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    @bad2gurlz I agree with badgirl. No need to call him fag or loser. There shouldn't be any name calling period! We are all adults here and should treat each other with respect. In real life we wouldn't act or say these things (I hope) it should be exactly the same on the internet and gaming. That goes for anyone, including headshot, as he has swore and treated people with disrespect in the past (myself included). This is why wittebolx and cloud-zone failed, because it became the culture to insult people and create a negative environment, do we want rencorner to end up like that? I know I don't
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    Well done Itai, also bubba calling him fag was unnecessary.
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    We didn't need that fancy stuff anyways. We did, we really did, send help.
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    Hey people, I'm back from EGX and had a great time. Met some really cool guys who work in the games industry and have insight, hints, tips and advice from them to make it in to my dream job of becoming a level designer for a games studio. It has a been an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back again. I have done so much walking I cannot believe my legs are not stumps by now lol. Ok so, I'll post the images tomorrow as I'm super drained right now and some nice guy sneezed near me and yea, gave me the cold so I feel like crap. Anyone at Rencorner who is from the United Kingdom should go down and hang out. It's been a good experience and........let's just say a game which I play was down there too ;) but they said they will be there next year/time and it will be much bigger. Be prepared for tons of images tomorrow..I took them with my mobile phone mainly and some with my camera (which needs replacing). ice
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    Go read the server rules topic, that's been there for awhile.
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    it's a game, it should be fun..... if you cant be civil and enjoy then don't get on the net, and don't play games! need to grow up
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    I've immediately dealt with it in-game, I don't think this topic, the drama it will probably cause and the name calling are necessary.
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    The weapon command just ruins the balance of the game. Don't get me started on the pimp guns.
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    !psound <SoundFile|SoundFile to Search> has been updated with every server sound added to rencorner and can be updated with Generate_sounds.pl !psound fix to find exact matches if we have many matches. !psound can now be used ingame and IRC Example !psound jks There are 2 sounds with "jks" in the name, listing them now! "jks_giggle.mp3" : time: 1 "jks_laughs.mp3" : time: 1 !psound_jks_gig Global Sound --> (BigWrench@IRC): "jks_giggle.mp3" Command !togglesounds !togglesounds <chatsounds> Wil trigger !disablesounds ingame chat command and hide the input. !togglesounds <sounds> Wil trigger Console command disablesounds2 to stop SNDA sounds and will disable player join and leave sounds. !togglesounds <killsounds> Will disable killing spree sounds, headshot, pistol kill sounds, added building kill sounds !togglesounds <music> - allows music to auto turn when a player joins the server Will trigger the jukebox commands !music on and !music off !togglesounds sounds <- the one u want
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    I know this isn't my jurisdiction, however this is an attack, and as it seems YOU asked to be banned, so if you were in my jurisdiction, I would have done the same, or at the very least something very close to it. I agree 100% You should state what happened in a respectful manner and request what you want in a professional manner. By attacking a staff member, regardless of their actions is inappropriate and from where I come from, that will only extend your punishment and may even end up in a perma. I am NOT a a renegade moderator as I stated, but seeing this topic I felt I needed to share my opinions, thank you for your time Tomo and other moderators and community members that should come across this topic
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    It's that time of the month again girls and guys. Our webserver($14.60) is paid, paid for a one time setup fee towards MC IPs so we can use the 100GB backup it's got($13.56). We need $82.71 by the 28th(after fees) and we're set for the Backups/Ark/TF2/terraria pc. We need $66.67 by the 30th and we're set for the Minecraft PC(which hosts Jelly IRC now too). Total after fees needed is $149.38. If we can't make it, I'll cover $75, but, I am trying to save that $75 to go for an IRC plugin for Terraria(been waiting over a year for an irc plugin from Tshock guys so I'm trying to bribe one). Someone's going to talk about too much stuff we have. I know I've said it, but I'll say it again: true we do. True also we don't have enough money ahead each month to shop around and test new hosts. True also we keep backups of backups on other PCs in case shit happens. Hard drives fail, and we've had bad luck with that over the years. At some point we are going to have to suck it up and start preparing for alot of game/backups/etc moving to another(temporary) storage, because quite a few of our hard drives are at that ripe old age and are going to start failing on us. Had that chat with Limestone last month. Not looking forward to that tbh. It'd be easier if we were close to Limestone and were able to walk in there and backup things ourselves with easy ass cloning programs, yet, I highly doubt they'd let us for starters. Now that I've thoroughly depressed the fuck out of you and rained on your Sunday parade: Happy 5 years(and almost 3 months) anniversary, Rencornians! 5.3 years that I haven't broken you. xD
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    ok if you already want this one then here
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    i have an idea. im working on it
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    here is an fast example, tell me what to change to make it fit to your likes and then i will recreate/redraw it because its to blurry. also nexttime i use PS instead of GIMP https://www2.pic-upload.de/img/33985799/hhhhhhhhh.jpg
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    i made one hd_reticle_hit.dds hd_reticle.dds
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    Finally I can snipe and get something out of it
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    Possibly could be in Reavers pack. http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&goto=478675 Or put Rackz to work!!!!!!!
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    Hi people, I'm off to EGX- The UK's biggest Gaming Event 2017. I'll post some pics of the place when I get there. Here is a trailer of what's happening.
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    Does anyone else collect these things? I've seen them around for years and never gave them a second thought but saw an overwatch one at target for my fave character and decided to buy it; fast forward a month and I've been doing lots of research and found out how much money goes into these things and I can't stop collecting them. I think I'm up to 30 now.
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    Jesse collects beanie babies also FYI
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    Hi Joetorp, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks RenCorner Network
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    nice nice nice
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    Ok day one photos. Some are a bit blurred cos I was rushing to snap them. I took them in the morning most of them so it's quieter and there was less people around blocking me off. All these were took off my mobile phone so they are not professional images
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    No starving kittens this month on my watch!
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    Hi Manuel857, Thank you for your donation of $50.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks RenCorner Network
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    This is the first time I heard of them. little groot looks cool I used to collect coins too (old and foreign), also car badges, motor bike models and tank models.
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    Can't say I collect them, they look weird lol. I like to collect old coins though. Used to have a lot(foreign mostly), dunno what happened to them.
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    After 2 years, I've finally got a cover photo and profile pic lmao. RENEGADE FTW
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    wait ... you mean i dont have to use the defult one... all this time... been not caring what it looks like
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    Lol.. Didn't expect anything else from that guy.. + You call other people a fag too (like many others ofc..) + I can fully understand Bubbas reaction + Nice how itai did !kill him at the end xD
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    fuckin lol at this topic XD btw guys, a good K/D wont help you to win
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    You should've hit him in the head so he couldn't quit in time ayy lmao I quit to avoid death a long time ago on Jelly when I cared so much about KD. I got in trouble and haven't done it since.
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    I didn't know this wasn't allowed until I re-read the rules. good call itai @WNxH3adSh00t you are a really good sniper, no need for you to be evading death.
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    It's in the server rules in the renegade section. We all need to try to cool it with the name calling. It's not making the situation any better.
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    I can recreate it if you want, but now im ddrinkin :P gonna check it tmorrow after work. But that "target detecton" reticle is not possible, it has been replaced by the red reticle.
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    Only thing that looks somewhat like that is found here https://multiplayerforums.com/files/file/167-variety-of-reticles/ The one between the + looking ones.
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    Wait, are you saying that the moderating team isn't serious because of an incident that happened 24 months ago? miata was kicked out of the mod team, kicked out of his clan, and banned for quite some time. What I understand is that you're still not over the fact that they were allowed back to play at some point. Btw these four guys don't even play anymore. You didn't see what transpired behind closed doors but it was pretty brutal. You don't need to believe that it's been dealt with correctly, but I can assure you the current moderation is far from what happened on that fateful day. If that's what keeping you from playing here that is... Otherwise you'll find plenty of good, teamplay filled games around here.
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    Use the new !togglesounds command!
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    so the jumping out of medium tank and use anti-air pic/ram not allowed anymore? stupid rule IMHO. how can i destroy apache now?I cant see nothing wrong in jumping out of tank. remember pic+med costs 1800 so it can destroy med with engi inside for 800$ only. dont forget you need much more skills to do it with success.
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    People saying "he asked for the ban" needa think again. If i banned someone everytime thhey asked me to ban them, i wouldve been demoted. ontopic: I think apple overreacted here and needed to take some steps in between (!kill + PM > Qkick +pm > Kick) Tomo however, needa pay some respect. I believe his reaction justifies the !kick as i can understand how apple felt.
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    First off, in the logs you literally asked him to ban you. Second, some of you mods need to be doing your jobs here as well. There's no reason for Headshoots post to be approved. I would delete it but I don't want to get yelled at by the boss. There's no reason for his post to be here. Technically, I think Shai only wants people who are involved to post so I don't even think I should be doing this. Third, Tomo, you should have been a bit more respectful to Apple. He's a mod, and if you used to be a mod then you would understand what he was going through. I don't think a 24 hour ban right out of the gate was necessary but don't antagonize and use foul language.
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    Hi raven, Thank you for your donation of $25.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks RenCorner Network
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    Value is in eyes of the beholder.
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