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    • elloGuy  »  Slave

      Hello everyone,
      looks like most of you are still alive...
      Here's to the good old days.
      log file: bhs_renlog_4-10-108 (April 10, 2008 @8:22pm)
      [18:35:14] ello1: dont pickup the crate yet
      [18:35:16] Slave: 3.0 fuck yeah
      [18:35:18] ello1: actually stay in base
      [18:35:31] Slave: ok
      [18:35:36] Slave: sup harv
      [18:35:40] ello1: lol
      [18:35:52] ello1: stay in base i ll go pick it up
      [18:36:00] Slave: ok
      [18:36:12] ello1: zuess join gdi
      [18:36:23] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: !forcetc me
      [18:36:33] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: d me
      [18:36:40] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: hu?
      [18:36:41] Slave: lol
      [18:36:43] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: what happened?
      [18:36:50] ello1: mm hold on
      [18:36:55] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: sweet
      [18:37:17] Slave: strrmz
      [18:37:21] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: did 1/4 damage to each building
      [18:37:28] ello1: its fucked cuz im doing both gdi and nod at the same time
      [18:37:40] ello1: the fog remains until its subsided
      [18:37:51] ello1: like it ?
      [18:37:56] Slave: yes
      [18:37:58] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: except for the host 2
      [18:38:03] ello1: host 2 ?
      [18:38:12] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: look at chat logs
      [18:38:22] ello1: that will go away
      [18:38:28] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: move out
      [18:38:31] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: get in
      [18:39:10] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: fucekr
      [18:39:12] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: now you die
      [18:39:12] Slave: ra tatatata
      [18:39:37] ello1: wats next ?
      [18:39:50] Slave: another one
      [18:39:55] ello1: emp ?
      [18:39:57] Slave: k
      [18:41:55] ello1: k u2 go gdi
      [18:41:58] ello1: buy veh
      [18:42:21] ello1: meet at ur left side
      [18:42:43] ello1: ready?
      [18:42:46] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: whats this
      [18:43:13] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: FUCKER
      [18:43:17] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: HIKACJER
      [18:43:24] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: lol
      [18:43:43] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: hax
      [18:44:35] ello1: hah
      [18:44:37] Slave: hax
      [18:44:44] Slave: that was no 2 minutes lol
      [18:45:05] Slave: tell  me, how long does the ionstorm last in seconds? i wanna get my old sound to connect
      [18:45:08] Slave: +5 epic
      [18:45:19] ello1: hill ban
      [18:45:49] ello1: almost had it
      [18:45:56] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: im lagign like afruity
      [18:45:56] [Team] Slave: catch laser
      [18:46:25] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: wtf
      [18:46:36] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: how did you apc die?
      [18:46:40] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: he haxin?
      [18:46:44] ello1: lol
      [18:46:47] Slave: totally
      [18:47:04] ello1: suicide crate or kamakazi ?
      [18:47:10] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: both
      [18:47:19] ello1: it ll be huge then
      [18:47:22] ello1: lets try
      [18:47:31] ello1: o crap
      [18:47:38] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: lol dont work again
      [18:47:44] ello1: we keeping emp ?
      [18:47:48] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: oh that just suck
      [18:47:50] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: sucked
      [18:47:51] ello1: lmao
      [18:47:57] Slave: base power is a lie!
      [18:47:57] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: it ejected me on rush
      [18:48:01] ello1: k totoallly keepign it
      [18:48:09] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: yes emp pulse is suppose to die aint it?
      [18:48:16] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: the pp ?
      [18:48:20] ello1: no shdnt
      [18:48:24] ello1: i ll fix that
      [18:48:26] Slave: and sbhs?
      [18:48:31] Slave: unsbh?
      [18:48:31] ello1: pp shdnt be effected
      [18:48:44] ello1: mmmm sbh is harder
      [18:48:44] Slave: i thought it was supposed to, but i dont really mind
      [18:48:58] ello1: i cud eventually do sbh too
      [18:49:08] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: what sbh?
      [18:49:12] ello1: ur mama
      [18:49:21] ello1: jion again
      [18:49:23] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: k
      [18:52:22] ello1: zuess wont be able to see it
      [18:52:52] ello1: u just missed it
      [18:52:59] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: i tried joining 2 times
      [18:53:01] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: what
      [18:53:11] ello1: u missed it, slave turned into a dildo
      [18:53:16] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: lol n
      [18:53:16] Slave: u mom
      [18:53:20] ello1: and he exploded
      [18:53:32] Slave: all over my keyboard
      [18:54:05] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: oh taht just sucked
      [18:54:09] ello1: lol
      [18:54:17] ello1: how long do we have to wait for crate
      [18:54:23] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: 1 min
      [18:54:27] Slave: centuries
      [18:54:29] ello1: after this im gona do ion one more time so u can see the fog clearly
      [18:54:51] ello1: ion storm is probably the best crate among the others so far
      [18:54:57] [Team] Slave: love this gun.
      [18:55:08] [Team] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: which
      [18:55:15] [Team] Slave: blue laser
      [18:55:17] ello1: i ll see if ic an do the countdown voice too for ion / emp like suicide crate
      [18:55:18] [Team] Slave: 1st pimped gun
      [18:55:42] [Team] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: which side?a
      [18:55:51] [Team] Slave: lemme thing where i put the spawners
      [18:56:29] ello1: inside building or it wont work
      [18:56:29] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: lol wtF?
      [18:56:36] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: im sitting on term
      [18:56:49] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: rofl
      [18:56:54] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: why didnt ob fire/
      [18:56:59] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: it should
      [18:57:02] Slave: nah
      [18:57:04] ello1: no .. else u cant reach base
      [18:57:04] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: yes
      [18:57:08] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: exactly
      [18:57:21] Slave: u shouldnt be able to gwt in vehicles imo
      [18:57:25] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: klol
      [18:57:28] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: that looked kind afunny
      [18:57:33] ello1: no .. it will kick u out before explosion
      [18:57:34] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: yeah i could rush and take out pp then
      [18:57:35] ello1: i ll fix that
      [18:57:42] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: no i got in and rushed base
      [18:57:50] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: if i had an apc i could of gotten pp
      [18:58:03] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: i gotta poo
      [18:58:05] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: brb
      [18:58:05] ello1: its too much work to disabeld getting into veh
      [18:58:14] ello1: all i can do is eject u before u explode
      [18:58:26] Slave: nvm than
      [18:59:36] ello1: i ll kill u
      [18:59:58] ello1: if u stay in base u will still be alive after explosion
      [19:00:02] ello1: stay in car
      [19:00:07] ello1: u wont die
      [19:00:28] Slave: lol
      [19:00:31] ello1: this is wat i gotta fix
      [19:00:33] Slave: was it like this in 2.0?
      [19:00:40] ello1: eject u before explosion
      [19:00:41] ello1: yes
      [19:00:58] ello1: ion again
      [19:01:00] Slave: wtf NO
      [19:01:03] Slave: this gun
      [19:01:04] ello1: ?
      [19:01:08] Slave: it has SYNC on it
      [19:01:09] Slave: noooo
      [19:01:36] ello1: fucker
      [19:01:51] ello1: im setting ion again
      [19:01:59] Slave: ok
      [19:04:38] ello1: let me pick it
      [19:05:11] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: arg
      [19:05:12] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: ok there
      [19:05:13] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: here
      [19:05:20] ello1: stay nod
      [19:05:23] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: k
      [19:05:43] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: where slave
      [19:05:49] ello1: msn asking him
      [19:06:17] ello1: stay in base u ll see the explosions
      [19:06:22] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: which is this?
      [19:06:51] ello1: argh
      [19:07:26] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: cool
      [19:07:46] ello1: did u see it slave ?
      [19:07:47] Slave: lolwat?
      [19:07:48] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: dammit wanted to get a pic of you
      [19:07:50] Slave: yes
      [19:07:50] ello1: go nod
      [19:07:52] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: i got a bunch of pics
      [19:08:01] [Team] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: !d slave 500000
      [19:08:02] ello1: sorry
      [19:08:07] ello1: 1 min take a pic
      [19:09:47] Slave: im a driving god
      [19:09:55] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: !vkick
      [19:10:07] ello1: stay inbase
      [19:10:08] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: damn wanted to squish u
      [19:10:25] ello1: ready ?
      [19:10:31] Slave: ya
      [19:10:32] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: yup
      [19:10:40] Slave: lol obi
      [19:10:46] ello1: lol
      [19:11:09] ello1: kill me
      [19:11:14] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: rofl
      [19:11:17] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: fuker
      [19:11:17] Slave: lol hi
      [19:11:33] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: i think we lost
      [19:11:36] ello1: all good ?
      [19:11:46] Slave: ya
      [19:11:48] ello1: theres power down crate but it dosnt work .. i have to fix it
      [19:11:51] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: kk
      [19:12:02] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: im afk, need anythign else?
      [19:12:02] ello1: i shd be ready by sat or sun
      [19:12:07] ello1: no thats it
      [19:12:09] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: kk
      [19:12:12] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: gj
      [19:12:16] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: this is gonna be sweet
      [19:12:16] ello1: slave give me sounds etc watever u need to spice it up
      [19:12:31] ello1: im gona put coutdown sound for both ion / emp
      [19:12:40] ello1: anythign else ?
      [19:12:53] Slave: sounds already in existense?
      [19:12:59] ello1: which one
      [19:13:11] ello1: the one u gave me ?
      [19:13:24] Slave: i missed 1 thing you said, and im not at a pt..
      [19:13:37] Flugdffsdfsgfffsdfsy: sweet pistol owned buggy
      [19:13:38] Slave: somethnig like gimme sounds
      [19:13:52] ello1: ya give me sounds to spice it up if u want
      [19:14:03] Slave: a sound from alwyaz2?
      [19:14:07] Slave: or any new one?
      [19:14:13] ello1: mm from always
      [19:14:30] ello1: unless u wana do a always patch for 1 file
      [19:14:43] Slave: sounds cool
      [19:14:46] Slave: lol na
      [19:14:53] ello1: anythign else ?
      [19:15:08] ello1: emp shd have some effect
      [19:15:12] Slave: my apc sploded
      [19:15:23] Slave: like what?
      [19:15:35] ello1: like electric lines floating all around base
      [19:15:58] Slave: thats somethnig to do for 4.1 than
      [19:16:01] Slave: some emitter
      [19:16:09] ello1: im guessign u can setup some sort of explosion with no explosion but lines
      [19:16:09] Slave: fog and lightning sparks
      [19:16:17] ello1: ya lighting sparks
      [19:16:31] Slave: tho that suits ioncrate too
      [19:16:45] ello1: ya but i want them to look different
      [19:16:50] Slave: oh and also, did the cloud cover change with ioncrate?
      [19:16:56] Slave: or fog only
      [19:17:07] ello1: just fog, i cud probably do storm
      [19:17:20] Slave: would be cool.
      [19:17:24] ello1: dont knwo if u can see the cloud
      [19:17:26] Slave: max cover, max gloom
      [19:18:00] ello1: alright i ll try to finish thsi for weekend
      [19:18:05] Slave: lemme get rate one more
      [19:18:08] ello1: k
      [19:18:14] ello1: i ll nuke first
      [19:18:19] ello1: let me know before u pick it up
      [19:18:31] Slave: im 1 m away from it
      [19:18:48] Slave: uh 0 m
      [19:19:18] Slave: dark sky is coo now
      [19:19:24] ello1: ya looks better
      [19:19:38] Slave: oh yeah, i still had that
      [19:19:44] ello1: lol
      [19:19:52] Slave: fog is 0 now?
      [19:20:04] ello1: ya but i ll fix that .. i ll restore to prev
      [19:20:12] Slave: okay
      [19:20:18] ello1: ijust got the basic script to work ... im gona tweak it now
      [19:20:28] ello1: it looks so clear now
      [19:20:36] ello1: hd
      [19:20:39] Slave: need the leveledit values for fog?
      [19:20:52] ello1: no i ll just save them before ion and then restore
      [19:21:00] Slave: ah ok
      [19:21:30] ello1: alright anythign else ?
      [19:22:55] Slave: also
      · 0 replies
    • ice187dna

      I really should start getting more than 3-5 hours sleep a day...I can't keep my eyes open. 
      · 7 replies
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    • Sounds like what usually happens with snipers anyway, just more fun. Nod has always had 60+ % winrate on field and under, whilst gdi has the advantage on mesa. nod rekts complex too, stats for games going longer on complex would be cool though, most nod wins are nod getting control early and throttling gdi. You could always just remove the ramjet instead.
    • The one Field I did with them was a very close match, they wrecked WF easy, but took them awhile to finish it.
    • Ah, I did wonder 
    • Niagra without snipers was great today, should be kept this way
    • I read the log, here's my 2 cents:

      Nod won EVERY under and field games. That's because they're open field and it's efficient to snipe techs/arts from far away. No snipers means a bunch of arts can shell the GDI entrance from far away without fear of getting severely punished. PICs don't shoot far enough to be efficient against them, neither are meds and even less mammies. MRLSs would be decent if not for the fact that they somehow die very, very quickly even when teched when there's enough arts around.

      It's also the type of game that gathers a large number of players, and stalemates are hard to break short of the classic "teched arts push". I've seen lots of Field games where 2-3 GDI snipers would take the end of the field right off the bat and destroy arts/techs before they can turn the corner. They can't shoot the snipers from that far, so they retreat and leave some more time for GDI to cross the field and get in range to establish a blocade. Worse : If Nod controls the tunnel, they can still sneak a rave up there to snipe the hotties. PICs lack the range to do the same when arts are pounding WF from the end of the field.

      On the other side, GDI won a lot of Mesa games. That's because the "teched arts push" is traditionally countered by mrls/meds/mammies rather than snipers because of the way the cavern is made. Snipers can't snipe techs there or get hurt badly by arts. The advantage here is that since the cavern is so cramped, arties have to expose themselves in order to shoot the WF/Bar, where GDI tanks can get good shots at them. GDI can however establish a solid "cavern" control and pound PP/air rather easily. As opposed to Field/Under, snipers just don't play a big role in this matchup except for the odd one on the bridge or on one of the sides.

      Same can be said about Canyon and complex, these maps are too cramped where the actual fighting takes place to have snipers shine against arts. GDI tanks can get a clear shot at them straight out of da WF.
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