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    Unban Request

    Good move Manny. I don't understand today's kids. They must have run out of "cool" things to say. I see that in Minecraft. Things are "sick" when they mean good or cool, and words like "downs" (syndrome), or cancer are substitute words for insults. I also had cancer, these kids won't experience something so terrible until later in life, and if lucky, not at all. Not the kind of thing you wish on your enemy, friend or an internet acquaintance .
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    Unban Request

    I’m not unbanning you, retard. You don’t make fucking jokes about cancer. My dad is battling cancer right now and it’s been a tough time. Go play somewhere else.
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    Hi everyone

    Been a very long time for me since I played this game. Some may know me best as being the original Owner and creator of XpHaZe gaming back when Ren was at its peak. I left the community and advanced my gaming with World of Warcraft building a huge community there. Oddly I find myself back in Renegade and Im really glad to see it still alive even if the player base is pretty low. Good to see a lot of old friends playing. My internet these days isnt the best i moved to the country to take care of my mom after dad passed so im running on a completely wireless internet and when thats faltering I run thru a hot spot on my phone but, it gets the job done. Its good to be back and im having a ton of old school fun, see ya all on the battlefield!
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    New donation from l00mpa

    No problem at all. I really like the server, I plan on sticking around for a while so figured I would do my part.... /cheers
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    Unban Request

    Hey TankHole go fuck yourself and if Manny unbans you I’ll make your life a living hell in Renegade until I get punished myself. That’s a promise.
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    Random Photoshop Work.

    Ok, the wallpaper is done. If I continue on it anymore it will never be finished. I've done it in a range of colours. Hope you like it :) ORANGE WALLPAPER BLUE WALLPAPER GREEN WALLPAPER PURPLE WALLPAPER Let me know which is your favourite one(s). Mine has to be the Purple and Orange.
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    Website issue

    Just an fyi ladies and gents: @ravencame around lastnight and migrated everything to the new server. So give him a thanks! It works out pretty good, it costs us $0.39 more a month, but it's also off limestone. May be better when we get ddosed. Has 1 more cpu core and 30gb more hd space.
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    wNxH3adSh00t Invis

    slow down the video speed :) https://www.mediafire.com/file/92blbkqo8vh28hg/wNxH3adSh00t_Invis.mp4/file
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    The original wipeout was created a few versions back. As it was a course containing hard jumps and obstacles it brought excitement to old and new players. That's why I am glad to announce the new wipeout is complete. Consisting of (Parkour) (Slime Parkour) (Maze) (Underwater treasure search) (Find the button) Thanks To Jenna and Camflht for building wipeout That picture is the last part of wipeout it was finished today
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    Your first name Eric Your in game name, also include any other names you use. Kcatscire Your age is? 12 Where you are from? Ohio How long you have been playing Minecraft? since 1.5.1, 6 years Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? It was kinda brought to my attention by skilz, when he mentioned it in discord. How did you find Rencorner when I wanted a terraria server I found rencorner by accident and started playing for awhile on terraria. Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie killing floor, terraria)? Terraria
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    Unban Request

    A well deserved ban, indeed. You know what I Q'kick'd you for (team hampering). Mister Prince.
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    Unban Request

    The only reason why he is asking this is because he got banned from Apex im guessing? Literally on a single discord page, 2 different people talking about different incidents(2 & 3) 1. Tankhole is a know teamhamper. But as usual the admin does FUCK ALL. clears throat @dblaney1 sounds like tankhole should catch a permaban @Threve what was your experience with tankhole? He would block the wf, ref and ram and block you whenever possible when I played with hin 2. Pillar of the community right here *Context here is 2 images, one of him stealing a veh, theother of him selling it* oh stole yet another veh to go and sell Why the fuck isn't tank hole permabanned? team hampering stuff like locking a hard to destroy vehicle in a position where it blocks other vehicles from exiting the Weapons Factory or the harvester from returning to the Refinery 3. Got a player Named TankHole stealing tanks from teammates and instantly selling them as well as blowing them up with C4 if they leave to repaair and left the session right away and we had a rush a few seconds after that Looks like Renegade is over for you, no more servers to play in, oh well, shouldn't have been such a jerk to people :)
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    Unban Request

    Beerbaron, nuff said.
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    Unban Request

    First of all, you're not banned until 2087. You're banned until Manny lifts it, which can be a matter of days/weeks. Teamhampering IS an issue with you. We don't ban people for saying "faggot" a single time without history, you were banned because you were already on the edge and you crossed the line by a mile here. If the "faggot" thing is what bothers you, I can change you ban to " go play somewhere else then teamhamperer". And don't tell us you're not doing it. I'd need an excel spreadsheet just to track all the times I personally saw you THing either through IRC or ingame, let alone what other mods saw. So now what you can do is wait for Manuel to answer you so he can give you an estimate when he'll lift it, or keep arguing about semantics of why you were banned rather than acknowledge the bigger picture. I hope it clarified the point. Sincerly, Masscarriers
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    Random Photoshop Work.

    Loving the orange! If what skilz posted is too big, at least add a terraria zombie XD
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    Random Photoshop Work.

    Minecraft has it's cave spider, Terraria has a giant pumpkin trying to kill you. add it please maybe? I love them all Ice, the Blue and Purple especially, amazing job!
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    Random Photoshop Work.

    Going to be adding a Halloween Wallpaper for Rencorner very soon. I've nearly done it, it just requires the finishing touches to it. Hope you guys & girls will like it.
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    You don't always see the shot on another persons client, nor is the tracer an accurate representation of where the bullet actually went Tbh I stopped moaning at huggers/invisihuggers because it got me no where, im kind of glad this topic came to light, I joined and saw pretty much everyone Iran mentioned hugging, gave up and left, what literally is the point when your not aiming to hit people, your just aiming to fire at the exact same spot and try to "guess" when they will be there, because no way is sniping when someone is wallhugging as much as pussyboi Nickk is it based on reaction time Also I don't understand the concept to begin with, there is no reward in killing someone when they have no way to actually respond to your attacks, there is just no challenge at all, you might as well play with wallhack on