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    Plans for the new upgrade to 1.13

    Ok, here are some thoughts about 1.13 when we redo the server, remember this will be an aquatic update. It is supposed to be here 3rd or 4th week of July. Survival - New spawn,hard mode, and keeping normal mode and /fly for trusted, allow spawners. Factions – New spawn, hard mode with spawners Skyblock – New spawn, keep as is, add /fly and spawners, move skygrid to Skyblocks and use it as a resource (like we did in 1.7). Also have a lobby to choose between Skyblocks and Seablocks (move the island level to sea level and build underwater, details to be worked out). Prison – New spawn, make cells smaller (4x6), perhaps change the game to cops and robbers Allow mods Redo the hub, remove build battle, skygrid, and keep other games. Archery to have enchanted bows and swords GTA – new spawn, perhaps a different city map Add Walking Dead to minigames Add racing tracks to minigames. Prison- make starter picks have efficiency 2.
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    Add Recon Bike into all maps

    Most people prefer to play vanilla renegade with a few changes, not retarded mpf shit. The rest of your message was very cringey, not sure why ur calling me a laotian... but stop posting.
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    Vultima is correct, remove that file from wherever it is and try starting up the game again. If you want to download a fresh copy of Tomb, delete the tomb file from appdata/roaming/renegade/client/ttfs/files
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    Im guessing its a custom file you put in for a skin of some sort? OR if not... do you already have the map(surely do)? Remove the map from your folder and let it auto-download a non fudged one Also save files at .jpg/jpeg in future, means the file is smaller easier to download(plus it saves space on the server xD)
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    Happy 4th of July everyone !

    Happy 4th of July everyone :) , Today we celebrate when the United States Gained its independence from England in 1776 , also known as Independence Day! , I wish you the very best 4th of July to everyone