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    • Jelo  »  shaitan

      Shaitan  if there is a way for me to apply in the Builder class what are the questions that i need to answer?
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    • redman  »  shaitan

      (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <red man> spaming   (Default) <Entity> ...   * Craftin summoned o.O!   (Striker) <Matty986> try spamming when im spamming   (Default) <Marsa> #mattyisbadguy   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Striker) <Matty986>   (Default) <Craftin> :bn
      · 2 replies
    • redman  »  shaitan

      un vip matty986 he is report red man yash and marsa for no reson nesesery 
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    • DickClark  »  AnThRaX

      your irc busted? need a hand? lool
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    • Beni

      Oh, hi there.
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    • Yeah, I remember he owned the pits. I never knew Tellson went to jail. I remember he suddenly disappeared and people on the forum were like where the fuck did Tellson go? I remember thinking maybe he died IRL. Gumby
    • Thanks Warlord, we appreciate that.
    • Those of you who have "builder" rank, we want you to make a new hub.  Do it in pw2, the plots are 250x250 and should be large enough for a new hub.  Wool and I will select one to replace the existing one.
    • Yes, he played on Jelly for years while I was playing, and got his ass banned for using hax, I think aimbot.  He was a headshot artist. He ran "the pits" for a few years before closing up shop,  I played there untill it closed, then jelly got started and I played there untill 2010 when liquid banned Zenofu2 for "sinking" c4 on apc's.  I challenged Liquid to show me how zend did it but he couldn't prove it.  After I was removed from the staff without any proof that I was biased towards zend (spoony instigated it and tellson made wild accusations because he saw me in the forums trying to defend myself) I left a week after Zend got banned.  I find it total justice that Tellson got arrested, convicted and spent a year behind bars for something he didn't do.  Now he know how I felt, minus his freedom,  It served him right for accusing me of something I didn't do. 
    • 21st October 2016. ASM Update Notes: 1.0.254 (
      * [NEW] Ark 247.999 Changes - Added the PvEAllowStructuresAtSupplyDrops setting to the structures section. * [CHANGE] Engram Changes - 
          1. Added the bOnlyAllowSpecifiedEngrams setting.
          2. Added a new 'Selected' column to the Engram grid.
          3. When saving the profile, if bOnlyAllowSpecifiedEngrams = TRUE, then only the engrams that have the 'Selected' column checked will be written.
      * [CHANGE] Extinction Event Changes - 
          1. Changed the slider from seconds to days selection.
          2. Added a new date/time display of when the extinction event will occur. * [BUGFIX] WorldSave Restore - fixed a bug when using a mod map.
      Read more: Patch Notes for v248 Note: Procedurally Generated ARKs currently do not work on Linux Servers, Linux Clients, or Mac Clients. We expect to have this fixed within a day or so, stay tuned!
      Current Version: v248.2
      * Fixed ?OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 (etc) on servers. Requires Server Update.
      * Fixed permissions on Neutering.
      * Fixed Diplocaulus unboarding movement in local play.
      * Fixed issue with Dinos not eating or updating some parts of their AI! Requires Server Update! Highly Recommend Servers Get this Update!
      * Fixed issue with TheCenter preventing player connections
      * You can now wield your weapons when mount-riding certain Dinos. The ARK Box Art is for reals ;) 
      - New Feature: Procedurally Generated ARKs! EXPERIMENTAL INITIAL TEST! Details for Hosting Dedicated PGARK Here:
      * New Mechanic: Explorer Notes
      * New Dino: Kaprosuchus!
      * New Dino: Diplocalus!
      * New Dino: Chalicotherium!
      * Render batching optimization for ~20% perf in structure-heavy areas
      * Tree Platforms now have +70% HP and +50% resistance to explosive damage
      * Neuter/Spay option for Tamed Dinos (irreversible!)
      * Radial Wheel Menu text size now scales with number of entries (to avoid Diplodocus overload, etc)
      * Spectators can now see player-talking moving lips & hear voice chat when in range
      * Fixed player collisions onto big dino ragdolls
      * Non-Drop-In Supply Crates (Cave/Underwater crates etc) no longer have decreasing Health over time (no longer autodestroy), but they can also not accept Inventory anymore and can not be used to generate Boss Tribute Portals.
      * System to completely add/subtract/override all Map NPC Spawners via INI (highly useful for PGM spawn tweaking). Fully Mod NPC compatible as well! Details here:
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