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  2. 1. My name is Eric 2. My ingame character name is also Eric 3. I am 12 4. I am from the U.S.A and I am in the Midwest region (Ohio) 5. I started playing 3ds version in April, computer version less than a week. 6. I found the server when I was looking for servers, I was just randomly picking one and it happened to be this. 7. I've been playing on this server for 3 days. 8 I want vip for a couple reasons. One is to make a portal gun puzzle, and another is because I've heard about the warp Vip thing, and I want to add on and create mini biomes as a garden for the warp, and C, it seems like it may make my multiplayer terraria experience better.
  3. Im not a mainstream guy, the only shit i remember hearing about was those faggot-spinners. So i made my own meme calendar:
  4. I still want to help the server, but as previously stated by Satomi that i was caught hacking was not true I don't hack the server and I want to prove it. just now i saw a name Is this the user Satomi was talking about? Because i am telling the truth i literally don't hack
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  6. Welcome to Rencorner Minecraft, Nic. Your application has been accepted. Please respect our rules! Please vote for our server here: Happy that you stopped by, make some nice builds here like you did in your other server.
  7. Nic NicTheFifth 17 Netherlands 2 years, seven months, seven days Yes, by masterofkeyblade look at the answer above ^ I donut :/ though if I get ip's I shall!
  8. You do not still have windows vista. OMG. You should know that's not even supported anymore.
  9. Thank you!!!!!!!!
  10. Thanks fab!
  11. ahahaha tobad its not like that in reallife
  12. Lol... Just glad i can help you guys out
  13. I believe you're missing /login (even though it tells you multiple times when you're stoned at spawn :p)
  14. there you go rackz... the perfect picture for you RACKS OF CASH!!!
  17. Thanks rackz!
  18. thanks fab!
  19. ok thank you
  20. thank you mr.fabre fabulous!
  21. Ok i thought you were still working on it yesterday. we will vote on it and let you know give us about a week
  22. Thank you fab!!
  23. Thanks!
  24. Thank you for your donation.
  25. Hi Fabregas4, Thank you for your donation of $100.00. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks RenCorner Network
  26. GG boys and girls, it was very enjoyable...especially that hail mary of an apc rush we did on walls LOL @Manuel857@mdogg1108 If you can figure out who came runner up on the field game, please give them my prize :)
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