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    Plans for the new upgrade to 1.13

    The 1.13 upgrade is coming soon, in light of it being an ocean upgrade, I plan to wipe survival, the hub, skyblock, and creative. I would like to have new spawns for the hub, survival, creative and skyblock. Cam and goon have made a spawn for the hub, and I encourage anyone that is bored atm, to consider building a spawn for anyone of the servers, and we will pick a build for each servers. I know that we don't have any of the new blocks yet, and I don't know what is coming. The builds can be made in creative, one of the Sr Mods can merge the plots for you if needed. The hub should include portals for each server as well as any games that we have now such as wipeout, skygrid, archery range, and tire climb, we also could add the race tracks that are part of survival. The goal is to move players out of the hub to where they want to go and not hang around. The skyblock spawn should include a shop with limited resources or we can include skygrid as a resource center as we had in 1.7, instead of being part of the hub... I like that idea, instead of a shop for buying, the shop could be for selling only. Survival should have an area or separate buildings for shops that contain specific like items, such as a garden, geology, butcher, food market, etc.. We also should have a spot for players to teleport away from the spawn. I think we could increase the size of the plots in creative to 100x100. Cam is building a new spawn for GTA. Feedback is appreciated, what do you think?
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    Show Off Those Chicken Dinners!

    I just thought that this topic was meant for posting chicken dinner winners only xD
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    New donation from shaitan

    Hi shaitan, This $14.00 will go towards the monthly server bills. Thank you kindly from RenCorner Network