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  3. It is a long ways off til 1.14, don't know what 1.13 will bring, but I suspect we will stay at 1.12 until 1.14.
  4. On the off chance ya catch this, HMU on steam. Redwind Revolution

  5. !ban
  6. cant believe we lost the barr like that, still had my apc though :> when i got back idiots were still running around the barr when the nuke was inside
  7. Topic_change.
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  9. Im not trying to say arties are better than snipers or whatever I know forms of playstyles are countered by other playstyles, just trying to make observations based on what happens in games, where that doesn't seem to be the case. Such as... on certain maps, they are uncounterable(Niagra huge example, the snipers outrange the arties entirely), honestly other forms of infantry might as well not exist on that map because they are powerless due to range limitations, which just makes gameplay stale. I'm not siding with any argument I agree that players need to try harder and switch up their playstyle, but from current observations, gameplay gets stale on certain maps and its mainly due to ramjets, sure you can splash a tunnel for 2 min but thats not thrilling either is it(stale), I thought the purpose of this thread was to revitalize the gameplay to keep people interested? 1. City Flying, no flying vehicles on such a large map? Game normally ends in a stank rush, there is hardly ever a good "fight", just one sweep of events that wins the game, the games that last long on that map are circumstantial such as air and wf dies at the same time ect... 2. Niagra, might as well not use any infantry or light armor, your only option is to join in with the snipe fest, which isn't as fun for most of the population and lets face it, are not gonna keep up with the players than snipe 24/7(boring and stale). 3. Field, this one being MUCH less of an issue but the most apparent because the games last so long, all im trynna say is it can turn into a snipe fest, in which case, one playstyle doesn't counter another playstyle(because of the sheer number of ramjets) ^ This is what im agreeing with totally
  10. I thought that opening rush on Islands in your video was from last night. VERY similar to last nights match, I mean stalemate.
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  12. fake
  13. Boobs_again.
  14. Well it's a case of keep it as it is with no new content or risk a wipe of the world, have a fresh start and hopefully the new content will bring the peeps in. If I advertise on the Facebook and Steam group to let peeps know. Still need to ask @Volcom (when he's around) about the Instagram thing which @jennaxX asked me about and get things moving on there too. I know we have a Twitter account too but it's been inactive for a year or two maybe. I think risking the world wipe Joe might cause a bit of a stir but, if people know that you are going to wipe then they might understand rather than just wiping it one random day without any notice. But it's up to you what you think of it.
  15. You posted a video, it's small and hard to tell on my tablet, hence me asking what you used. It's like the clear scope w/infinite zoom, any skin with emittors: big old negative. If no one else posts links, I'll upload after work mdogg. We used to have them on here(technically still do), but with this shit forum we lost the downloads section.
  16. Anyone have link for motes and proxies?
  17. I used the gold sniper back in 2008 and it never gave me an advantage.
  18. Certainly not on my stupidly small computer screen. I can barely see the barn on field on good days. Plus... Who cares about the sniper, what you need to see is the head :P
  19. There's a difference between yellow and the old gold can see the golden ones clear across a map.
  20. Yeah why cause I got spongebob c4. I need to get spongebob remote and proxy and nuke now
  21. Can I inquire why? Just out of curiosity, I mean, what's with gold specificaly... I've seen anthrax use way worse colors than that lol
  22. Most skins are allowed here, only reason I wanted to see them was to check if they were gold beacons. Those and gold snipers will never be allowed.
  23. Dat orca rush on walls flying was epic xD
  24. I now have removed all skins from my data folder @gozy. They don't really help much anyway.
  25. haha sheila, I thought you already knew. rackz posted the link for yellow nuke. Yes, I use the same Ion/Nuke skins that rackz posted. I have seen worse.
  26. seems to be missing those particle missles for the holy trinity of advantage skins tho
  27. Those advantage skins are almost as bad as other cheats...
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