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    This is our new rotation: Note: There will be some tweaks to the rotation as days go by. Our plan was to add hourglass_rxd flying and some other rxd maps once its ready to go. [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: The map rotation includes: [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: [Field_RxD] Islands Mars Mesa [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Volcano_Flying BunkersTS Under_RxD Bio [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Snow_RxD Glacier_Flying Canyon Complex [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Niagra Tomb Walls Field [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Islands_RxD Uphill_RxD Under Canyon_RxD [23:49:24] (&RCAOW) Host: Volcano City_Flying Complex Walls_Flying Maps removed: Sand, Volcano_RxD, Hourglass, and MetroTS, Maps added: Volcano_flying, BunkersTS, Niagra, and Mars. Lets see how it rolls out.
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    I'll just be speaking for myself here. I don't know if you were expecting to show up here and force your own maps in the rotation this quickly or even change the style the server's been running since 2012, but you'll meet resistance. Since the demise of Jelly we've been running mostly core, unmodified maps with a somewhat classic gameplay as opposed to MPF. It pleases a different crowd of players who wants to play more seriously on maps they know against other knowledgable players. Yes it's true that over the years several fan maps have been added to the rotation following extensive testing, and some of them are permanent fixtures now that people do enjoy. But it took time; remember, we're the last renegade server having a somewhat classic style and we need to be careful with how we manage it. Renegade is on the brink of dying as much as we all don't like it. I'm not a fan of the way you dismiss people who are "afraid of change" and how the downloading part of these maps are the only thing keeping people from playing hundreds of new maps. Most of them have bugs, are imbalanced or just don't fit the type of gameplay people look for when they play around here. MPF is a great place for that, they run heavily modified maps and support a somewhat more laid-back type of play than us, which is really cool but we want to distance from for the sake of diversity. I'm not saying that your maps are bad. I personnaly didn't like backstab but I've heard some did and it's fine. Maybe someday your map will make the rotation, when it's been played several times and people are asking for it. All those maps are still in the database, mods can !snm them to give them a try every now and then when players are willing to give them a go. Shai's been nothing but nice and helpful for putting them in to play for a few days already, you should be thankful for this. But as for making them inside the rotation you'll have to be more patient than this. Especially if this (^) is how you react to us not within 2 weeks of you hanging around here. If you want your maps running NOW on a server... I think you'll have more success running them at MPF.
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    So...how about that no-sniper day Wednesday, wasn't that fun? Tank battles all day, it was glorious. :D Had some get mad at me over it, but the server had 0 people for quite awhile prior. As you noticed vehicle shells are on, limit is 15. Get out there and do some masses! I expect to see at least one orca/apache mass, Gozy. xD This Sunday, Nov 19th, I'll set it to the "mostly vanilla" settings we have used in the past(limited ammo too if possible). Would that be acceptable?
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    Nice to see this place still alive and active. Anyone from the 2007 days still around?
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    There have been things going on here that need to be fixed. They are a result of me being busy in real life but I am going to make time to solve them. Please feel free to message me or hop on teamspeak or discord. https://discord.gg/REhEVNf PS Im always on discord. Rob
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    I created a new youtube channel yesterday. I will upload more rushes, sniping and full gameplays in the future. 2 Videos are already online:
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    Back when the Slender games were relevant, I used to dress up as Slenderman and scare people around my neighborhood. Became a bit of a local celebrity over the years. Good times, good times...
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    I know it will never be like this, but my rotation would look like this: Field_RxD - Complex - Islands - Niagra - City_Flying - Canyon_RxD - Siege - Volcano - Under_RxD - Bio - Walls_Flying - Complex - Snow_RxD - Hourglass - Field - Islands_RxD - Glacier_Flying - Canyon - BunkersTS - Mesa - Walls - Volcano_RxD - Under - Uphill_RxD - City - Tomb Green = New maps that are already in the rotation. Red = New maps that are not in the rotation yet. GOLD = ONE OF THE BEST MAP EVER.
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    If anyone uses this still, go into the Rencorner D/C tab, click Change RC-AOW's IP:Port. Add in the ip and 5001 port(old was 5000).
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    seriously - this map would be fun. I just dont want to play it daily ;) P.s. : we bought 3 Pumpkins yesterday and 2 of them are actually sleeping in our bed O.o - my son in the middle
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    Delete aimbot.exe
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    Just played a game of Niagra with ramjets, honestly, all saks do is sit near the air, shoot in field, even with limited ammo, refill, same boring shit all game
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    Congrats to @Vultima and @xmobster5 for becoming our newest Half Moderators!
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    Hmmmmmmm I wonder if mdogg touched on this before ;)
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    How I heard, Snipers are still disabled on Niagra. So whats next step? #Howtoruinagame
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    Removing snipers is silly. They're part of a balanced game, and some people enjoy that part of the gameplay. Removing them because they annoy you is a terrible reason to do it as well - if they're annoying you, combat them with snipers of your own and/or shell them. Arty whores annoy the shit out of me, but we're not removing arties....?
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    I hate douchebag fuckers who force you to upgrade a superior product for some cool looking piece of shit that has less functionality. :/
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    InvisiHugging glitch is no longer allowed here. This means you have to come out of the corner clearly when you shoot. I'm so glad this now illegal. This is/was another reason I avoided WW servers for so long, and choose GSA or fan maps. Not just because of the maps, but because of this crap. I can VIVIDLY remember walking down into the tunnels on Islands (when I knew of this glitch and when I didn't know of it), and getting sniped for no reason. Then the next time it happens, you see a magic puff of smoke from a Ramjet rifle (God hope they're not using a $500) from where the person is hiding, and you start to question things. I've filmed a lot of videos recently and I haven't seen this at all. Kudos!
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    Holy crap this is still going? Slave just sent me this link.
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    I am proud and happy to announce the appointment of Goonhaven to Sr Mod, and the promotion of jennaxX to half mod, and Godmonopoly to temp mod. Both of these players were promoted in October. Goonhaven has displayed the knowledge that is required for Sr Mod. He has been invaluable to me in getting minigames, kitpvp, and prison online. He has worked hard, and even though he lives in England, he managed to sync his time to accommodate.the time that I spend working on the server. Truly a dedicated, knowledgeable, and hard worker, I can't say enough about his abilities.
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    I guess we would have to modify the map to change armor type for orca/apache, for now we just wanted to test the map as it is considering we had fun that time we played it. There's not a hundred ways to sneak into the base with these flyers and they can still be shot down quite easily using PICs and such. In fact, I'm more concerned of the multiple ramps added in the GDI base and, considering how easy it is to sneak in with an SBH, how painful it can become to defend against those. If we notice Nod is winning a LOT of games, we'll just swap in regular volcano_rxd instead. Same thing goes for Mars, if people get bored quickly we'll just flip it out. Now that we have a small bank of maps to cycle in the rotation, we can expect it to be changed more often than once or twice a year.
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    @masscarriers @DuyGER @Forithow &mask !! nice job !
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    I removed the logos earlier trunks(was kinda busy getting 12 maps in there didn't read the forums). Until the rotation changes in a few days, we've got backstab and halloween maps in the rotation...and a few other treats in the maplist for fun.
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    Here you go @shaitan and @Manuel857 for November rotation, no advertisement :) Backstab_RC.rar
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    Hello everyone, Long time Renegade player here, even longer C&C games player, and W3D/LE developer here. I recently started playing a few games here and there on your server, saw a lot of old names, both in game and here, and figured I'd come here and say hi. See everyone around!
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    I already made a new pic and complied the map and LE. I'll load that version up soon for you guys. :)
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    I want to see BunkersTS back in the rotation!
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    Basicly like invis, just moderate it. Has worked pretty good after a while, i rarely/never see someone invis (probably because i only sit in tanks to WIN the game lol)
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    god bless renguard
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    I’ve noticed that people like Chris and Nickk were recently posting videos of themselves playing ren, and tbh I’ve been called a cheater a lot as well lately... So I’ve decided to post my own as well! It’s always fun to see some gameplay from good players so I thought, why not? Maybe people will think I’m legit from now on.. I’ve even left a scene where I die, so I don’t look too l33t sk1llz. Oh and there’s an exciting part around 1:37 where I kill a building! List of song is at the end of the video. Enjoy! (sorry for somewhat crappy quality, my computer sucks)
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    For @Joetorp I think this is Minecraft's New Year's 2018 treat. Not watched the entire video but it's something which might have the MC people coming back. Hope you are excited about it as I am. It looks cool. New content includes: Trident Weapon. Shipwrecks. Dolphins. Coral Reefs. http://www.pcgamer.com/minecraft-is-adding-tridents-shipwrecks-dolphins-and-coral-reefs-in-spring-2018/ What do you think @Joetorp?
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    , , and finally (Naw but seriously, awesome!)
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    I am doing well, I haven't been in Ren for months, I will get on soon, I miss the game.
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    Happy Birthday Wet Dog
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    STFU Happy Birthday!
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    Yeah, there are times where I say someone was invis but then again I don't have the best ping (always at 130+), so I lag a lot too
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    you want to kick people for hugging?
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    Hi Trunks! Welcome back! Renegade missed you.
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    You say you have a halloween map, trunks? What's the style(big/little/tank/character) for battling? Will it work with TT's resource downloaded? Some of the good old maps won't work with that.
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    I love fan maps when they are done right. I hate having to choose between 30 vehicles and Infantry only to find out they are sh*t. <3 the MPF guys... hate the mod.
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    And by goldfish he means his penis and he wants to strap a laser pointer to it. Thanks Raven.
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