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    I am going to tell you a little story about myself growing up. I grew up listening to the stories my grandfather and grandmother used to regale us kids with when we at their house. He and my grandmother met while serving in the Army during World War 2 while at the time stationed in Hawaii. He would love to do it when we were at the table in the kitchen. It was some of my fondest memories with them. My grandma would always, and I mean always bring out the tales of how she would peel potatoes, and she was proud to be doing it for her country. After those my grandpa would go into what he did as a police officer in New York for 20 years. He loved his job, he loved his beat, he loved helping out people more. After all those years he never lost his NY accent lol. My grandpa stood for everything that was ‘right’, he was by no means perfect, but you get the gist. Out of everyone in my life back then, they were the ones I looked up to the most. My dad was in the Air Force, I never knew him. He killed himself and they had his funeral on my 4th birthday. One thing out of everything I wish I still had, was the uniform grandma and grandpa gave me of his. During show and tell, they let me dress up in his uniform and I told the class some of the stories grandpa would tell me about him and them. Corny as hell, but it was awesome to see my grandparents come to Attention after they had me set up exactly the way he used to be. It wasn’t me, it wasn’t that it was my dad’s, it was what it stood for. They took great pride in how it looked just-so. I have others in the family who are Marines, been in the Air Force, but these ones stick out the most. Every year(up until I left Illinois) when I was old enough I would go to the Rock Island Arsenal in Illinois and put flowers on my dad’s grave, most of the times with family, but sometimes it’d be me taking a bus out there alone to do it. After awhile, it was to put them on grandpas grave too, then it was my grandmas turn as well. From 1997-2008 I worked on a casino riverboat as an engineer/deckhand/maintenance. Was kind of a jack-of-all-trades there. Anyway, I was the one who would put up the Stars & Stripes, and the one who would bring it down when it was too worn out. I would hang off the rear of the boat to do this, about 20 feet above the steel deck & paddle wheel. Every time I would put my life on the line literally, there was no safe option in the way it was designed and noone else would do it. I carefully folded it, and gave it to Captain Kulpa who’d take it home to honor and burn it. I may never have served, but I know what the people who’ve served mean. As an Engy on that boat I had quite abit of training in rescues, fire fighting. As an Engy, my job was first and foremost to seal off the engine room if there was ever a fire. If we could get out, we got out. If not, we sealed it off. Every day going to work had the chance of me sealing myself in to die. Yet, I accepted that, because I knew what would happen if I did not. To those who say I've never done that kindof thing, I lived it for almost 11 years. All the other situations I was in I got lucky as well. The point to this? You do not know me, just like I do not know you. I do not like being vilified just because I disagree with people over Police and the abuse of power and how it should be changed or not changed. I really hate coming into a topic with my views and having someone start attacking ME(*snorts* anyone with a differing view) personally because they cannot use their head and see I have a problem with the topic at hand. That's not a debate at all.
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    A shout out to my mouthy friend woj107!
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    I just wanted to say that I like most of you guys and gals. Be it in Renegade or Minecraft, it doesn't matter. Having said that, I just wanted to say: You're all a bunch of drama queens in one form or other. Haha! I'm not excluding myself either. ;o
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    Just wanted to send my thanks to Volcom, shai & company for the gesture. It's very much appreciated
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    Hey everyone! Joel is the most hard working person in this community. He is one of the main reasons it is still running and he also stepped up and took over many of my duties when I became busy with work. For that reason and many more I have promoted Shaitan to Co-Owner of Rencorner. Congrats Shai and much love! -Rob
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    Hello Everyone! On behalf of Rencorner and its staff in all of its games, I want to wish you and yours a fun and safe holiday season. May you all have a joyous regardless of which your family celebrates. I also want to thank each and everyone of you whether you are staff or our players. Thank you for you support of Rencorner, of our servers, and of our team. The reason Rencorner is still around is because of our players that join us here each and every day. I can honestly say without you guys there would be no Rencorner and I would have missed many opportunities of meeting friends all around the world. In the coming new year I hope all strive to achieve their New Year's Resolutions as I will strive to achieve mine as well as Rencorner's. This year I hope Rencorner has continued success and growth and we continue to have new members join our tight-knit community. I hope we continue to bring people together from around the world. I further wish that the group of friends that have created the support system we have here expands to help other gamers and members. For we are more than just a gaming community. We are Rencorner. Much Love and Prosperity in the coming holidays and the New Year! -Rob (Volcom) and the Rencorner Team.
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    Apply for trusted when you have been playing for 3 days! This is a post regarding the Minecraft status, known as "Trusted". If you are seeking to join our staff team as a Temp Moderator, look here: http://rencorner.com/index.php/forum/25-minecraft/ Directions: Make your topic in the Minecraft Trusted forum. Make sure you have made an account with the forum to be able to post a topic. Start a new topic here (http://rencorner.com/index.php/forum/133-minecraft-trusted/), Click on "create new topic" (the blue button on right), put "in game name" and "Trusted" in the subject line. Example, Joetorp trusted. Tell us a little about yourself... copy and paste these questions below, and answer them in the body of your new topic. Your first name Your in game name, also include any other names you use. Your age is? Where you are from? How long you have been playing Minecraft? Was our server recommended by a friend? if so, who? How did you find Rencorner Do you play any other Rencorner games (ie killing floor, terraria)? Read the server rules below: Network Rules Please speak English in our server. Respect the community and it’s players. Racist remarks are not permitted. this include Slurs against a race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, group, or individual. It also includes slang used in today's vernacular. If you must, say it to yourself and DO NOT put it in chat. Do not discriminate. Keep caps to a minimum. Do not be a whiner (nobody wants to play with a complainer). Respect the staff (we are here to help and resolve problems). Do not impersonate staff (you will be banned). Cursing is allowed as long as it is not personal or directed towards a family member. Cursing in CAPS is prohibited and could lead to a mute Evading a ban is illegal (appeal it if you believe you were wrongly banned). Do not exploit any bugs of glitches. Do not intentionally cause server lag. Do not use a hacked client or any mods that gives you an unfair advantage. Do not spam the chat. Advertising of servers, websites or any type of gaming community is illegal (you will be banned). We don't want to see you asking anyone if they have a server, followed by asking for the server IP address. If you don't want to play here, don't bother coming in. A staff member may ask you to change your name if it is identical to another player or is offensive. Please do not use inappropriate, vulgar, or sexually suggestive nicknames. Be nice! Creative Rules · Do not build lag machines to cause server lag. · Construction of anything sexually suggestive is prohibited. · If you give someone permission to build on your plot and they grief it, the problem is yours, we will not be able to do anything about it. Survival Rules · Griefing is any time a person modifies ANY structure or blocks that is not their own without consent in chat by the owner to modify it a certain way. · Griefing of any structure built by the staff to serve the community (spawn area, rail system, recreational) is strictly prohibited, if you choose to grief it, you will be removed and have your “trusted status” taking away for a period of time. · When we discover (and we will) who was griefing, you will have the items you've stolen removed from your inventory or structure as well as other items you might deem important. · Theft is when one player takes any items / property of any other player illegally or without consent in chat by the owner. Log block will be the only valid evidence to determine theft and ownership. Any items found on the ground are up for grabs and belong to whoever picks them up. Mods Mods that are legal are: · Minimap as long as it doesn't track entities (players, mobs) · Optifine · Any texture pack that IS NOT x-ray (can see through blocks) · Any single player mods that DO NOT affect multiplayer · Cape Mods · Brightness mods · Armor HUD to show durability · Potion HUD · Macro key binding Illegal mods are anything that gives the user an advantage over other players include but are not limited to: Flying Jumping more than the normal number of blocks Any mod / texture pack that allows players to see through blocks / find ores Speed hacks Toggle Sneak Any movement mods (example: Movement+) Any other mods that enhance your gameplay in an unfair way Too Many Items As a trusted member of the Rencorner Minecraft servers, you will be awarded some "perks!" In return, we expect all "Trusted " players to: Be respectful of other players and the moderating team, Do not use our server to advertise another server. Not cause trouble. Play fairly, if you are caught cheating, you will lose your trusted status! Perks include: /tpa Trusted tag alongside your name 5 Set homes 5 claims in survival World Edit in creative Please allow time for us to process your application. If you don't receive your "Trusted status" within a few days, check your topic, for any comments. DO NOT MAKE MORE THAN 1 POST! Thanks!
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    I don't post very often but are you fucking kidding me? You blatantly and unapologetically abuse your mod powers and then post about it like it is not big deal. Again ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??? You were a server moderator. Your represented Rencorner. I don't give a fuck how mdogg decided to play. It's a public server. You don't get to control how others play regardless of your history with them. There are many times I want to tell people how to play but I don't. BECAUSE ITS A PUBLIC SERVER. Furthermore, you are banned until you apologize to mdoog, Manuel, Shaitan, Me, and Rencorner for being a terrible representation of the community and for abusing your powers. If you can not do that you are no longer welcome in our community. Rob
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    Scripts 4.3 has been released! Read more at RenegadeForums.com: http://www.renegadeforums.com/index.php?t=msg&goto=491809&#msg_491809
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    You can have your opinions. Our rules clearly state no Glitching. It is not allowed. If there is a case where you can prove someone is doing it warn them, then kick. then temp ban. We tried making exceptions in the past and it didn't work. We will not allow people to abuse glitches. I am pretty disappointed people are trying to justify it. It wasn't meant to be in Renegade so do NOT allow it.
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    a short vid of my lag shots
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    Hellooooo Rencorner! Well I have some exciting news for all of you. Rencorner has been going through a lot of changes for the better and we have also been expanding and upgrading quite a bit. I have been putting off this posts because I didn't want to make a bunch of little posts. We have had some promotions and demotions of staff and also added recruited a few new guys. In keeping with the Rencorner spirit please welcome the new comers and make them feel at home. After I make this post I will update all the staff lists in each game so it is easy to see which mod is for which game(s). 1. Rust: First and Foremost, We are hosting a brand new video game called Rust. You can connect at rust.rencorner.com:28035 Please see Anthrax's post to see the extensive details about our server. I will go into a bit more detail with the game itself: Rust is a survival game created by Facepunch Studios. Inspired by games like DayZ, Minecraft and Stalker – Rust aims to create a hostile environment in which emergent gameplay can flourish. The aim of the game is to survive. To do this the player should gather resources. Hitting a tree with a rock will give you wood, hitting a rock with a rock will give you rock and ore. You can then craft a hatchet from the wood and rock, allowing you to gather faster. You can go out and hunt a variety of wildlife such as boars, chickens, rabbits, bears, wolves and deer. Once you have killed an animal you can butcher it to gather its meat and skin. You can craft a fire using wood and cook the meat inside the fire. Then you can eat. You face two major dangers in game. Rust is a multiplayer game, so there will be other players trying to survive in the same way that you are. Unfortunately for you they can find you, kill you and take your stuff. Fortunately for you – you can kill them and take their stuff. Or maybe you can make friends and help each other survive. Rust’s world is harsh – so you might need to make friends to survive. The environment is not kind. Bears and wolves will chase and kill you. Falling from a height will kill you. Being exposed to radiation for an extended period will kill you. Starving will kill you. Being cold will kill you. It is also to be noted that you you go into sleeper mode in this game. So even if you are not online your character still is and you can be killed. To prevent this you need to build a house or base with materials you gather yourself. Also You cannot join our server with a cracked version. When the game is fully released it's price will increase to around $60 from $19.99 2. Minecraft We have made a lot of changes to minecraft. We have upgraded the box so it has its own dedicated server with plenty of space and RAM to ensure a lag free experience. We have also upgraded a lot of the spawn and added a lot of cool new plugins. As of last night the IRC Bot has been replaced and is working better than ever. I will be redoing permissions from scratch to ensure every has access to all the commands they need. We are also looking at acquiring another minecraft community to come under the Rencorner name. We in-turn will eliminate their server bill and they will expand our player base and servers. We are also working on a couple new servers: KitPvP and Feed the Beast. 3. SHRP Gaming When I first played Rust is was with the SHRP guys. That's when I decided to host Rust. As Sketch and I were talking we soon came to the conclusion we might as well combined communities and help expand both of us. As SHRP mostly plays Rust is also provides with a decent player base to start up. SHRP will continue to host an independent website, but will share are Teamspeak and IRC. Please join me in welcoming them to Rencorner. We hope they enjoy it here! 4. Staff Changes New Recruits: Rust: Ricochet: Rust Admin and DeveloperJesse: Rust Senior ModSketch: Rust Senior Mod Minecraft: Stealth_FPS: DeveloperMoDX: DeveloperSerdyn321: Developer Renegade: Railiak: Promoted to Half ModMatt1284: Promoted to Half Mod All inactive staff from 2-3 months in all games have been removed from staff. So Finally, I hope a lot of you guys check out Rust and get on our server. Also if you haven't checked out Minecraft lately go see what has changed. Make sure to say hi to our new members and give them a warm welcome. Have fun and see you guys in game! -Volcom and Staff.
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    Hello everyone! Well I am pleased to announce we have some promotions and new within RenCorner! News: -We have our very own Counter Strike: Global Offensive server up and running! Billabong will be making a post tonight will all of the details. If you wish to be involved with CS:Go please let Billabong know. -The lag and crashing issue with minecraft has been resolved! Please enjoy the new and improved minecraft server and get to building. -Rencorner will be offering monthly prizes for all games. Details to come shortly! -Server numbers are up for all the gaming servers we host! Keep up the good work guys. Promotions: Administrators: -Good-one-Driver has replaced Billabong as the new Killing Floor Admin! -Billabong has taken on the role of Administrator in Counter Strike: Global Offensive! Senior Mods: -Feda, jks, Applez, and Billabong have been promoted to Senior Mods of Renegade! Full Mods: -WNxProtos, [-HOH-]Manta, Nraacedil have been promoted to Full Mods in Renegade! -SovietWolf has been accepted as full mod in Killing Floor! Congratulations to everyone promoted! Demotions:* Veterans: -OSTKSarah has been moved to the veterans group. Removal: -Skeeze, SpEeDr, WNxsmokey, newtown19, and [synC]Tuus666 have been removed due to extended lack of activity. *Please note if you do not agree with the demotion or removal to PM an administrator and we can look into it. Lastly, I want to thank all the members of the community for staying with RenCorner. We hope you guys enjoy the community and the servers and look forward to having you all in the community in the future!
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    Maybe it's just me DJ, I normally wouldn't care how one idiot decides to represent himself compared the next one. But you're almost twice my age, and you appear to be less mature than when I was 12 running RenCorner back then in 2005-6ish. Everytime you post, I see your avatar; an emoticon scratching as if he was a DJ. I'm sure sometime ago you might've been known around the world as some professional DJ, but I doubt that. Your country says you're from STFU, which I find it ironic because you won't. Then I see that humongous signature of some animal whispering in a kid's ear "Wait till you see my dick - ey bitch!" We have kids, parents, grandparents, and everyone in between coming on this forum. Not only do you look like some kind of weird pedophile, you make us look bad because we sort've tolerate it. I'm not going to do that any longer sadly. You proceeded to call me a "pussi" (with an I at the end of it), and than corrected SpEeDr when he called me Animosky (which in some cases I actually use as my in-game name.) Are you truly retarded, or do you just like trolling on the daily? I personally don't like trolls, so i've fixed your country tag and removed your signature. Just grow up man, really..
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    Just another day in the field (:
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    Found this stuff in the closet lol
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    Video quality should improve by time due youtube video processing.
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    When you're working together with Evie, YKZ, Gozy, Strongice, Shadowfor, Rasoulov, Forithow, Gr8Bigguy, Saurontwo, m0a7n3r (bad spell), or Magikarp (sorry if I missed anyone :D) When Woj is muted. When you call for a rush in team chat and quickly 10 of your teammates are on board. When you actually successfully gunner rush something. When one of your old buddies you haven't seen in forever joins, and all of a sudden your lazy Sunday turns into a Renegade reunion. When you're on Shaitans team and he busts out the mammy, shits about to get real. When an elaborate plan involving like 5 steps goes off without any problems. When your team has lost like 4 buildings vs 0 buildings so you decide to randomly send off a nod soldier to nuke the pedestal, and it actually works. When your team is stank rushing, and for once nobody shoots. When your team is working together!
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    This is fixed in the next version of TT.
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    If you really want to spice things up turn friendly fire on. Then watch all the dumbfucks own theirselves. Gumby
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    Heyo everyone. First off letting you guys know that i have switched from english/wildlife biology double major to English/Communication arts Double major. Im gonna be doing more art as well as alot of reading. BUT right now im here to show you what ive recently done and what im working on. There is more just not on my Computer but Lastly My current one still in progress:
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    Well this has been very unpleasant experience. My name and the name of our community has been questioned and dragged through the mud for the duration of this ordeal. Until this point I have not commented, replied, or took part in any conversation on Renegade Forums or my my side of the story public. I feel I owe you guys what happened on my account. Anything I post here is from my own personal irc logs, paypal, and cell phone. I do not intend to attack Animoski on any level in this post. There has been enough talk about Animoski personal life and choices and if you want to read that go to Renegade Forums. I am just going to present the fact I have and hope you see I acted in a way that best protects Rencorner, its servers and the people in it. First off I want to apologize that this ever happened and for the length of time it took to get back up. There were many factors involved with restoring everything which I will get into more detailed later on. I can confirm all our servers are back up and running and I have no fear of a security breach. I sent the first payment of Neron Host to Animoski on October 29th. It was in the amount of $420.00 (Trying to be funny because of his habit). I then proceeded to send three more $200.00 payments for a total of $1020.00. This gave me 50% share in the Neron host business and Head Administrator of Rencorner. *Note During the time of these payment I made the first server bill payment. That did not come off of the amount I owed Animoski or act as a donation. In the paypal you can see I made the next 5 server payments and sent another $160 to Animoski. That money I will reference later on**, but the $1020.00 I sent was gone. I would also like to note we were receiving donations at this time and you can clearly see I was paying the bills. Here you can see Continued payments for the servers, payments for IRC (Nite-Serv), and another random $50 to Animoski. Then we see a payment of $500 and of $60. The $500 was for the control of Rencorner. The $60 was a birthday present for Animoski. I recieved this text right after the money was obtained: Immediately after he tries to change our deal. As for our deal I will show you our IRC conversation outlining it. Well i know that was a read, but the main points are he was the one who said he was done, he was the one who said $500-$600. I arranged the agreement. He agreed. He wanted it done right away. I said no take a few days to think about it. He did and he still wanted the money. Now let me show you some older texts from when Animoski orginally tried to sell me Rencorner and Neron Host and I denied him. This has been him constantly wanting money and using me as an ATM. He always had stories about things that happened and that is what originally caused me not to trust him. I can best explain that with this IRC log: **I left the rest out because it gets a little too personal. The part I bolded is the part that through me off completely. This by the way is the reference to that other $160. When I originally stripped Animoski of control to the servers I told him to gain my trust back. He sent me many personal messages on irc of random chit chat, which I replied back to. As he was doing this he was approaching members of Rencorner promising them higher up positions. He finally approached someone and said he would be taking back control in 2 weeks. This is when I banned him. He responded by contacting my host and answer questions on their online support and providing my paypal email to gain access to my portal and lock me out. I then called my host and had they called management in. They reviewed the payments and awarded ownership to me and locked Animoski out. However, Cronus got involved. Cronus had set up the proxmox for Animoski and had the master password. He was able to get in no matter how many times I changed the root password. He was able to obtain our website and minecraft server and host it himself. This is how they have it up and running. Now Cronus insists he did nothing wrong and did not hack in. He may of had the password, but he did not have permission to access that box and so in turn that is by definition hacking. Now because Cronus had the master password I had to reformat the entire box and then reconfigure everything. That is what caused all of this downtime. I can tell you now we are secure. That is the basic of events I left some things about but I do not feel they are that important to the point I am trying to make here. Everything I have done is for Rencorner and not for personal gain. I want to thank everyone who has supported us, it is greatly appreciated. We are here for you guys. It is nice to see that your are here for us to. To anyone who was unsure of the events I hope this has cleared it up. If you have any questions please contact me. -Volcom <3
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    Congratulations to both Rencorner and MPF on a successful and populated community war! I had a blast playing at a competitive level again. Thanks to everyone that showed up! This was a perfect example of how renegade is still alive and kicking with a 20 vs 20 Community Match. We played a total of five maps: -Winter_Field -Snow -River_Canyon -Creekdale_Flying -Seige Rencorner won all the maps but they were all good and competitive games! I have attached some screenshots so have a look. Winter Field: Snow: River Canyon: Creekdale Flying: Seige: Final Score: 5-0 for RENCORNER Good Games to all! I really enjoyed it and I looked forward to future matches!
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    You may now use the following domains to access our website, teamspeak, irc, and minecraft. Rencorner.ca Ts.rencorner.cairc.rencorner.camc.rencorner.ca Rencorner.co.uk ts.rencorner.co.ukirc.rencorner.co.ukmc.rencorner.co.uk Rencorner.info ts.rencorner.infoirc.rencorner.infomc.rencorner.info Rencorner.co ts.rencorner.coirc.rencorner.comc.rencorner.coAll of these domains point to the same place. They simply use servers closer to you to connect to our site which should make it much easier for you to access us. Enjoy! P.S. A big thanks to master for purchasing these!
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    We don't have a 'Flame Tank' forum so I'll post here. I always thought the etiquette with weapon drops was that if you 'killed' it it was your pickup unless you chose to decline, in which case anyone nearby who wanted whatever was dropped could pick it up. I can give the specific circumstances if anyones interested but....... 'The next ignorant, selfish, bastard motherfucker that steals one of my weapon pickups will face the banhammer of StJohn. I fucking killed it, it's my fucking weapon not yours you arsehole. If you want more guns go kill your own shit and stop stealing mine' List of Cunts: 1. Yenxa Rant over.... I feel better now Gumby
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    The following updates have been applied to the marathon server: Additions: -Veteran points gained from killing will now be split amongst all players that damaged the unit or building. -Players will now receive veteran points for stealing enemy vehicles. -Command "!vet" has been added to get a player's rank, veteran points, and veteran points needed for the next rank. This command can also be accessed by using the "VetInfo" keyboard shortcut, bound to Delete by default. -Messages have been added for when a player steals an enemy vehicle. -Backpacks will now have an icon above them that shows what weapons they contain. -Players can now have multiple tags. -Purchase discounts have been added to the veteran system. They will apply to items bought from PTs as well as the tank command and purchasable weapons. -Parachutes have been added to Transport Helicopters. They will automatically deploy when a player exits the vehicle. -Transport Helicopters now have upgraded armor that makes them more resistant to ramjets, snipers, and automatic rifles. -Command "!sounds" has been added that will send the player a list of all sound commands. -Commands "!enablesounds" and "!disablesounds" have been added. Allows a player to toggle whether they hear sound commands. -Volt Auto Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Strong Rocket Launchers, Tiberium Flechette Guns, Chem Sprayers, and Tiberium Auto Rifles can now be purchased through chat commands. -Command "!weapons" has been added and will send the player a list of all purchasable weapons. Changes: -Vehicles purchased with the tank command will now be dropped off at a preset location. -Vehicles purchased with the tank command will now be locked to their purchaser when dropped off. -Prices for the tank command and purchasable weapons will now double when the Power Plant is destroyed. -Purchasable weapons are now team specific. -Veteran points gained from killing Harvesters and Turrets have been increased. -Veteran points gained from repairing have been increased. -Veteran points gained from disarming C4 have been reduced. -The health regeneration granted by the veteran system has been reduced. -The health increase and regeneration granted to vehicles by the veteran system will now be applied in a smoother fashion and will remain with the vehicle until a different player enters the driver seat. Bug Fixes: -Fixed bug that caused health increases from the veteran system to stack, causing a much larger increase in health than intended. -Veteran status and points will no longer reset when leaving/rejoining the game.
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    I have let a lot of it slide but it is getting to a point where it is making our forums look like a joke. Please stop with the spam posts in topic and the shoutbox. From now on when they are posted they will be deleted and if it continues after that your posting abilities will be put on moderated so they need to be approved before visible. I am sorry it has come to this, but we are trying to maintain a positive aurora and want people to continue registering and becoming members of this community. It is ok to post the odd joke or troll, but it has gone way too overboard and needs to stop. Thanks for your understanding.
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    On March 19th, RenCorner will officially turn a year old! As many of you probably already know, i'm quite shit when it comes to coming up with ideas/plans, and seeing as the 19th is on a Tuesday, i'm thinking we can either celebrate the anniversary the weekend before (which is this weekend) or the weekend after (not this weekend but the one after) - I suppose the latter is better. I would expect our trusty definitely not slacky commwar organizer Gumby to come with up something but I feel we should also include Minecraft in this. Therefore i'm thinking a day of Renegaming and a day of Minederping around? Any suggestions as to what we should do would be awesome - and we'll most likely do most of the stuff suggested! More information on any official dates will be posted in a new thread in their respective category. Most of all, I wanted to express that when I put RenCorner up a year ago, I didn't expect us to last more than a few months. Today we're standing as one of three remaining relevant communities in Renegade and with a fun enticing presence in Minecraft - I couldn't be happier of where we're at and where we're headed. Thanks to the entire community for making this happen, putting in their free time and effort into help making us a community of gamers by gamers for gamers! Heres to another year of meeting new friends, gaming it up with old ones, and hopefully less drama we all have to deal with!
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    Lately it seems all a few of you want to do is post flame-fests and not listen when reasoned with. This is towards DJ & MDK, Bubble & Liam. From now on I'm not even locking/deleting your posts/topics. I'm just going to ban you from posting for a day(minimum). This applies to the Shoutbox, IRC, teamspeak, and ingame. If you're a moderator taking part in this from now on, consider your privileges revoked. Get along or I'm going to help you get along, the way I should have in the beginning(even with your whinefests of "abboose"/facebookfests). Instead of this crap, you people should be doing your part in keeping the servers active.
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    Have I told you lately how much I like most of you guys and gals? No? Well, I still haven't. Bazinga! P.S thank you all for keeping us afloat by playing our servers, moderating, donating, working on, and being annoying. ;p
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    Please join me to congratulate creed3020 and shadowfor on becoming our newest full moderators! Both of them have been doing an excellent job! The following moderators have been removed from staff due to inactivity: StJohnGumby OSTKFeda m0a0n7er Rencorner Administration
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    There was once a saying created by Soda 1) If a higher ranked staff member is there, let them handle the problem and if you see someone already handling a problem let them handle it, this applies to all terraria mods.
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    Hey guys. @ice187dna had a great idea of trying to film the funwars. I filmed all the games today and ended up with hours of footage. I decided to take a knock at editing it myself. Instead of going through every single game, I just went through the first few - the biggest games. This was my first time making a video so it definitely isn't the best. I tried to edit it as many of the uninteresting portions of the game as I could. Keep in mind, everything is from my perspective as I was recording so I couldn't show every single thing that happened. I hope you all enjoy the video! Great games today guys, I hope we can do it again soon! Thanks for showing up everyone!
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    Great, now i have to update my aimbot again
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    if ur still playing renegade, i dont think another game would make you play that much less imo
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    I agree, remove the shotguns! An apc/engy rush is very OP, HSing every spawner in a building. Engy's already have Remote c4 for short range damage, giving them a shotgun gives them an unfair adv for a 0 credit troop. Let's not play Renegods and start changing the original characters & tanks please!! Westwood had it right, it's what we're all here to play! And especially now that Renegade is getting old, maybe we should pay a bit of homage to it and try to keep it as close to original as possible. Let the ultraAOW people mod the game into garbage. RenCorner should be the server for people who enjoy regular ren. Edit: 1 last thing, some use the argument that 'shotguns are funner', well pistol whipping and remote tossing is also pretty fun, and it's not fun getting buildings owned by apcs full of engys with shotguns. You could be a mobius in there and get owned.
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    Disclosure : This is for humor purposes only. If any if this hurts your feelings or makes you rage, it was by all means not intentional. Please have a pint of beer / hot bath / smooth jazz listening session and come check again in 20 minutes. Edit : Sorry for the double n delu oO
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    Before you call people downy's, autistic or wish cancer on them, you need to do some soul searching. Realize that any community is made up of all kinds of people, some perfect, some disabled. There is nothing to gain by saying things that you have said. You are 25 yrs old, you are not superior enough to be passing judgement on other people you don't know. You know better unless you are a retard and I don't believe you are! I think you need a crash course in respect, you have already seen how far being an asshole got you! Frankly, you should have thought about how you would get your tank repaired before you got testy and called out our mods. You are just the kind of shithead that no one will miss. Joe
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    Hello! Looking to get on IRC? Here's a copy of my cracked mIRC client (no annoying payment reminders, hopefully!), pared down to make it easy to get on Rencorner's IRC network. Some Q&A info to get you started: Uh, what do I do with this file? This is a .zip file. Your computer should already have a way to open these (and if not, I suggest WinRar or 7zip as a program to open them. Right-click the file and choose 'Extract here', then go to the location you extracted the program to and run mirc.exe. It's whining at me that I need to pay/that I have 30 days to use this program. mIRC is like WinRar - it nags you forever but never makes you actually do anything. This SHOULD be my cracked version, so you shouldn't get nagged - but if you do, ignore it. Wait a few seconds and click continue. Even when it 'runs out of time', it'll just make you wait a few seconds to be able to click continue - you'll always be able to use the program. Help! My name is RCUser! That's the default name the client uses for you. To change it, type /nick newnameyouwant. To change it in the settings, click on the little toolbox icon to the right of the lightning bolt, and go to the very top option in the menu tree on the left. You'll find the boxes to change your name there. How do I register? Once you're on the network (which, with this client, should connect automatically when you start the program), you should register your nickname by typing /ns register passwordyouwant emailaddress. The server will typically send you an email to that address containing a line of text starting with / - you need to copy and paste this text into IRC to finalize your registration. (You can copy and paste by highlighting the whole phrase, then on Windows typing Ctrl+C, going to mIRC, and typing Ctrl+V - or on Mac, Command-C and Command-V, I believe.) How do I login? If you've registered, you log in by typing /ns identify yourpassword. (Fun bonus - if you go to Aliases and change YOURPASSWORDHERE to your NickServ password, you can log in by pressing F1.) (For Terraria) How do I make my messages ingame show as my rank, not (guest)? For server 1, type /msg RCterraria login YourTerrariaAccountName YourTerrariaAccountPassword For server 2, it's the same - but message rcterraria2 instead. For example, if my ingame name was ShakaLaka and my password was boom, I would type /msg RCterraria login ShakaLaka boom Uh, I don't play Terraria.. how do I get to other channels? You can click the icon of a scroll with a # sign to get a list of all channels (chatrooms) on the Rencorner network. From there, you can double click to join. Alternatively, if you know the name of the channel you want to join, you can join it manually by using /join #channelname. For example, to join #rc-terraria (the main chat for Terraria server 1), you would type /join #rc-terraria. This client should automatically join #RenCorner. TL;DR: For Terraria players, make sure you use your own nickname, log in to IRC with /ns identify password, and log in to the bot with /msg rcterraria login terrariausername terrariapassword Rencorner mIRC.zip
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    Out of respect for the length of time Jelly has been around and what they helped Renegade achieve; I think we can give them support and help celebrate their final day with them on their server.
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    Animoski started it up. I fed him drugs money for lulz. Drama starts when people found out. Volcom took over. Animoski wanted moar drugs money. I said no. Then he went to suck volcom's dick for cash. He also said no. Then he died. Happy end.
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    Hey guys its Sketchz Here! We would like to say thanks to us having over 1000 Members! Such a far way Rencorner has come and to celebrate this, I designed a wallpaper for Rencorner Featuring all the games we host here. I also recorded myself making this video and turned a 2 and a half hour video into 4 minutes showing how the image was designed, Its pretty neat, check it out and give some feedback The video is here and the wallpaper here Also we are planning on hitting off hard for Social media, Rencorner has its own Facebook page, please head over and like that here https://www.facebook.com/RencornerNetwork That way you will keep up to all the latest Rencorner updates and events. -SKeTcHz
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    Hey guys, Came on today and bam: Our numbers go up everyday. Keep it up guys. <3 -Volcom
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    I am growing very tired of reading you ignorant and arrogant posts. I am not sure why you have waltzed into this community like you own the place, but I can assure you, you don't. People come here to have fun and play video games. Not get abused by some random person that just decided to join the game and talk down to everyone. If you want to stay at Rencorner I suggest you start acting like an adult instead of rivaling everything anyone says to you. You have broke more than one rule since being here. Consider this your final warning.
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    I just want to say that this is a very good community to be a part of. I joined up yesterday and I had multiple members help me with mirc, ts, and minecraft issues. So thank you to those people including James, dronez, demnted, and the others who helped. I really appreciate it.
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    THIS THREAD IS FOR FUN ANY OFFENCE TAKEN WILL BE NOTED AND LAUGHED AT! WNxAnimoski TROJAN SHAITAN WYLD1USA WNxM45T3R DRONEZ BLACKY 404 - error person not found RELAX [sYNC]APPLEZ / [synC]billabong Good-one-Dildo Joetorp GUMBY FLAPPY FEDA mmm8282 Speeder XFastIII http://i1149.photobucket.com/albums/o584/WNxM45T3R/xfast_zps169a6327.jpg WNxSMOKEY http://i1149.photobucket.com/albums/o584/WNxM45T3R/Smokey_zps9a77be03.jpg CEREALKILLER http://i1149.photobucket.com/albums/o584/WNxM45T3R/64400_449534641798420_897421737_n_zpse467e692.jpg nraacedil http://i1149.photobucket.com/albums/o584/WNxM45T3R/Animoski_zps174b6b9a.jpg OSTKDisplay http://i1149.photobucket.com/albums/o584/WNxM45T3R/Display_zpsddb054fe.jpg I ran out :/
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    a little server info for noob and me when i first came to the forums i came looking for this kinda info so i made a topic for people to find it. some command list's, some items have 2 or more types of command e.g. !rep !repgun so on. i am not 100% sure but i think it was changed a little rescently, if you lose your Power Plant !weaps and !tank are 2x the price as well also with each Vet rank you get discount on buying items (again not 100% sure how much.) !weaps - gives you the list of Weaps in game, Best used when you have no Hand of Nod Or Barracks , also good for when you want extra guns.   Nod and GDI !auto - 125 creds gives you an Automatic Rifle !shotgun - 125 creds gives you a Shotgun !chain - 250 creds give you Chain Gun !rocket - 200 creds gives you a Rocket Launhcer (Weak) !proxy - 600 creds gives you Proximity Mines !sniper - 800 creds give you the Deadeye/Blackhand sniper (weak sniper) !repgun - 300 creds gives you a Repair Weapon (weak) !ramjet - 1,500 creds gives you a Ramjet Rifle (strong sniper) !volt - 1,500 creds gives you Volt Auto Rifle   GDI only !tib - 200 creds give you a Tiberium Auto Rifle !flech - 500 creds gives you Tiberium Flechette Gun !srocket - 800 creds give you Rocket Launcher (Strong) !pic - 1,500 creds gives you a Personal Ion Cannon Weapon   Nod only !chem - 200 creds give you Chem Sprayer !laser - 500 creds gives you a SBH Laser Rifle !lcg - 700 creds gives you a Laser Chain Gun !rail - 1,500 creds gives you a Rail Gun   !tank - Air drops a tank into your base at an increased cost (best used when you have no Weapons Factory or Airstrip) !tank - 2400 (GDI) Medium Tank !tank - 1800 (Nod) Light Tank !Vet - Tells you how many vet point you have and how many you need (thanks to whitedragon for the edit with more info) 0 - 25 Officer Cadet, no added increase 25 - 50 Lieutenant, 5% increase to infantry health, 5% increase to vehicle health, 5% discount on all purchases. 50 - 75 Colonel, 10% increase to infantry health, 7.5% increase to vehicle health, 7.5% discount on all purchases. 75 - 100 Brigadier, 15% increase to infantry health, 10% increase to vehicle health, 10% discount on all purchases. 100 - 150 Lieutenant General, 18% increase to infantry health, 12.5% increase to vehicle health, 12.5% discount on all purchases. 150+ General, 20% increase to infantry health, 15% increase to vehicle health, 15% discount on all purchases. You also gain some health regeneration for yourself and your vehicle. You gain vet points by being active, easiest way i find is. 1. Repairing gains 1 Vet Point every 300 damage repaired 2. Defusing C4 gains 1 Vet Point 3. Disarming beacons gains 6 Vet Points 4. Killing infantry gains 1-3 Vet Points 5. Destroying vehicles gains 2-5 Vet Points 6. Destroying buildings gains 20 Vet Points This info i gained by playing on the RenCorner Server so if any of it may be wrong or i have missed any i am sorry but this is based on gameplay and player info only.
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    We just put in an order for a new server and it will be replacing the one we have right now. The main reason for the move is because the server we have right now, although decently powerful is with a company and datacenter that has consistent connection issues, ranging from severe packet losses to random disconnections overall. It's been happening everyday for a month now, and even though we have put in tickets with the company, they refuse to do anything about it and they've actually pinned the blame on us (they said it's a problem with my ISP) and that their end is clear. Although, everyone lags out at once, it's obviously not my internet but theirs. Our new server will be costing us nearly double what we have been paying, but it will have more than twice the processing power, and every other spec will be the same. This new company we are working with have a very good reputation for having a very solid datacenter that focuses on stability and even includes extremely good DDoS protection, so we should be good for the long haul with this server. Believe me when I say i've been looking for weeks for a new server that isn't too expensive. We need all the donations we can get, but don't worry - because of this new server, we will be giving RenCorner nothing but new and improved servers. Our Minecraft server is almost ready for the public, Renegade has more custom stuff coming to it, and we have the following game servers coming soon: CSS, TF2, and CoD4. If you would like to donate (believe me, it's well needed) , please help us out by looking here: http://www.rencorner.net/forums/index.php/topic/11-how-and-why-you-should-donate/ Any and all donations goes directly to benefit the community and not anyone specifically by any means.
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    in almost 28 yrs, how bout you? are you a teenager yet?