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    Renegade glossary

    Oftentimes, new players join and ask us questions regarding the game, it's rules and why there's Westwood logos everywhere. We also use all kind of acronyms and terms specific to Renegade all the time, which can be very confusing to new comers. Hence, I thought it would be a good idea to have some kind of glossary that people can refer to when they're in doubt about the way we play the game, or just to fit in faster with the rest of the community. It CAN and SHOULD be updated on a regular basis, so feel free to add contributions to it below my post and I'll add them in. Maybe it's going to be a sticky someday? The Official C&C Renegade Glossary AOW/Mara : May refer to the way the game is meant to be played. e.g.: Sniping in tuns on Field all game. Camping : Outdooring activity involving loosing buildings, defending then complaining the attackers are complete pussies. Donating : Sharing of ingame credits so one can go waste it all in tuns on Field. ERQ : Extreme rage quitting. Self-explanatory. GFTO : Going Full The-On3. See : ERQ. Exception : May be "GTFO" as spelled by MateNone. GFBB : Going Full BeerBaron. The act of spamming a given command against a fellow moderator and getting kicked out of the team. GFM : Going Full MARCILLES. Related to the !mute command. Harv blocking : Blocking the harvester behind a lamppost so it doesn’t push defending tanks towards the enemy siege. Obsolete since no one buy tanks to defend anymore. Invis : The act of hugging so much while sniping that your character ceases to exist. e.g. h3adsh00t. K/D : Obsolete statistic that only matters for those with > 1. Lag : Universal reason for performing badly at the game. Luck : Universal reason for performing great at the game. MDK’ing: Trying to throw timed C4’s at snipers as SBH and failing spectacularly. Usually paired with a K/D < 0.2. Massing : The act of buying a lot of tanks and leaving them unattended in base for other team members to never pick them up (See AOW/Mara, Harv blocking). Mods : e-janitors tasked with punishing douches & abuse commands. MVP : Title awarded to the player who spent the most time in an arty during the last game. n00bjet : See : RQing / AWP in Counter-Strike. Ping : Region-sensitive reason for performing badly at the game. PT : Purchase Terminal. Features a green wireframe of the building or something else if you’re Shaitan. rambo6 : See : Wasted. RQing : Rage quitting. The act of leaving the game in a fit of frustration. e.g. : Raven, MateNone, Milo. Rushing : Rare coordinated act of suiciding tanks to achieve victory. Rumors say it happened once in 2004. Stank : Urban map named after the vehicle used in every game to achieve victory. 2 versions : Stanks and Stanks_Flying. Snerip : Sniper in the general vicinity of MateNone. Usually followed by RQing of the receiving party. TB : Triggerbotting. Ancient art of sniping people in the head. Usually followed by RQing of the receiving party. TP : Teamplay. Obscure concept that's left to be properly defined. May involve other players or vehicles. TH : Team hampering. The act of hampering voluntarily your own teammates. May lead to kicking, banning or nothing depending on which team the mod is on. e.g. : Mr.ed. !PM : Page Mods ingame and on IRC. May lead to kicking, banning or nothing depending on the reason and attendance of masscarriers at his workplace. Wasted : See : rambo6.
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    Kamuix Floating HQ

    Memories you say, LimeWire & Live Messenger :O
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    Position requested

    Since I asked you, and you said yes, I'm adding you now. Welcome to the mod team! Temp mod generally lasts a week or two if nothing goes bananas. Sending you a message with our mod rules, download the IRC client and join us at irc.rencorner.com. Check your messenger here.
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    What is your favourite TV series?

    thats my #1 :)
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    What is your favourite TV series?

    Dragonball Series. Can't get enough intensive screaming ;p
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    What is your favourite TV series?

    The Walking Dead