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  2. The kbps displayed in Ren can be very different depending on the overall activity but also where you are. Eg a 4 player game will be very different from a 30 player game. But also if you tend to stay on tunes you'll use way less data than when you're in the field. Kbps generally varies from 20 to 350 in the rencorner server. If we take a maximum of constant 300 kbps in a full server, we'll have an over estimated calculation. You need to do 300 kbps / 8 (convert to kB / s)*60 (1 minute) * 60 (1 hour) / 1024 (convert to MB per hour). That would be 131 MB per hour. But it's probably less. But could also be more. Cause you need to add the data the server downloads to your hard disk. Take for example when we add new sounds.
  3. meaning you have no idea!
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  5. and plus I know how to make a vip app so I wouldnt post on someones elses vip app
  6. maybe its time for a password change
  7. ok what? I didnt write that ive been inactive on forums since now!
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  9. Actually it may be more :p. It depends on a lot of factors.
  10. v264.0 This version has some fatal errors. I have only updated the Island map as of yet. It is a know problem with OFFICIAL AND UNOFFICIAL SERVERS throughout ARK. The devs are working on a solution to fix this in a patch. It's affected the Island Map, Scorched Earth and Ragnarok. There should be a patch due out....there is a patch out now. Will update the Island map first and test it out.
  11. HOW MUCH????
  12. It's way, way less!
  13. I see, but on average does it take 1gb for 5 hours play?
  15. you see the kbits use on top right wich differs by playercount. press f8 and type in: fps then hit enter
  16. Hi guys, My data package has always been unlimited downloading. I was wondering how much data is used while playing renegade. Lets say 5 hours as an average?
  17. Also here you clearly see, the gun is not facing the Reticle
  18. As you see on these two screenshots, in first person view you can shoot alot more down compared to third person view. Also in first person view the reticle dot isnt moving... thats what really pisses me off compared to third person view. Since few last patches its now possible to use diffrent camera settings per map. The cameras.ini as a few more settings than just changing the distance... Do you guys think it would be possible to adjust the cameras.ini to get rid of that horrible reticle dot movement? or maybe even by coding? or maybe by adjusting the character-skeleton bones? Also how about some additional settings for RenCorner server?
  19. Ice, you need anymore pictures for your Facebook? Feel free to any of the ice builds I posted. c:

    1. ice187dna


      Yea that will be brilliant. Thanx.

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  21. Neato
  22. The account name is changed back to normal, the password is reset(he will have to redo the password himself with his email). Whoever you are, stop fucking around.
  23. As previously mentioned, consider this your formal warning. You have broken every rule we have in the last year, including hacking on your character WIZARD. Tread lightly. I am not your mother, and excuses like 'it wasn't me, it was my brother/friend' and 'I don't even know how to hack' carry no weight. If you make a threat, you will be taken at your word, even if we know you don't have the skills.
  24. how can someone as young of the 2 of us do such a thing like hack a forum. honestly i dont even know the gang Anonymous
  25. This isn't a matter of hacking - just poor decision making by one of our young Filipino players.
  26. Skilz y does the irc terraria chat does not show the server chat?
  27. Thats the way how to handle with internet-Gangster-kids
  28. Jeez man, hardcore...
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