went through the first few - the biggest games. This was my first time making a video so it definitely isn't the best. I tried to edit it as many of the uninteresting portions of the game as I could. Keep in mind, everything is from my perspective as I was recording so I couldn't show every single thing that happened. I hope you all enjoy the video! Great games today guys, I hope we can do it again soon! Thanks for showing up everyone!
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    Great, now i have to update my aimbot again
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    in almost 28 yrs, how bout you? are you a teenager yet?
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    Guess what!? I bring you all the prototype of the spawn of Rencorner- an ice themed spawn point created by the following Skilz Charre Control Terminal ©IceSpawn Protected by SkilzTerminalCharre Incorporated (2017-2017)
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    Hi I'm ~(SweAnge)~ , Swe for Sweden and as I'm lazy, Angel is my IRL name by that SweAngel the little thingys around it I have just to make it harder to pm me hahhaha Took a break from rene when n00bstories closed but Gr8Bigguy dragged me back a couple of months ago. Meet a lot of You ingame already and most of You have made me feel welcome The others I don't give a hoot about Anyway it's great to be back playing my favourite game and even greater to meet You all. Hugs Angel
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    As you see in this screenshot, there are alot bulletholes. You can extend the limit by having a Hud.ini file in your /Renegade/Date/ folder. If yyou dont have a Hud.ini file then create a .txt file and insert this: (change the number to your likes) and rename the .txt file to "hud.ini" [General] DecalLimit=10000 I have also included a explosion hole skin (as seen in the picture) its been ripped from cnc3 but it turns out well in renegade :D Download here
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    I love drama. So I want to kindle this topic and I may go off-topic at some point. I think there is nothing wrong with replacing the proxies with pimp ones as long as he does the mining job properly. Everybody does that in the game and there hasn't been any conflict about it so far. Mikey, you expect everyone to act the way you want them to and you get really angry if they act otherwise. I'll talk about something between you and me first. I've kept it inside of me for a while and I just want to get it off my chest now. You called me a slut once told me that I was an egoistic person because I called you a noob. It was a really really long time ago. But I didn't forget it... I still hold a slight grudge against you, because you're the only one who called me a slut in this game in a serious way. I think I'm a little bit vengeful person even though I don't like it. Anyways, in that day I realized you were a short-tempered person. After that, I noticed there were other occasions where you complain about stuff similar to this topic. In short, maybe you need to learn to calm down and don't let such small things bother you.
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    As I've said many times before, at n00bless we always had a no hillcamping rule on Hourglass. Hex even wrote a plugin that automatically destroyed Arty or MRLS that went up the hill. Honestly, it was a way more fun way to play the map. It forces players to teamwork and organise a rush to win the game instead of sitting fat, dumb and happy on the hill just shooting a building. When you get used to it most players will prefer it this way. Trust me. Gumby
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    You non-Renegade guys will have no idea why I LOL'd at this and the title. Gumby
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    There's a server.ini setting that was made to stop that. Makes it so a vehicle's weapon won't reload if it's empty.
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    Certain people just do it all of the time, destroying tanks like they're paper. It's never been a problem like it has been lately: not everyone did it. One light tank should not be able to wreck 2 mediums, nor a medium wreck 3 arties. If they stop doing it so much, I'll take it back out. That depends on whether people quit abusing the fuck out of it.
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    I almost forum banned him the other day after the comments I saw. Prob wouldn't have gone down well with the Owner, Co-Owner and Head Administrator with me but, It was the music I was willing to face. He can apologise all he wants, then the mods will let him go and he'll do it all again. That's not teaching someone with an attitude a lesson, a 6month ban from IRC, Renegade, Forums and TS etc might be a start. Then try again, if the same happens increase to a year. Keep doing this and add on 6 months every time he fails until it clicks in is pea brain of his. No more muting/un-muting slap on the wrist every two mins, that's not punishment that's making you lot look like a set of push over mods/server admins. Everyone in the world knows right from wrong there is no 'Oh I didn't know' and play dumb, 'yes I have an attitude problem but it's ok I can get away with it'. Iran is no different. If he has an attitude problem then he either gets it adjusted very quickly or finds another gaming community....simple as that. That's my two bits to this. Yes I am English along with a few people here, and no we are not pathetic low-t cucks!! If you want to bitch about other countries then bitch about your own first!
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    Lizto and I are moving to GA from NY. We are closing on a house on May 9th. I'll see you all on the other side. It will be as late as next Saturday before I get my interbet up. I hope everything goes ok with the servers.
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    make sure you dont get another timed? get engi at start > get in a building > c4 it > see someone afk > get dna and a timed no thanks :>
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    Glad everything is good for you, and you are well enough to play. You did a wonderful thing for your father. You represent the epitome of what family means. May God look kindly on your life.
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    Put him back on the ban list. Add his serial to the ban list as well. What a disrespectful post. Grow up dude. We were friends. I helped you through a lot of shit in you life and this is how you treat me and my community. Completely fucking unreal.
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    Quit being a little drama queen, you were "banned" all of a day. Also, don't start any shit in there.
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    Scripts 4.3 has been released! Read more at RenegadeForums.com: http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&th=41098&start=0&
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    Hourglass is now NO HILLCAMPING(10-22-2016 to 10-28-2016)! Shooting the enemy base is not allowed, you may only shoot tanks up there! Going to see how this goes for a week everyone. So, moderators: they can fight up there with tanks, but zero shooting of buildings from the top. In order for people to get away with shooting buildings: they have to be on the enemy side of the hill. Talk people through it initially please, as we've had this a certain way for years(takes time to sink in). I'd rather see you kill their vehicle, than kick them right now. !postmsg 25 will show the rule.
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    Robo, if you expect joejjj to be demoded, you'll be disappointed. This is not how it works here at RenCorner. On the bright side, you can expect good and professional treatment from him the next time you see him ingame ^^ That's what players should expect, shouldn't it?
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    These weapons have changed the gameplay, get rid of them, imo.
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    Wtf is wrong with you guys? Everyday you bring up something new ... buyable pimped weps..poll-reminder..limited ammo..no hill camp blabla Why cant you just leave it the way it is? Looks like you wanna make the last renegade players mad and leave.
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    Buyable pimps? Bad enough when they spawn randomly.
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    Well done Itai, also bubba calling him fag was unnecessary.
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    I know this isn't my jurisdiction, however this is an attack, and as it seems YOU asked to be banned, so if you were in my jurisdiction, I would have done the same, or at the very least something very close to it. I agree 100% You should state what happened in a respectful manner and request what you want in a professional manner. By attacking a staff member, regardless of their actions is inappropriate and from where I come from, that will only extend your punishment and may even end up in a perma. I am NOT a a renegade moderator as I stated, but seeing this topic I felt I needed to share my opinions, thank you for your time Tomo and other moderators and community members that should come across this topic
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    Hell yeah i can team hamper and kill my own buildings!
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    I think raise it to 60 minutes or just get rid of it. At first I was really into AOW because it offered a different kind of play style, however I've come to realize that even when it's AOW there still isn't any team work and it's still the same shit. I also find it hard to believe the server has an easier time filling up in AOW then it does in marathon. You ever notice how full the server gets on an Under when GDI only has 1 building left and everyone's camping? I think I've seen 60 players before. You will not get that kind of turn out in AOW. People always quit when matches end. If you can extend matches as long as possible, people will be more inclined to stay in. This even goes for me because sometimes I'll tell myself "hey, 1 more map" Edit: I also don't think there's as many people here who actually give a shit about AOW than we think. Some people might vote yes for AOW but they are the same people where if you took it away they wouldn't care.
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    Who ever is selling the models for 3000 bucks smokes crack cocain.
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    Apologies for taking so long but I am a bit of a recluse. My real name is John, in game visara1 or Viagra to manuel and Rambo. I know very little about computers and type poorly/slow. Please bear with me as I noob my way through and I promise what I lack in experience and skill I will make up for in team play. Thanks to all for the gg's. It has been a pleasure and I look forward to many more. p.s. Don't Kill Viagra! You may need it. You have to be tired of "That's it? Done already?" lol
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    Thank you Shai. You gave up a lot of personal time to deal with something that just happens.
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    How about we set it to aow and make it a vote for marathon.
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    As some of you may know, on RXD maps, players can now purchase pimp weapons through the !weapons command system. Tonight the server was empty ='( so I tested each individual weapon to learn their mysteries. This is what I found out! Harvesters do not count toward !vkills... wtf! !pimplaser (3k) - Worst adjusted DPS out of all of them. Very fast reload doesnt make up for the fact its a pos by pimp standards. Its only positive characteristic is its accuracy but that is reduced further by its limited range. Its basically an LCG. !pimpplasma (2.5k) - Next step up in adjusted DPS. Its reload is faster than grenades or rockets but slower than the rest of the pimp weapons. This is a problem due to its short magazine of only 20 shots. It fires projectiles that do not instantly strike your target, which limits effective range, exactly like the !tibauto but shinier and leaves cool blast marks. !pimpflechette (3k) - Better DPS, homing projectile similar to a MRLS. Basically a Halo needler which makes it very difficult to kill infantry. Fucks up vehicles real quick tho ;) !pimprocket (4k) - Alot less adjusted DPS than you'd think, but higher than the previous weapons. 1 shot does almost an entire health bar of damage to a harvester but it only carries 2 and has a slow reload. The only real reason to use it is the splash which will kill you more often than the enemy. !pimpgrenade (3.5k) - I wanna say 60% more DPS than the rocket, maybe more. About equal to rockets on reload and splash. It will take a while for less seasoned players to get the hang of the arc and I havent actually been able to bounce shots off walls like normal grenades !pimpflamer (3k) - The best DPS in all of Renegade. During testing, enemy harvesters wouldnt even get off the airstrip. Anything inside its range that challenges you will die (as long as it isnt a sniper from Germany or a mammy tank with full HP). The range is very short yet still longer than a chem sprayer. And I dont think it has the burn effect of the other sprayers. !pimprepair (10k) - Although I havent tested it as extensively, I believe its negative DPS is less than an !srep. Its got the range of rail gun but takes a while to charge. It can instantly disarm c4's or about 75% of an Art/mrls. !pimpproxy (5k) - The most enigmatic pimp weapon. It has 2 strategic secrets which I will not reveal. They count on the standard mine limit but only need 2 of these to kill a hotwire/tech instead of 5. I think their blast radius (not the proximity detonator) is bigger than standard mines so stand back if some1 rushes you while planting. They also cause 10 burn damage.
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    https://streamable.com/6hcv an example. watch how many times my tank should have died but my pimp rep saved it
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    Polls are now removed, have a nice day. P.S. you get 2 more colored messages and a ppage now.