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    When MateNone says he's hungry.... @Manuel857 @display
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    As previously mentioned, consider this your formal warning. You have broken every rule we have in the last year, including hacking on your character WIZARD. Tread lightly. I am not your mother, and excuses like 'it wasn't me, it was my brother/friend' and 'I don't even know how to hack' carry no weight. If you make a threat, you will be taken at your word, even if we know you don't have the skills.
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    Thank you for linking him, awesomeblaze200, but just as a quick note - we consider figuring out how to apply properly to be a fundamental skills test, especially as so many of our applicants are young enough that they may not have the requisite skills to do the job - hence why we don't directly link them ourselves beyond telling them the information is on the forums. :)
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    Okay then, Anthony or Jelo. Not the owner's account, obviously, just one you made which displays your IP address. Good job on that. While you're clearly full of shit, bear in mind that if you make threats - however shitty the threats are - you will be taken seriously. As you both share the same dynamic ISP, you can consider yourselves both warned.
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    Holy. This is the most attention seeking prank ive ever seen.
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    I told you this same thing, directly, the last time you returned. You said the same thing then, too, Jelo. Yes, you can play here as long as you follow the rules. Here's that post, in case you forgot.
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    These are functions of Renegade I did not even know still existed. Wow. I feel like it's the summer of 2004.
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    You're supposed to get people gifts for their birthday ... not punish them
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    Take care of yourself, you need to experience 71...
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    We moved to GA in May. I'm a Georgia boy now! Ya'll!
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    Me and Manuel had the pleasure of speaking with MateNone on TeamSpeak today. He is a great, nice guy. He said he is dyslexic, but he said he didn't mind us saying STFU and snerip. If you guys see him on say what's up!
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    They had some real security issues before. They also had it so anything you say/make/upload/transfer was owned by them. That part has changed somewhat, but you still can never tell them they cannot use your own stuff, you gave them license to use it. That shit makes me leery, at least with TS they have no rights to our stuff. The other thing that gets me...what happens when they run out of that starter money? Supposedly they were going to use pay-for-stickers to keep up servers and stuff. lmao stickers paying for that ungodly amount of server/bandwidth alone makes me laugh. *puts away my tinfoil cap for now*
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    This reminds me of MateNone https://instagram.com/p/BV5KdOBDIMW/
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    [12:15:35] (&RCAOW) Player MateNone joined the game on team GDI [Join: GSA, Client: 4.3 7567] [33/60] [12:15:39] (&RCAOW) &{Os}Manuel857: !english [12:15:39] (&RCAOW) Host: [BR] Speak English Only <> Parlez seulement Anglais <> Spreek alleen engels <> Sprechen sie nur Englisch <> Fale O ingles somente <> Parlie inglese soltanto [12:15:40] (&RCAOW) Host: [RC] English motherfucker, do you speak it? [12:15:41] (&RCAOW) &{Os}Manuel857: english [12:15:41] (&RCAOW) PsyDuck666: wat kakker ? [12:15:42] (&RCAOW) TDxForithow: !madenglish [12:15:45] (&RCAOW) &{Os}Manuel857: !madenglish [12:15:46] (&RCAOW) MateNone: stfup [12:15:47] (&RCAOW) strongice: NO [12:15:48] (&RCAOW) @TDxWar0n: !madenglish [12:15:50] (&RCAOW) MateNone: STFU [12:15:51] (&RCAOW) WNxH3adSh00t: english [12:15:52] (&RCAOW) PsyDuck666: kkr is bij mij kakker [12:15:53] (&RCAOW) MateNone: STFU [12:15:53] (&RCAOW) @vador845: stfu [12:15:54] (&RCAOW) TDxForithow: english [12:15:55] (&RCAOW) &{Os}Manuel857: LOL [12:15:55] (&RCAOW) ionxide: !english [12:15:55] (&RCAOW) Host: [BR] Speak English Only <> Parlez seulement Anglais <> Spreek alleen engels <> Sprechen sie nur Englisch <> Fale O ingles somente <> Parlie inglese soltanto [12:15:55] (&RCAOW) MateNone: STFP [12:15:56] (&RCAOW) Host: [RC] English motherfucker, do you speak it? [12:15:58] (&RCAOW) WNxH3adSh00t: xD [12:15:59] (&RCAOW) MateNone: STFU [12:16:00] (&RCAOW) &{Os}Manuel857: STFU [12:16:03] (&RCAOW) WNxH3adSh00t: english [12:16:04] (&RCAOW) N1NJ4: english [12:16:09] (&RCAOW) MateNone: {os}manuel857 [12:16:10] (&RCAOW) [Team] jarjar: TUNNEL [12:16:10] (&RCAOW) [PURCHASE] banja - Havoc [12:16:11] (&RCAOW) &{Os}Manuel857: STFU [12:16:12] (&RCAOW) MateNone: STFU [12:16:28] (&RCAOW) &{Os}Manuel857: god i love u matenone [12:17:13] (&RCAOW) Player MateNone left the game on team Nod [31/60] [12:17:14] (&RCAOW) Host: MateNone lost communication with the server! [12:17:41] (&RCAOW) Player MateNone joined the game on team Nod [Join: GSA, Client: 4.3 7567] [31/60] [12:17:44] (&RCAOW) N1NJ4: english [12:17:45] (&RCAOW) TDxForithow: english [12:17:48] (&RCAOW) Host: [BR] MateNone is using Scripts 4.3 7567. [12:17:50] (&RCAOW) @TDxWar0n: ohno [12:17:50] (&RCAOW) MateNone: sorry hacked by haters [12:17:58] (&RCAOW) [KILL] TDxDutchSkillz killed iB-itai795 (Mobile Artillery VS. Engineer/Remote C4) [LD] 18.9 [12:18:04] (&RCAOW) &{Os}Manuel857: english [12:18:10] (&RCAOW) Host: [BR] Speak English Only <> Parlez seulement Anglais <> Spreek alleen engels <> Sprechen sie nur Englisch <> Fale O ingles somente <> Parlie inglese soltanto [12:18:11] (&RCAOW) Host: [RC] English motherfucker, do you speak it? [12:18:11] (&RCAOW) MateNone: hacked by {Os}Manuel857
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    Happy Birthday dude!
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    Happy birthday Jess
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    *BUMP* Sorry forgot to update yesterday. Doctors gave me and my day 3 months recovery time. Its kid of a big deal for the recipants, knowing their liver is finally working perfectly and has been accepted. So yesterday was the last day of our 3 month recovery. Dad is almost fine, with some slight pain on the stitches. He's on heavy meds which include painkillers, thats the reason for his fast recovery, while me on the other hand the doctors stopped my pain killers 3 days after discharge so it took me a lot longer to heal. I still feel pain on the incision from time to time. Back pains alot for sitting all the time. Thought i should keep you guys updated.
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    [20:56:07] (&RCAOW) MateNone: {os}manuel857 hack [21:01:35] (&RCAOW) MateNone: {os}manuel857 do the tiem hack end since where winning STFU!!!! lol fucking matenone xD
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    Here's a like for your chatbox posting ^^
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    I posted it in the Chatbox last night v:
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    The account name is changed back to normal, the password is reset(he will have to redo the password himself with his email). Whoever you are, stop fucking around.
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    Kindergarten.... Get off baguettes back will ya
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    im done with that,im getting insulted and bullying everytime i speak and i did nothing,im tired of everyone in this community
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    Almost as sad as you replying after one year.. fucking shitty bread
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    You will be missed. But we might be able to recover your build if thats the only reason your leaving. But we regularly start servers over from scratch. I spent a lot of time on rail station and joe even more on rail. But its nice to start over here and there.
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    Welcome To Rencorner! Here You Have Many Things Of Choice! From games to Killing Floors Or Minecraft! Maybe Even Some Dank Forums? Its All Here At Rencorner! So Go Ahead And Make Yourself An Account! Its FFFRRRREEEEEEE Heck you can even put GIFS as your profilr picture, where else could ya do that? insta? nah. The Most Fun You Could Have On A Corner made to show my love of RenCorner and to welcome newbies!
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    By now, you should be honorary owner. I ask wyld to give you an extra large cookie.
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    Thanks blaze.You now have donor 2 rank
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    Happy birthday bro, enjoy your day. @AnThRaX
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    Hey guys, We have recently expanded our community and merged our discord with another. The CIA Watchlist is a great community with lots of fun characters. They have a style that is similar to ours. They enjoy debating politics and current events. The theme changes based on what is relevant and it is very active. Let's show them some Rencorner spirit and hit up the server with some new people and get it even more populated. In personal experience, I find discord a major upgrade to TeamSpeak and hope you guys will move on over. Please give me some time to sort out positions and such but I can't wait to see you guys on there! Here is a perm link to it: https://discord.gg/54YcUnK
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    Just apologize for real and be done with it, Beer. Eventually you'll be forgotten in ban-land otherwise. Good luck finding any people more stubborn, Granny didn't give me the nickname of StoneWall for nothing when I was little. :p
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    Happy birthday Jesse, Seems like I've known you forever.
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    Sorry, Trusted+ is a rank that is considered after 90 days from when you got trusted. It is awarded at the discretion of the admin.
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    You guys do recall that section of the banned rules I made a long time ago, right? "Any person not directly involved in the situation should not post on the thread, and any posts considered irrelevant or nonconstructive will be removed." Manuel answered this well enough here, and I don't think you're ready: [06/21/17 - 15:54] HateSpeechSurvivor
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    I almost forum banned him the other day after the comments I saw. Prob wouldn't have gone down well with the Owner, Co-Owner and Head Administrator with me but, It was the music I was willing to face. He can apologise all he wants, then the mods will let him go and he'll do it all again. That's not teaching someone with an attitude a lesson, a 6month ban from IRC, Renegade, Forums and TS etc might be a start. Then try again, if the same happens increase to a year. Keep doing this and add on 6 months every time he fails until it clicks in is pea brain of his. No more muting/un-muting slap on the wrist every two mins, that's not punishment that's making you lot look like a set of push over mods/server admins. Everyone in the world knows right from wrong there is no 'Oh I didn't know' and play dumb, 'yes I have an attitude problem but it's ok I can get away with it'. Iran is no different. If he has an attitude problem then he either gets it adjusted very quickly or finds another gaming community....simple as that. That's my two bits to this. Yes I am English along with a few people here, and no we are not pathetic low-t cucks!! If you want to bitch about other countries then bitch about your own first!
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    Sorry to hear you are having issues getting on our server! We recently upgraded to, so since you are playing on you will be unable to play here until you get an updated version of the game. We hope to see you again in the future.
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    We are getting ready to upgrade the servers for 1.12. We are going to wipe survival, Skyblock, and Factions clean so as to take advantage of the new stuff from 1.11 and 1.12. Creative will not have any builds wiped. I also am going to give Bedwars a place in our server. We will be putting in a new hub also. GTA will remain at its current level I believe. I don't know the exact date this will happen, but it will be very soon. I'll keep you posted.
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    Ok, I just got my internet back. There is a chance I may have to travel to NY to settle some stuff with my old house, so I may have another interruption. Atm though, I will be available on TS, IRC, forums and in game.
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    If its an entire new world...
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    While I think you have the potential to make a good staff member if you applied yourself, I have serious reservations. Between skilz and I we've told you literally 15 times that vip didn't have extra commands, and you did not listen even when we directly spoke to you. You also lied about your age when you applied. Show us you can be responsible and we'll consider your application in the future.