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    • Animoski

      4/20 is my actual birthday, in case ya'll thought it was just a joke and no one wanted to wish me a good one :/
      · 6 replies
    • Jirel  »  Satomi

      1) What is your real name?
      2) What is your in-game name?
      3) How often do you play (Also how long have you been) on our servers?
      Usually I play 2 hours a day
      4) How old are you?
      11 eleven
      5) What is your history with moderating and/or administrating Terraria servers?
      When i see hacks,moding etc i report them
      6) On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the least), how would you rate yourself on how much you know about IRC?
      7) How long have you been playing Terraria?
      2 years
      8) Have you ever been banned on a server before? If so, why?
      9) If you caught someone cheating on the server, what would be your next step?
      I will give warnings if they dont stop i will banne them or banish them temperarly
      10) Summarise don't have in at least 20 words why you'd be a great addition to the RenCorner staff.
      Because I love the terraria rencorner and would like to be known in the community and help everyone out.
      11) Anything else you would like to add. 
      · 1 reply
    • War0n

      Damn, nearly done this school semester. Hope its finished tommoro! :D
      · 0 replies
    • alex  »  Manuel857

      ty for keeping renegade alive and running
      · 1 reply
    • shaitan owners at work...looks like the assurances were just lies. The employees quitting over pay/hours just started. I wonder when I'm next. :/
      · 5 replies
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    • wise words from mr. tankgame, now buy meds and stanks, lighttanks are great aswell. sometimes i think Gozy´s playstyle is the reason why renegade is still alive!   btw very cool story gozy, i really enjoyed reading all that (even if i hate huge ass text, it brings back some great memories at somke point)
    • Obviously renegade comes in pole position. I played a number of small games when I was young, I remember pop corn, speed haste, big red racing, whaky wheels, doom II, Duke 3d, fifa 97,... On pc. I got a nes when most people hot their super nes and I played this great volleyball game on it together with my brother. Great fun!  For me the first game I got really hooked on was c&c1 demo, with all the 'silence needed' (silo's needed but I misunderstood, English being my 3rd language). It made me want to buy the full version but I bought red alert 1 instead (we're talking 1996). I played that game for months and months, talking strategies with friends etcetera. I made maps and even missions for it. The main focus was single player, especially the skirmish making it as hard as possible but I also played against a friend over direct call in with a 56k modem. You had to input the telephone number of your friend to call in while he had to set his game to listen for an incoming call. This was really huge at the time and also very stressful because my parents didn't want it to block the telephone line for too long! It was also quite expensive :-). Only 1v1 was possible.  I bought the aftermath expansion pack as well.  Obviously my friends and I went for red alert 2 afterwards with its great expansion pack yuris revenge. Also mainly for single player although we also played it together on cyber cafe. This was always difficult cause the game used the ipx protocol and not tcp ip. Setting up the network usually took longer than playing the game. I remember missing my last train to my girlfriend back then because I wanted to end the game with my friends, ending up with her being absolutely missed at me. Good times!  Which brings me to renegade, I guess, in 2003. My best comrade friend back then played it cause he had dsl and I didn't. I went there on Friday evenings then we played until 4 am, only at a single computer, one map at a time. I soon convinced my parents to get dsl (I went to uni then) and started to play more competitively. Joined WNx, then left it to join The Koss which was an ally of WNx. Met reffy, vindt and a lot of guys who are still among my friends. Met most of them several times in real life for international meetings. After a disagreement with the company founder of the Koss, refue11er (Co founder of the Koss), vinny ans I set up the Koss2 ( for more info). It was a clan when clans still ment something in the gaming world, before social media. At top periods we had 30+ players on renegade and supported 4 to 5 games at a time. Some memorable moments were gozy wozy web radio cast, the cooperation with blackintel to setup servers and catch cheaters, interviewing crimson on teamspeak, our allies Gothic  fighters, Black Intel, lmsbc (Lord mlai's battle clan xD, that crazy Italian dude), our clan meetings, the enormous amounts of drama (et when jelly took back our a00000002 nick because we called them out for giving mod powers to donators who had abused their powers), i-cw (internal clan war each Monday evening), Koss recruiting (I was wiener's mentor I irc), the pony subclan, ... I also became mod of renforums at the time. Ah the drama that was lived there!  After renegade I played some other games with the Koss2 members, most noticeably bfbc2, but, c&c3, tiberian alloances. Unfortunately the clan members either got real life priorities or started splitting up through different games. For me, gaming isn't fun without known people to play together. So I lost some interest. Met rencorner through renegade x which never delivered imo just because nothing can beat the original. So I came back here and found u lot.  Nowadays I have a job with a lot of responsibilities, 2 daughters, a wife and little time to game so it's limited to Ren and sometimes openra and Payday2 with real life friends. 
    • Lol i used to play the hell put of theme hospital.  But all time c&c all of them, zeldas, civilizations, final fantasy, mario kart, and metroids. Im sure there's more but ill leave it at those.
    • Well obviously Renegade.   The first game I ever played was Red Alert 2.   Then Counter Strike 1.5 and 1.6   Need for Speed Special Edition   Super Mario Bros. on console, loved that game. Used to play it 24/7 with my uncle.   The rest of the C&C Series from first to last(that one being Ra3 cause fuck 'C&C' 4)   GTA San Andreas
    • Yeah I seen hector doomhammer do a live stream on twitch of that mod. I also have mental omega installed  
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