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    in almost 28 yrs, how bout you? are you a teenager yet?
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    @bad2gurlz I agree with badgirl. No need to call him fag or loser. There shouldn't be any name calling period! We are all adults here and should treat each other with respect. In real life we wouldn't act or say these things (I hope) it should be exactly the same on the internet and gaming. That goes for anyone, including headshot, as he has swore and treated people with disrespect in the past (myself included). This is why wittebolx and cloud-zone failed, because it became the culture to insult people and create a negative environment, do we want rencorner to end up like that? I know I don't
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    Well done Itai, also bubba calling him fag was unnecessary.
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    I know this isn't my jurisdiction, however this is an attack, and as it seems YOU asked to be banned, so if you were in my jurisdiction, I would have done the same, or at the very least something very close to it. I agree 100% You should state what happened in a respectful manner and request what you want in a professional manner. By attacking a staff member, regardless of their actions is inappropriate and from where I come from, that will only extend your punishment and may even end up in a perma. I am NOT a a renegade moderator as I stated, but seeing this topic I felt I needed to share my opinions, thank you for your time Tomo and other moderators and community members that should come across this topic
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    The crow never dies you silly mortal.
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    In this pic dippy is eatin my bum bum. role play carnage club who's down?
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    First remove Sand
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    You know it! Download my shit. yea combined all the sounds to together into one mix file. no one was downloading any maps but the sounds package used by those maps. the file is actually 488 MB but most of you already had some of them so you download what you didn't have which was like 400mb for most. ra1 music 78.8 mb , cnc95 music 276 mb, rxd sounds 100mb, Other rencorner sounds Total of 1,964 Sounds In hind sight I should of lowered the audio quality so the files where not so big. There is only 39 cc95 tracks and its 276 MB Just wait until the new RxD build lol
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    I love u all.
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    probably been admin on every server, what a whore
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    We didn't need that fancy stuff anyways. We did, we really did, send help.
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    Hey people, I'm back from EGX and had a great time. Met some really cool guys who work in the games industry and have insight, hints, tips and advice from them to make it in to my dream job of becoming a level designer for a games studio. It has a been an amazing experience and I can't wait to go back again. I have done so much walking I cannot believe my legs are not stumps by now lol. Ok so, I'll post the images tomorrow as I'm super drained right now and some nice guy sneezed near me and yea, gave me the cold so I feel like crap. Anyone at Rencorner who is from the United Kingdom should go down and hang out. It's been a good experience and........let's just say a game which I play was down there too ;) but they said they will be there next year/time and it will be much bigger. Be prepared for tons of images tomorrow..I took them with my mobile phone mainly and some with my camera (which needs replacing). ice
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    Go read the server rules topic, that's been there for awhile.
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    it's a game, it should be fun..... if you cant be civil and enjoy then don't get on the net, and don't play games! need to grow up
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    I've immediately dealt with it in-game, I don't think this topic, the drama it will probably cause and the name calling are necessary.
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    The weapon command just ruins the balance of the game. Don't get me started on the pimp guns.
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    !psound <SoundFile|SoundFile to Search> has been updated with every server sound added to rencorner and can be updated with Generate_sounds.pl !psound fix to find exact matches if we have many matches. !psound can now be used ingame and IRC Example !psound jks There are 2 sounds with "jks" in the name, listing them now! "jks_giggle.mp3" : time: 1 "jks_laughs.mp3" : time: 1 !psound_jks_gig Global Sound --> (BigWrench@IRC): "jks_giggle.mp3" Command !togglesounds !togglesounds <chatsounds> Wil trigger !disablesounds ingame chat command and hide the input. !togglesounds <sounds> Wil trigger Console command disablesounds2 to stop SNDA sounds and will disable player join and leave sounds. !togglesounds <killsounds> Will disable killing spree sounds, headshot, pistol kill sounds, added building kill sounds !togglesounds <music> - allows music to auto turn when a player joins the server Will trigger the jukebox commands !music on and !music off !togglesounds sounds <- the one u want
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    Since you were a mod with us in Atomix, then you know he was doing his job, Tomo. This is the original topic if you want to look at it: E+Tank fire It isn't that popular of a rule, I know that, but some of you just abused the crap out of it. [09-17][04:38:40] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: tomo [09-17][04:38:43] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: read [09-17][04:38:44] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: the [09-17][04:38:45] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: rules [09-17][04:38:50] <&RCAOW> [HIDECOMMAND] [Dragon]apple5168: !rules [09-17][04:38:50] <&RCAOW> Host: Rules: No cheating, glitching, B2B, 1 man wall hops, tunnel or ledge beacons, flaming vechs, team hampering. Fake beacons are allowed, just not excessively. No more of the jumping out of your vehicle and firing trick. [09-17][04:38:51] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: i don't give a fuck [09-17][04:38:52] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: ban me [09-17][04:38:55] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: lol [09-17][04:39:08] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: you are sayin that i'm not allowed to use pic+ [09-17][04:39:11] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: pic+veh [09-17][04:39:12] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: fuck me [09-17][04:39:15] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: let ren die then [09-17][04:39:57] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: +this is not a trick lol [09-17][04:40:31] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: its funny how they hide all rules in forums [09-17][04:40:37] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: its not hard to add em to !rules [09-17][04:40:40] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: fkin renegods wanna be [09-17][04:40:41] <&RCAOW> PTapioK6: just like 5 min job [09-17][04:40:47] <&RCAOW> [HIDECOMMAND] [Dragon]apple5168: !rules [09-17][04:40:47] <&RCAOW> Host: Rules: No cheating, glitching, B2B, 1 man wall hops, tunnel or ledge beacons, flaming vechs, team hampering. Fake beacons are allowed, just not excessively. No more of the jumping out of your vehicle and firing trick. [09-17][04:40:55] <&RCAOW> %[Dragon]apple5168: see the last thing [09-17][04:40:56] <&RCAOW> OSTKGeeti: whats he doing [09-17][04:41:07] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: i'm just usin pic+veh lol [09-17][04:41:08] <&RCAOW> {Os}Tomo: wtf [09-17][04:42:45] <%[Dragon]apple5168> !kick tomo pic+veh and ignore the warnings [09-17][04:42:46] <&RCAOW> Host: [BR] {Os}Tomo has been kicked and given a 24hr ban from the server by [Dragon]apple5168@IRC for pic+veh and ignore the warnings Don't jump the gun Apple(it was only a couple of minutes that went by), remember you have other tools. He can argue until he turns blue(which he might very well turn blue like a smurf), as long as he stops doing it. Idk if he did or didn't based off of the logs.
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    Pic/rail +vech meaning you get out for a sec and shoot with pic/rail and get back in and shoot with tank and the pic/rail auto reloads. We have that against the rules for the last month I think. It's too overpowered (tho I didn't really mind). apples shouldn't of jumped the gun that fast and 24 hour ban you since this is a new rule and some people haven't been around for a while like you for example. Warn couple times explaining about the new rule, etc should be the right approach. apples is a half moderator after all meaning he's still learning. Bashing him doesn't solve anything. Edit: I've allowed you back to the server.
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    It will only download the sounds you dont have. If your ttfs has a bunch of junk. There is now a built in client command since 4.3 'CLEANUP' Recommend doing this for anyone that plays on multiple servers specially mpf. While ingame type f8 or ` and type CLEANUP https://s26.postimg.org/3u7jtjrrt/cleanup.jpg Their is also command CLEARTTFS that deletes everything Don't do this or you will be downloading 750mb next time you join.
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    Enjoy those 1,412 sound files bitches! @BigWrench will have to answer it, but it looks like he took the sounds from the .mix's & sounds.dat and threw them in the ttfs. As you know he's been revamping things lately, just bear with it. If worse comes to worse, I guess it can be set to download on a few maps only(but I'm not sure if it will cause mismatching that way).
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    LOL! Saw that Live on TV the other day xD But in all seriousness, thoughts and prayers go out to the people in Florida!
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    Texas pulled my heart. Florida is doing the same (and all the areas in it's path). I'm here in Missouri safe and sound, so I feel for those that aren't and have been abruptly uprooted. We can escape our world playing Ren. These victims can't. I can't imagine losing all my possessions and having a 5 x 5 space in a shelter that represents all that is left in my world. If anyone knows someone in need of help or just a kind word let's get it going here and see what our resources can provide. Thoughts and prayers to all involved. <3 <3 <3
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    I think it's that lol. Or it's prolly blacky updating stuff.
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    Yes, thought and prayers go out to them in need..im more than likely to be safe here in North Carolina. everyone else in the states getting bad weather just dont be stoopid please :P
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    I was just watching the news, freshly awake, with no coffee. "Bunch of fucking retards" Regarding the reporters out in that shit for ratings(just showing ghost towns walking down streets pointing out the bent signs).
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    I think bad2gurlz was being sarcastic, haha.
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    Well first off.... luv u too Wyld! Second off..... trist.... you gotta admit that was a clever come back from Joe. You had me laughing joe hahhahahaha
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    Just a random thought and I don't know if it's possible but, have a day where it's literally nod char/veh vs nod char/veh and same for gdi vs gdi. I don't know if this is even possible to do but it would make for some pretty sharp gameplay I imagine!
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    No big deal, all you need to do is to edit the objects.ddb once, then you can use those changes on every map (except maps with custom purchase settings).The download size would be max 5mb.
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    or you have to be brig to buy most weaps lt. general for all weaps and general or tanks? like the very old rank system used to be where you do could !char !weap !vech type of thing i remember old field matches where wf would be dead but being a general to buy vechs and turn the match around i feel like if we cant buy vechs then a lot of games already go to the heavy favored nod side
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    The problem is that it unbalances the game in favor of one "solution". In the end everyone will do the same combo because it's so overpowered.
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    This day, Sunday, is no-rule day(except no cheating, no racism). You guys picked some fruity ass shit, I wasn't about to ask Dragon or Blacky to code all that. Will be another fruity day coming up.
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    Certain people just do it all of the time, destroying tanks like they're paper. It's never been a problem like it has been lately: not everyone did it. One light tank should not be able to wreck 2 mediums, nor a medium wreck 3 arties. If they stop doing it so much, I'll take it back out. That depends on whether people quit abusing the fuck out of it.
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    wait ... you mean i dont have to use the defult one... all this time... been not caring what it looks like
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    I didn't know this wasn't allowed until I re-read the rules. good call itai @WNxH3adSh00t you are a really good sniper, no need for you to be evading death.
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    Value is in eyes of the beholder.
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    Updated list of current sounds playable on the Rencorner AOW server Click to reveal a whopping 572 sound triggers :)
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    Na you can still 2 man wall jump.
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    use haarp and send those hurricans to ISIS
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    dude... still laughing... thats won comback of the year
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    I can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not rackz. Blacky's said a few months ago that he was remaking a couple of maps into rxd maps.
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    Jess Christ Almighty...we don't need to rent servers, we'll use Satomi's net